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As Darker, Darker Fall Around

Author: Anonymous Meter: Appears in 34 hymnals Hymnal Title: The Cyber Hymnal First Line: As darker, darker, fall around Lyrics: 1. As darker, darker, fall around The shadows of the night, We gather here with hymn and prayer, To seek the eternal light. 2. Father in Heaven, to Thee are known Our many hopes and fears, Our heavy weight of mortal toil, Our bitterness of tears. 3. We pray Thee for our absent ones, Who have been with us here: And in our secret heart we name The distant and the dear. 4. For weary eyes, and aching hearts, And feet that from Thee rove, The sick, the poor, the tired, the fallen, We pray Thee, God of love. 5. We bring to Thee our hopes and fears And at Thy footstool lay; And, Father, Thou who lovest all Wilt hear us as we pray. Used With Tune: MARTYRDOM Text Sources: Catholic Choralist, by William Young, 1842, number 60, in 13 4-line stanzas, as "Hymn of the Calabrian Shepherds"


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Appears in 686 hymnals Composer and/or Arranger: A. R. Reinagle (1799-1877) Hymnal Title: Hymnal Amore Dei Incipit: 51765 54332 14323 Used With Text: As darker, darker, fall around
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Appears in 230 hymnals Composer and/or Arranger: Henry Hiles Hymnal Title: Hymns of the Kingdom of God Incipit: 12432 21112 22222 Used With Text: As darker, darker fall around
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Appears in 656 hymnals Composer and/or Arranger: Rossini Hymnal Title: Isles of Shoals Hymn Book and Candle Light Service Incipit: 12321 77662 34321 Used With Text: As darker, darker, fall around


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Published text-tune combinations (hymns) from specific hymnals

As darker, darker fall around

Hymnal: Church Hymnal, Third Edition #16 (1919) Hymnal Title: Church Hymnal, Third Edition Languages: English

As darker, darker, fall around

Author: Samuel Longfellow Hymnal: Hymn and Tune Book for the Church and the Home and Services for Congregational Worship. Rev. ed. #d34 (1878) Hymnal Title: Hymn and Tune Book for the Church and the Home and Services for Congregational Worship. Rev. ed. Languages: English
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As darker, darker, fall around

Hymnal: Hymn and Tune Book for the Church and the Home. (Rev. ed.) #150 (1883) Hymnal Title: Hymn and Tune Book for the Church and the Home. (Rev. ed.) Languages: English


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Alexander Robert Reinagle

1799 - 1877 Person Name: A. R. Reinagle (1799-1877) Hymnal Title: Hymnal Amore Dei Composer of "ST. PETER" in Hymnal Amore Dei Alexander Robert Reinagle United Kingdom 1799-1877. Born at Brighton, Sussex, England, gf Austrian descent, he came from a family of musicians, studying music with his father (a cellist), then with Raynor Taylor in Edinburgh, Scotland. Reinagle became a well-known organ teacher. He became organist at St Peter’s Church, Oxford (1823-1853). He was also a theatre musician. He wrote Teaching manuals for stringed instruments as well. He also compiled books of hymn tunes, one in 1830: “Psalm tunes for the voice and the pianoforte”, the other in 1840: “A collection of Psalm and hymn tunes”. He also composed waltzes. In 1846 he married Caroline Orger, a pianist, composer, and writer in her own right. No information found regarding children. In the 1860s he was active in Oxford music-making and worked with organist, John Stainer, then organist at Magdalen College. Reinagle also composed a piano sonata and some church music. At retirement he moved to Kidlington, Oxfordshire, England. He died at Kidlington. John Perry

