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Hosanna! music is divine

Author: Christopher Smart, 1722-71 Hymnal: Songs of Praise #261 (1925) Hymnal Title: Songs of Praise Languages: English Tune Title: SONG 18

Lord Jesu, Who at Lazarus' Tomb

Author: Hardwicke D. Rawnsley Hymnal: The Cyber Hymnal #3946 Meter: Hymnal Title: The Cyber Hymnal Lyrics: 1. Lord Jesu, who at Lazarus’ tomb To weeping friends from death’s dark womb Didst bring new joy to life, Grant to the friends who stand forlorn A vision of that larger morn Where peace has conquered strife. 2. May we behold across the bar The dear immortals as they are, Empowered in act and will, With purer eyes to see their King, With fuller hearts His praise to sing, With strength to help us still; 3. Not fettered now by fleshly bond, But tireless in the great beyond, And growing day by day. Can we not make their gladness ours, And share their thoughts, their added powers, And follow as we pray? 4. O Holy Ghost, the strength and guide Of those who to this earth have died, But live more near to God, Give us Thy grace to follow on, Till we with them the crown have won Who duty’s paths have trod. Languages: English Tune Title: SONG 18 (Gibbons)

Immanuel, Sunk With Dreadful Woe

Author: Anonymous Hymnal: The Cyber Hymnal #8697 Meter: Hymnal Title: The Cyber Hymnal Lyrics: 1 Immanuel, sunk with dreadful woe, Unfelt, unknown to all below— Except the Son of God— In agonizing pangs of soul, Drinks deep from wormwood’s bitterest bowl, And sweats great drops of blood. 2 See His disciples slumbering round, Nor pitying friend on earth is found! He treads the press alone: In vain to Heav’n He turns His eyes, The curse awaits Him from the skies— His death it must atone. 3 "O Father, hear! this cup remove! Save Thou the darling of Thy love" (The prostrate victim cries) "From overwhelming fear and dread!" Tho’ He must mingle with the dead— His people’s sacrifice. 4 His earnest prayers, His deepening groans, Were heard before angelic thrones; Amazement wrapped the sky; "Go strengthen Christ!" the Father said: Th’astonished seraph bowed his head, And left the realms on high. 5 Made strong in strength, renewed from Heav’n, Jesus receives the cup as giv’n, And, perfectly resigned, He drinks the wormwood mixed with gall, Sustains the curse—removes it all— Nor leaves a dreg behind. Languages: English Tune Title: SONG 18

'Tis He! 'Tis He! The Son Of God!

Author: Henry F. Lyte Hymnal: The Cyber Hymnal #9836 Meter: Hymnal Title: The Cyber Hymnal First Line: ’Tis He! ’Tis He! The Son of God! Lyrics: 1 ’Tis He! ’Tis He! The Son of God! He sends His awful voice abroad: Let earth her Lord revere! With thousand saints behold Him come; The world before her judge is dumb, And waits her doom to hear. 2 He calls to Heaven, He calls to earth; The nations from their tombs come forth, And throng before His face. "Approach, ye, first," the Savior cries, "Whose boast is in My sacrifice, And covenant of grace." 3 "My people, hear! Your God will speak: No empty rites and forms I seek, No specious act or word: Mine eye is on the heart within, And there the service must begin That satisfies the Lord." 4 "Where secret wickedness I see The fawning lip or bending knee But move My scorn and hate!" Lord, on our souls this truth impress, And make us all that we profess, Ere yet it be too late! Languages: English Tune Title: SONG 18

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