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Jesu, laß doch deine Liebe

Author: Joh. Dan. Herrnschmid, P., 1675-1723 Hymnal: Liederkranz für Sonntags-Schulen und Jugend-Vereine #134 (1898) Hymnal Title: Liederkranz für Sonntags-Schulen und Jugend-Vereine Languages: German Tune Title: [Jesu, laß doch deine Liebe]
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Hearts revealing sacred feeling

Hymnal: Songs for Christ and the Church #174 (1892) Hymnal Title: Songs for Christ and the Church Languages: English Tune Title: GENEVIEVE
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Softly fades the twilight ray

Hymnal: Songs for the Sanctuary #168 (1868) Hymnal Title: Songs for the Sanctuary Topics: Public Worship Closing of Service Tune Title: WEBER

Softly Sighs the Breath of Evening

Author: Unknown Hymnal: The Cyber Hymnal #6239 Meter: Hymnal Title: The Cyber Hymnal Lyrics: 1. Softly sighs the breath of evening, Stealing through the shadowy grove, While the stars, in heaven shining, Keep their silent watch above. 2. Heav’nly Father, while we’re sleeping, Send Thy guardian angels bright, Faithful watch above us keeping, To protect us through the night. 3. When the morning, gently breaking, Tints the sky with golden rays, May Thy loving children, waking, Sing their heav’nly Father’s praise. Languages: English Tune Title: EVENING PRAYER (von Weber)

For Direction

Hymnal: Union Hymnal #33b (1897) Hymnal Title: Union Hymnal First Line: Lord of might and Lord of glory Tune Title: [Lord of might and Lord of glory]

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