Samuel Longfellow

1819 - 1892 Person Name: S. Longfellow Hymnal Title: Hymns of the Kingdom of God Alterer of "As darker, darker fall around" in Hymns of the Kingdom of God Longfellow, Samuel, B. A., brother of the Poet, was born at Portland, Maine, June 18, 1819, and educated at Harvard, where he graduated in Arts in 1839, and in Theology in 1846. On receiving ordination as an Unitarian Minister, he became Pastor at Fall River, Massachusetts, 1848; at Brooklyn, 1853; and at Germantown, Pennsylvania, 1860. In 1846 he edited, with the Rev. S. Johnson (q. v.), A Book of Hymns for Public and Private Devotion. This collection was enlarged and revised in 1848. In 1859 his Vespers was published, and in 1864 the Unitarian Hymns of the Spirit , under the joint editorship of the Rev. S. Johnson and himself. His Life of his brother, the Poet Longfellow, was published in 1886. To the works named he contributed the following hymns:— i. To A Book of Hymns , revised ed., 1848. 1. Beneath the shadow of the Cross. Love. 2. 0 God, thy children gathered here. Ordination. ii. To the Vespers 1859. 3. Again as evening's shadow falls. Evening. 4. Now on land and sea descending. Evening. iii. To the Hymns of the Spirit, 1864. 5. A voice by Jordan's shore. Advent. 6. Father, give Thy benediction. Ordination. 7. Go forth to life, 0 child of earth. Life's Mission. 8. God of ages and of nations. Holy Scriptures. 9. Holy Spirit, Truth divine. The Holy Spirit desired. 10. I look to Thee in every need. Trust in God. 11. In the beginning was the Word. The Word. 12. Love for all, and can it be? Lent. The Prodigal Son. 13. 0 God, in Whom we live and move. God's Law and Love. 14. 0 God, Thou Giver of all good. Prayer for Food. 15. O still in accents sweet and strong. Missions. 16. 0 Thou, Whose liberal sun and rain. Anniversary of Church dedication. 17. One holy Church of God appears. The Church Universal. 18. Out of the dark, the circling sphere. The Outlook. 19. Peace, peace on earth! the heart of man for ever. Peace on Earth. 20. The loving Friend to all who bowed. Jesus of Nazareth. 21. ’Tis winter now, the fallen snow. Winter. Of these, hymn No. 2 was written for the Ordination of E. E. Hale (q. v.), at Worcester, 1846. Several are included in Martineau's Hymns, 1873. Died Oct. 3, 1892. [Rev. F. M. Bird, M.A.] --John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907), p. 685 =============== Longfellow, S., p. 685, i. Since Mr. Longfellow's death on Oct. 3, 1892, his hymns have been collected by his niece, Miss Alice Longfellow, as Hymns and Verses(Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1904.) From this work we find many of the hymns signed Anon, in the Index to Longfellow and Johnson's Hymns of the Spirit, 1864, were his; several of these, including E. Osier's "O God unseen, yet ever near," were popular English hymns which he rewrote from his own theological standpoint. These re¬written hymns are very widely used by Unitarians and others. During the last ten years the following additional hymns by S. Long¬fellow have come into common use:— 1. Eternal One, Thou living God. Faith in God. 2. God of the earth, the sky, the sea. God in Nature. 3. God's trumpet wakes the slumbering world. Call to duty. 4. Light of ages and of nations. God in and through all time. 5. Lo, the earth is risen again. Spring. (1876.) 6. Now while we sing our closing psalm. Close of Worship. 7. O Life that maketh all things new. Unity. (1874.) 8. O Thou in Whom we live and move. The Divine Law. 9. The summer days are come again. Summer. From his hymn,"The sweet[bright] June days are come again." 10. Thou Lord of lite, our saving health. In Sickness. (1886.) Of these hymns Nos. 2, 3 appeared in the Hymns of the Spirit, 1864, and all with the dates appended in Hymns and Verses, 1904. --John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907) ==================

Henry Hiles

1826 - 1904 Hymnal Title: Hymns of the Kingdom of God Composer of "ST. LEONARD" in Hymns of the Kingdom of God Born: December 31, 1826, Shrewsbury, England. Died: October 20, 1904, Worthing, England. Hiles was educated at Oxford (BMus 1862, DMus 1867). He played the organ at Shrewsbury, as his brother’s deputy (1846); Bishopwearmouth (1847); St. Michael’s, Wood Street (1859); the Blind Asylum, Manchester (1859); Bowden (1861); and St. Paul’s, Manchester (1863-67). He lectured in harmony and composition at Owen’s College in Manchester (1867) and Victoria University (1879), and was Professor at the Manchester College of Music (1893). He also conducted musical societies in Lancashire and Yorkshire, and owned and edited the Quarterly Music Review (1885-88). He retired in 1904, moving to Pinner, near Harrow. His works include: Twelve Tunes to Original or Favourite Hymns, 1867 Harmony of Sounds, three editions: 1871, 1872, 1879 Wesley Tune Book, 1872 (editor) Grammar of Music, 1879 First Lessons in Singing (Manchester: Hime & Addison, 1881) Part Writing or Modern Counterpoint (Novello: 1884) Harmony or Counterpoint, 1889 Harmony, Choral or Counterpun