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Jesus, Name all names above

Author: Theoctistus of the Studium; John Mason Neale Meter: Appears in 68 hymnals Lyrics: 1 Jesus, Name all names above, Jesus, best and dearest, Jesus, Fount of perfect love, Holiest, tenderest, nearest; Jesus, Source of grace completest, Jesus purest, Jesus sweetest, Jesus, Well of power divine, Make me, keep me, seal me Thine! 2 Thou didst call the prodigal; Thou didst pardon Mary: Thou whose words can never fall, Love can never vary; Thou whose wounds are ever pleading, And Thy Passion interceding, From my misery let me rise To a home in Paradise! 3 Jesus, crowned with thorns for me, Scourged for my transgression! Witnessing, through agony, That Thy good confession; Jesus, clad in purple raiment, For my evils making payment; Let no all Thy woe and pain, Let not Calvary, be in vain! 4 When I reach Death's bitter sea, And its waves roll higher, Help the more forsaking me, As the storm draws nigher: Jesus, leave me not to languish, Helpless, hopeless, full of anguish! Tell me,-- "Verily, I say, Thou shalt be with Me to-day!" Topics: Communion with Christ; Epiphany, Fourth Sunday; Sundays in Lent; Passion Week; Easter Season, Thrid Sunday; Twentieth Sunday after Trinity Used With Tune: ST. JOHN DAMASCENE

Join All Ye Joyful Nations

Author: Charles Wesley Meter: Appears in 1 hymnal Lyrics: 1. Join all ye joyful nations The acclaiming hosts of Heav’n! This happy morn a child is born To us a son is given. 2. The messenger and token Of eternal favor, God hath sent down to us His Son, A universal Savior! 3. The wonderful Messiah, Joy of every nation, Jesus His name, with God the fame, The Lord of all creation. 4. The counselor of sinners, Mighty to deliver, The Prince of Peace, whole love’s increase, Shall reign in Man forever. 5. Go see the King of glory, Seek the heavenly stranger, So poor and mean, His court an inn, His cradle is a manger. 6. Who from His father’s bosom Now for us descended Who built the skies, on earth He lies, By only beasts attended. 7. Whom all the angels worship, Hid in human nature; Incarnate see the deity, The infinite creator! 8. See the stupendous blessing God to us hath given! A child of man, in length a span, Who fills both earth and Heaven. 9. Gaze on that helpless object, Endless adoration! Those infant hands shall burst our bands, And work out our salvation. 10. Strangle the crooked serpent, Burn his works forever, And open set the heavenly gate To every true believer. 11. Till then, Thou holy Jesus, We bow low before Thee, Our treasures bring, to serve our king, And joyfully adore Thee. 12. To Thee we gladly render, What Thy grace hath given, Till Thou appear in glory here, And take us up to Heaven. Used With Tune: CROSBY Text Sources: Hymns for the Nativity of Our Lord (London: William Strahan, 1745), number 6, alt.

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