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Wherever I May Wander

Author: Ann B. Snow Meter: D Appears in 6 hymnals First Line: Wherever I may wander, Wherever I may be (Snow)

The Excellency of God

Meter: D Appears in 5 hymnals First Line: My God, I will extol Thee And ever bless Thy Name

My Life Is Thine, Lord Jesus

Author: J. Woodfall Meter: D Appears in 2 hymnals Text Sources: Hymns of Consecration and Faith, by James Mountain (London: Marshall Brothers, new & enlarged edition, 1902), number 68

For All the Joys of Living

Author: H. Glen Lanier Meter: D Appears in 2 hymnals Used With Tune: LLANGLOFFAN

The Birth Of Our Savior

Author: James R. Murray Meter: D Appears in 2 hymnals First Line: And, as in olden days Lyrics: 1 And, as in olden days, The angels went before To speak the coming of the Lord, So now, and evermore, The angels of His love Go on before His face, To find, in humble, lowly hearts, For Him a dwelling place. 2 So, in our youthful hearts, May Christ the Savior come; Though poor and small the place for Him, Yet there may be His home. By doing kindly deeds, By loving self the least, Christ may be born in every heart As in the ancient East. 3 So, over all your hearts May shine the star so fair, The light of heavenly truth, and love, To show the Lord is here. And may we bring to Him, As wise men did of old, The gift of earnest, loving souls, More precious far than gold. 4 Thus, like the wicked king, Our sins do seek to kill The holy things within our minds, And all good thoughts to still. But if we try to love Our Savior and His ways, He’ll send an angel from above To guard us all our days. 5 So, if we strive aright, To do the Master’s will, Our wrong desires and thoughts will die, And good our bosoms fill. Thus may we overcome Our sins on every hand, Till, guided by the angels bright, We reach the promised land. Used With Tune: SEYCHELLES Text Sources: The Prize by George F. Root (Chicago: Root & Cady, 1870)

The Lord in Zion Reigneth

Author: Fanny Crosby (1823-1915) Meter: D Appears in 13 hymnals Topics: Worship Adoration and Praise Used With Tune: [The Lord in Zion reigneth]

The Fathers Built This City

Author: William G. Tarrant Meter: D Appears in 42 hymnals Lyrics: 1 The fathers built this city In ages long ago, And busy in the busy streets, They hurried to and fro; The children played around them, And sang the songs of yore, Till one by one they fell asleep, To work and play no more. 2 Yet still the city standeth, A hive of toiling men, And mother’s love makes happy home For children now as then; O God of ages, help us, Such citizens to be, That children’s children here may sing The songs of liberty. 3 Let all the people praise thee, Give all thy saving health, Or vain the laborer’s strong right arm And vain the merchant’s wealth, Send out Thy light to banish The shadows of the shame, Till all the civic virtues shine Around our city’s name. 4 A commonweal of brothers, United, great and small, Upon our banner blazoned be The Charter, "Each for all!" Nor let us cease from battle, Nor weary sheathe the sword, Until this city is become The city of the Lord. Amen. Topics: Our City Used With Tune: ALFORD

No Form of Human Framing

Author: Henry H. van Dyke, 1852-1933 Meter: D Appears in 8 hymnals First Line: No form of human framing, no bond of outward might Lyrics: 1. No form of human framing, no bond of outward might, Can bind Thy Church together, Lord, and all her flocks unite; But, Jesus, Thou hast told us how unity must be: Thou art with God the Father one, and we are one in Thee. 2. The mind that is in Jesus will guide us into truth, The humble, open, joyful mind of ever-learning youth; The heart that is in Jesus will lead us out of strife, The giving and forgiving heart that follows love in life. 3. Wherever men adore Thee, our souls with them would kneel; Wherever men implore Thy help, their trouble we would feel; And where men do Thy service, though knowing not Thy sign, Our hand is with them in good work, for they are also Thine. 4. Forgive us, Lord, the folly that quarrels with Thy friends, And draw us near to Thy heart, where every discord ends; Thou art the crown of manhood, and Thou of God the Son; O Master of our many lives, in Thee our life is one. Used With Tune: ALFORD

O crucified Redeemer

Author: Timothy Rees 1874-1939 Meter: D Appears in 10 hymnals Used With Tune: LLANGLOFFAN

The Beautiful Bright Sunshine

Author: Anonymous Meter: D Appears in 27 hymnals Lyrics: 1. The beautiful bright sunshine, That smiles on all below, The waving trees, the cool, soft breeze, The rippling streams that flow, The shadows on the hillsides, The many tinted flowers, O God! how fair Thy loving care Has made this earth of ours! 2. The beautiful affections That gather round our way, The joys that rise from household ties, And deepen day by day; The tender love that guards us Whenever danger lowers, O God! how fair Thy loving care Has made this earth of ours! 3. But brighter is the shining, And tender is the love, And purer still the joys which fill The unseen home above— The home where all His children Shall sing with fuller power, O God! how fair Thy loving care Has made this earth of ours! Used With Tune: SUNSHINE


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