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Author: John S. B. Monsell Meter: Appears in 141 hymnals First Line: Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness, Bow down before Him, His glory proclaim Topics: liturgical Opening Hymns

My Faith Still Holds

Author: Gloria Gaither; William J. Gaither Meter: Appears in 1 hymnal First Line: My faith still holds on to the Christ of Calvary Topics: Assurance and Trust; Walking with God Faith and Hope Used With Tune: STRONG FAITH

I Give Myself to Thee

Author: Mary Mason Meter: Appears in 35 hymnals First Line: Savior, who died for me, I give myself to Thee Lyrics: 1. Savior, who died for me, I give myself to Thee; Thy love so full, so free, claims all my powers; Be this my purpose high, to serve Thee till I die, Whether my path shall lie ’mid thorns or flowers. 2. May it be joy for me to follow only Thee; Thy faithful servant be, Thine to the end; For Thee I’ll do and dare; for Thee the cross I’ll bear; To Thee direct my prayer; on Thee depend. 3. Savior, with me abide; be ever near my side; Support, defend and guide; I look to Thee. I lay my hand in Thine, and fleeting joys resign, If I may call Thee mine eternally. Used With Tune: LONG BEACH

Thou Who Didst Stoop Below

Author: Sarah E. Miles Meter: Appears in 46 hymnals First Line: Thou, who didst stoop below to drain the cup of woe Lyrics: 1 Thou, who didst stoop below to drain the cup of woe, Wearing the form of full mortality, Thy blessèd labors done, the crown of victory won, Hath passed from earth, passed to Thy home on high. 2 Our eyes beheld Thee not, yet hast Thou not forgot Those who have placed their hope, their trust in Thee; Before Thy Father’s face Thou hast prepared a place, That where Thou art, there they may also be. 3 It was no path of flowers through this dark world of ours, Belovèd of the Father, Thou didst tread: And shall we in dismay shrink from the narrow way, When clouds and darkness are around it spread? 5 O Thou who art our life, be with us through the strife, Thy holy head by earth’s fierce storms was bowed; Raise Thou our eyes above, to see a Father’s love, Beam, like the bow of promise, through the cloud. E’en through the awful gloom Which hovers o’er the tomb, That light of love our guiding star shall be; Our spirits will not dread The shadowy way to tread, Friend, Guardian, Savior, which doth lead to Thee. Used With Tune: BENTON Text Sources: Christian Examiner, 1827

O Blessèd Jesus! This

Author: Paul Gerhardt; Catherine Winkworth Meter: Appears in 1 hymnal Lyrics: 1. O blessèd Jesus! This Thy lowly manger is The paradise where oft my soul would feed: Here is the place, my Lord, Where lies th’eternal Word Clothed with our flesh, made like to us indeed. 2. For He whose mighty sway The winds and seas obey, Submits to serve, and stoops to those who sin; The glorious Son of God Doth bear the mortal load Of earth and dust, like us and all our kin. 3. For thus, O God supreme, Wilt Thou our flesh redeem, And rise it to Thy throne o’er every height: Eternal Strength, here Thou To brotherhood dost bow With transient things that pass like mists of night. 4. Thy glory and Thy joy All woe and grief destroy; Thou, heavenly Treasure, dost all wealth restore! Thou deep and living Well! Thou great Immanuel Dost conquer sin and death for evermore! 5. Then come, whoe’er thou art O poor desponding heart, Take courage now, let this thy fears dispel, That since His Son most dear Thy God hath giv’n thee here, It cannot be but God doth love thee well. 6. How often dost thou think Thou thou must surely sink, That hope and comfort are no more for thee; Come hither then and gaze Upon this Infant’s face, And here the love of God incarnate see. 7. Ah now the blessèd door Stands open evermore To all the joys of this world and the next: This Babe will be our Friend, And quickly make an end Of all that faithful hearts long time hath vexed. 8. Then, earth, we care no more To seek thy richest store, If but this treasure will be still our own; And he who holds it fast, Till all this life is past, Our Lord will crown with joy before His throne. Text Sources: Praxis Pietatis Melica, by Johann Crüger, 1656; translation in Lyra Germanica: Second Series, 1858, p. 18

Those Who Rely on the Lord are Unshakeable

Author: Christopher M. Idle Meter: Appears in 3 hymnals

What I Have Done

Author: Horatius Bonar; Richard W. Adams Meter: Appears in 106 hymnals First Line: Up and away, like the dew of the morning Lyrics: 1 Up and away, like the dew of the morning, Soaring from earth to its home in the sun, So let me steal away, gently and lovingly, Only remembered by what I have done. 2 My name and place, and my grave, all forgotten, My time’s brief race well and patiently run; So let me pass away, peacefully, silently, Only remembered by what I have done. 3 Gladly away from this toil would I hasten, Up to the crown that for me has been won; Unsung on earth in rewards or in praises, Only remembered by what I have done. 4 Up and away like the odors of sunset, Sweetening the twilight as darkness comes on, So be my life, something felt but not noticed, Only remembered by what I have done. 5 Yes, like the fragrance that wanders in freshness, Blossoms it came from all closed up and gone, So would I be to this world’s weary dwellers, Only remembered by what I have done. 6 Need there be praise of the love-written record? Name and an epitaph graven on stone? Things I have lived for, let them be my story, I but remembered by what I have done. 7 I need no shrine, if I have been bearing, As summer, autumn, move silently on, The bloom, the fruit and the seed of their season; I’ll be remembered by what I have done. 8 No cause need fail, if another succeed me, Reaping the fields which in spring I have sown; Plower and sower not missed by the reaper, Only remembered by what I have done. 9 No, not myself, but the truth I have spoken, No, not myself, but the seed I have sown, Pass down the ages, my name all forgotten, Only the truth, and the things I have done. 10 As was my living, so be my dying; So let my name lie, unblazoned, unknown; Unpraised, unmissed, I shall still be remembered, For God records all the things I have done. Used With Tune: MONSELL Text Sources: Hymns of Faith and Hope (London: James Lisbet, 1857)

The Kingdom of God Grows Silently

Author: Joy F. Patterson Meter: Appears in 1 hymnal First Line: [The Kingdom of God Grows Silently] Text Sources: Teach Our Eyes New Ways of Seeing (Selah Publishing Co. Inc, 2005)

Sing of a God in Majestic Divinity

Author: Herbert O'Driscoll, 1928- Meter: Appears in 4 hymnals Scripture: Philippians 2:6-11 Used With Tune: ÜTTINGEN


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