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Christ the Lord is risen again!

Author: Michael Weisse; Catherine Winkworth Meter: Appears in 255 hymnals First Line: Christ the Lord is risen again! Christ has broken every chain! Refrain First Line: Alleluia, alleluia Topics: Chorales; Christ Resurrection; Resurrection

At the Lamb's High Feast We Sing

Author: R. Campbell, 1814-68 Meter: Appears in 185 hymnals Lyrics: 1 At the Lamb's high feast we sing Praise to our victorious King, Who hath washed us in the tide Flowing from His piercèd side. Alleluia! 2 Praise we Him, whose love divine Gives His sacred blood for wine, Gives His Body for the feast-- Christ the victim, Christ the priest. Alleluia! 3 Where the paschal blood is poured, Death's dread angel sheathes his sword; Israel's hosts triumphant go Through the wave that drowns the foe. Alleluia! 4 Praise we Christ, whose blood was shed, Paschal victim, Paschal bread; With sincerity and love Eat we manna from above. Alleluia! 5 Mighty Victim from the sky, Hell's fierce pow'rs beneath You lie; You have conquered in the fight, You have brought us life and light. Alleluia! 6 Now no more can death appall, Now no more the grave enthrall; You have opened paradise, And Your saints in You shall rise. Alleluia! 7 Easter triumph, Easter joy! This alone can sin destroy; From sin's pow'r, Lord, set us free, Newborn souls in You to be. Alleluia! 8 Father, who the crown shall give, Savior, by whose death we live, Spirit, guide through all our days; Three in One, Your name we praise. Alleluia! Used With Tune: SONNE DER GERECHTIGKEIT Text Sources: Latin Office Hymn, 1632

Hallelujah, Praise the LORD

Author: Marie J. Post Meter: Appears in 6 hymnals First Line: Hallelujah, praise the LORD, Praise him with each note and word
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Jesus Comes with All His Grace

Author: Charles Wesley Meter: Appears in 51 hymnals Lyrics: 1 Jesus comes with all his grace, comes to save a fallen race: object of our glorious hope, Jesus comes to lift us up. Alleluia! 2 Let the living stones cry out; let the seed of Abram shout; praise we all our lowly King, give him thanks, rejoice, and sing. Alleluia! 3 He has our salvation wrought, he our captive souls has bought, he has reconciled to God, he has washed us in his blood. Alleluia! 4 We are now his lawful right: walk as children of the light; we shall soon obtain the grace, pure in heart, to see his face. Alleluia! 5 We shall gain our calling's prize; after God we all shall rise, filled with joy, and love, and peace, perfected in holiness. Alleluia! Topics: Redemption in Christ Christ's Saving Work; Biblical Persons; Reconciliation to God; Resurrection, Our Scripture: Matthew 5:8 Used With Tune: WUERTTEMBERG
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Day is Dying in the West

Author: Mary A. Lathbury Meter: Appears in 540 hymnals Lyrics: 1 Day is dying in the west; Heaven is touching earth with rest: Wait and worship while the night Sets her evening lamps alight Through all the sky. Refrain: Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of Hosts; Heaven and earth are full of Thee. Heaven and earth are praising Thee, O Lord Most High! 2 Lord of life, beneath the dome Of the universe, Thy home, Gather us who seek Thy face To the fold of Thy embrace, For Thou art nigh. [Refrain] 3 When forever from our sight Pass the stars, the day, the night, Lord of angels, on our eyes Let eternal morning rise, And shadows end. [Refrain] Amen. Topics: Adoration and Praise; Discipleship; Evening; God Presence; God Protection; Life Everlasting, The; Worship Evening Scripture: Psalm 69:34 Used With Tune: CHAUTAUQUA (EVENING PRAISE)
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All creation join to say

Author: C. Wesley (1707-1788) Meter: Appears in 1,164 hymnals Topics: Easter The Resurrection of Christ; Easter 3 The Resurrection and the Life; God, Saviour Risen and Victorious Used With Tune: SAVANNAH

Now the Solemn Feast Is Done

Author: Calvin Seerveld Meter: Appears in 1 hymnal

Rise, O Sun of righteousness

Author: Frank Stoldt; Christian David Meter: Appears in 1 hymnal Text Sources: Other authors also

Sun of Righteousness

Author: Christian David ; Christian G. Barth ; Johann C. Nehring ; C. Daniel Crews; Roy Ledbetter; C. Daniel Crews Meter: Appears in 1 hymnal First Line: Sun of righteousness, arise; Dawn upon our clouded skies

Come, O come, our voices raise

Meter: Appears in 22 hymnals Used With Tune: Sonne der Gerechtigkeit


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