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Now rest beneath night's shadow

Author: P. Gerhardt Hymnal: The Lutheran Hymnary #AIV (1913) Meter: Lyrics: 1 Now rest beneath night's shadow The woodland, field, and meadow, The world in slumber lies; But thou, my heart, awake thee, To prayer and song betake Thee, Let praise to thy Creator rise. 2 To rest the body hasteth, Aside its garments casteth-- Types of mortality; These I put off, and ponder How Christ shall give me yonder A robe of glorious majesty. 3 Ye weary limbs, now rest you, For toil hath sore oppressed you, And quiet sleep ye crave; A sleep shall once o'ertake you From which no man can wake you, In your last, narrow bed--the grave. 4 Lord Jesus, who dost love me, O spread Thy wings above me, And shield me from alarm! Though Satan would devour me: Let angel-guards sing o'er me: This child of God shall meet no harm. 5 My loved ones, rest securely, For God this night will surely From peril guard your heads; Sweet slumbers may He send you, And bid His hosts attend you, And through the night watch o'er your beds. Tune Title: [Now rest beneath night's shadow]

O Lord, my heart is turning

Author: Hans Chrestensen Sthen; J. C. Aaberg Hymnal: Hymns and Hymnwriters of Denmark #4 (1945) Meter: Lyrics: O Lord, my heart is turning To Thee with ceaseless yearning And praying for Thy grace. Thou art my sole reliance Against my foes’ defiance; Be Thou my stay in every place. I offer a confession Of my severe transgression; In me is nothing good. But, Lord, Thou wilt not leave me And, like the world, deceive me; Thou hast redeemed me with Thy blood. Blest Lord of Life most holy, Thou wilt the sinner lowly Not leave in sin and death; Thine anger wilt not sever The child from Thee forever That pleads with Thee for life and breath. O Holy Spirit, guide me! With wisdom true provide me; Help me my cross to bear. Uphold me in my calling And, when the night is falling, Grant me Thy heavenly home to share. Languages: English

Now All the Woods Are Sleeping

Author: Paul Gerhardt; Robert Bridges Hymnal: Rejoice in the Lord #13 (1985) Meter: Topics: Conclusion of Worship; In The Beginning Creator of Heaven and Earth Scripture: Job 38:1-7 Languages: English Tune Title: INNSBRUCK

See, world! thy Life assailèd

Author: Paul Gerhardt; John Kelly Hymnal: Paul Gerhardt's Spiritual Songs #13 (1867) Meter: First Line: See, world! thy Life assailèd Lyrics: See, world! thy Life assailèd; On the accurs’d tree nailèd, Thy Saviour sinks in death! The mighty Prince from Heaven Himself hath freely given To shame, and blows, and cruel wrath! Come hither now and ponder, ’Twill fill thy soul with wonder, Blood streams from every pore. Through grief whose depth none knoweth, From His great heart there floweth Sigh after sigh of anguish o’er! Who is it that afflicts Thee? My Saviour, what dejects Thee, And causeth all Thy woe? Sin Thou committed’st never, As we and our seed ever, Of deeds of evil nought dost know. I many times transgressing, In number far surpassing The sand upon the coast, I thus the cause have given, That Thou with grief art riven, And the afflicted martyr host. I’ve done it, and deliver Me hand and foot for ever Thou justly might’st to hell. The mock’ry to Thee offer’d, The scourging Thou hast suffer’d, My soul it was deserv’d it well. The load Thou takest on Thee, That press’d so sorely on me, Than stone more heavily. A curse, Lord, Thou becamest, Thus blessings for me claimest, Thy pain must all my comfort be. Not death itself Thou fearest, As surety Thou appearest For all my debts and me. For me Thy brow is crownèd With thorns, and Thou’rt disownèd By men, and bear’st all patiently. Into death’s jaws Thou springest, Deliv’rance to me bringest From such a monster dire. My death away Thou takest, Thy grave its grave Thou makest; Of love, O unexampled fire! I’m bound, my Saviour, ever, By ties most sacred never Thy service to forsake; With soul and body ever, With all my pow’rs t’ endeavour, In praise and service joy to take. Not much can I be giving In this poor life I’m living, But one thing do I say: Thy death and sorrows ever, Till soul from body sever, My heart remember shall for aye. Before mine eyes I’ll place them, And joyfully embrace them, Wherever I may be, They’ll be a glass revealing Pure innocence, and sealing Love and unfeign’d sincerity. Of sin how great the danger, How it excites God’s anger, How doth His vengeance burn How sternly He chastiseth, How His wrath’s flood ariseth, Shall I from all Thy suff’rings learn. From them shall I be learning, How I may be adorning, My heart with quietness, And how I still should love them Whose malice aye doth move them To grieve me by their wickedness. When tongues of bad men grieve me, Of peace and name deprive me, My restive heart I’ll still; Their evil deeds enduring, Of pardon free assuring My neighbour for his ev’ry ill. I’ll on the cross unite me To Thee, what doth delight me I’ll there renounce for aye. Whate’er Thy Spirit’s grieving, There I’ll for aye be leaving, As much as in my strength doth lay. Thy groaning and Thy sighing, Thy thousand tears and crying, That once were heard from Thee, They’ll lead me to Thy glory, Where I shall joy before Thee, And evermore at rest shall be! Languages: English

The duteous day now closeth

Hymnal: Australian Hymn Book #15 (1977) Meter: Languages: English

Nun ruhen alle Wälder

Author: Paul Gerhardt 1607-76; Robert Seymour Bridges 1844-1930 Hymnal: The Australian Hymn Book with Catholic Supplement #15 (1977) Meter: First Line: The duteous day now closeth Tune Title: INNSBRUCK

The duteous day now closeth

Hymnal: Hymns Ancient and Modern, New Standard Edition #17a (1983) Meter: Languages: English Tune Title: INNSBRUCK

The duteous day now closeth

Hymnal: Hymns Ancient and Modern, New Standard Edition #17b (1983) Meter: Languages: English Tune Title: INNSBRUCK

The Duteous Day Now Closes

Author: Paul Gerhardt (1607-1676); Robert Seymour Bridges (1844-1930) Hymnal: Common Praise (1998) #19 (1998) Meter: Lyrics: 1 The duteous day now closes, each flower and tree reposes, shade creeps o'er wild and wood: let us, as night is falling, on God our maker calling, give thanks and bless the Giver good. 2 Now all the heavenly splendour breaks forth in starlight tender from myriad worlds unknown; and we, this marvel seeing, forget our selfish being for joy of beauty not our own. 3 Though long our mortal blindness has missed God's loving kindness and plunged us into strife; yet when life's day is over, shall death's fair night discover the fields of everlasting life. Topics: Evening; Creation; O Gracious Light Scripture: Genesis 1, 2:1-4 Languages: English Tune Title: INNSBRUCK
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The duteous day now closeth

Author: Robert Bridges, 1844-1930; Paul Gerhardt, 1607-1676 Hymnal: Common Praise #23 (2000) Meter: Topics: Evening Scripture: James 1:17 Languages: English Tune Title: INNSBRUCK


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