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If You But Trust in God to Guide You

Author: Georg Neumark, 1621-1681 Meter: Appears in 179 hymnals Topics: Grief, Sorrow; Trust, Guidance; Grief, Sorrow; Trust, Guidance Used With Tune: WER NUR DEN LIEBEN GOTT Text Sources: Tr. composite

Oh, that I Had a Thousand Voices

Author: Johann Mentzer, 1658-1734 Meter: Appears in 11 hymnals Lyrics: 1 Oh, that I had a thousand voices To praise my God with thousand tongues! My heart, which in the Lord rejoices, Would then proclaim in grateful songs To all, wherever I might be, What great things God has done for me! 2 O all you pow'rs that he implanted, Arise, keep silence now no more; Put forth the strength that God has granted! Your noblest work is to adore! O soul and body, join to raise With heartfelt joy our maker's praise! 3 You forest leaves so green and tender That dance for joy in summer air, You meadow grasses, bright and slender, You flow'rs so fragrant and so fair, You live to show God's praise alone. Join me to make his glory known! 4 All creatures that have breath and motion, That throng the earth, the sea, the sky, Come, share with me my heart's devotion, Help me to sing God's praises high! My utmost pow'rs can never quite Declare the wonders of his might! 5 Creator, humbly I implore you To listen to my earthly song Until that day when I adore you, When I have joined the angel throng And learned with choirs of heav'n to sing Eternal anthems to my king! Topics: Celebration, Jubilation; Heaven Used With Tune: O DASS ICH TAUSEND ZUNGEN HÄTTE Text Sources: Tr. The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941
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O Day Full Of Grace

Author: N. F. S. Grundtvig Meter: Appears in 12 hymnals First Line: O day, full of grace, which we behold Lyrics: 1 O day full of grace, which we behold, Now gently to view ascending; Thou over the earth thy reign unfold, Good cheer to all mortals lending, That children of light in every clime May prove that the night is ending. 2 How blest was that gracious midnight hour, When God in our flesh was given; Then flushed the dawn with light and power, That spread o'er the darken'd heaven; Then rose o'er the world that Sun divine Which gloom from our hearts hath driven. 3 Yea, were every tree endow'd with speech, And ev'ry leaflet singing, They never with praise His worth could reach, Though earth with their praise were ringing. Who fully could praise the Light of life Who light to our souls is bringing? 4 As birds in the morning sing God's praise, His fatherly love we cherish, For giving to us this day of grace, For life that shall never perish. His Church He hath kept these thousand years, And hungering souls did nourish. 5 With joy we depart for our fatherland, Where God our Father is dwelling, Where ready for us His mansions stand, Where heaven with praise is swelling; And there we shall walk in endless light, With blest ones His praise forth telling. Topics: Morning and Evening Used With Tune: [O day full of grace, which we behold] Text Sources: Anon., (Danish, 14th Century).

Christians, Let Us Love One Another

Author: Claudia Foltz, SNJM; Armand Nigro, SJ, b. 1928 Meter: Appears in 6 hymnals Topics: Church; Church; Church; Hunger; Love for Others; Thirst; Unity; Service Music for Mass Eucharistic Hymn; The Liturgical Year Thursday of the Lord's Supper at the Evening Mass; The Liturgical Year The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi); The Liturgical Year The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Scripture: Exodus 17:1-7 Used With Tune: PICARDY

Word of the Father everlasting

Meter: Appears in 1 hymnal


Author: Hallgrim Petursson; Charles Venn Pilcher Meter: Appears in 2 hymnals First Line: Beneath the Cross of Jesus kneeling Lyrics: Beneath the Cross of Jesus kneeling, Dawns on my soul the endless day; There, deeper than all tides of feeling, Doth God His boundless grace display; Thence flow the mystic waves of healing; There all my stains are washed away. God wrought for man, His love forth-shewing, When Moses smote the rock of old; And, lo, through Israel's camp on-flowing, Out brake the longed-for flood, and rolled, New strength, new joy, new life bestowing, On lips that quaffed it, pure and cold. God wrought for man, mankind redeeming, When Christ was pierced by Roman spear, And, o'er the thirsty world down-streaming, Forth gushed a fountain, cool and clear, Till souls, beside those waters gleaming, Forgot in joy sin's desert drear. Beside that well for aye abiding, New strength, new joy, new life I gain; Within that cleft securely hiding, No care can cark, no sorrow stain; Here rests the blissful soul confiding, Here faith the healing draught can drain. Lord, let my heart, this gift receiving, Beat one glad anthem to Thy praise; And may the stream, Thy pierced heart leaving Refresh and heal me all my days: Thus by Thy blood my life retrieving, A psalm of endless thanks I'll raise.

Who Is There On This Easter Morning

Author: Timothy Dudley-Smith Meter: Appears in 3 hymnals

O God of Wondrous Grace

Author: John J. Overholt; Luther D. Reed; Edwin H. Nevin, 1814- Meter: Appears in 2 hymnals First Line: O God of wondrous grace and glory

The Day Full of Grace

Author: Mark A. Jeske Meter: Appears in 1 hymnal First Line: The day is full of grace Text Sources: Translation composite


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