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O Love That Passeth Knowledge

Author: Fanny Crosby Hymnal: The Cyber Hymnal #16021 Hymnal Title: The Cyber Hymnal Refrain First Line: O Love, all loves excelling Lyrics: 1 O Love that passeth knowledge, O Love whose beams have shone Through everlasting ages, From God’s eternal throne; What power Thy depths can fathom? What tongue can speak Thy worth? And yet Thou condescendeth To dwell with men on earth. Refrain: O Love, all loves excelling; Unnumbered hosts are telling In yonder blissful dwelling, What Thou for them hast done. 2 O Love that our redemption Made perfect through the blood Of Him whose life was offered, To bring us near to God; O Love that now extendeth A pardon full and free, And bends with eyes of pity On sinners such as we. [Refrain] 3 We give our heart’s devotion, And grateful thanks we bring, And lift our hearts and voices, To praise our Lord and King; O Love! all thought surpassing; What will our rapture be, When safe, beyond the river, Our souls are lost in Thee? [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: RAMALLAH
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O Love That Passeth Knowledge

Author: Lyman G. Cuyler Hymnal: The Gospel Choir No. 2 #15 (1895) Hymnal Title: The Gospel Choir No. 2 Refrain First Line: O Love, all love excelling Languages: English Tune Title: [O love that passeth knowledge]

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