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That Man Is Blest Who, Fearing God

Hymnal: CYBER #6501 Meter: Scripture: Psalm 1 Lyrics: 1. That man is blest who, fearing God From sin restrains his feet, Who will not stand with wicked men, Who shuns the scorners’ seat. 2. Yea, blest is he who makes God’s law His portion and delight, And meditates upon that law With gladness day and night. 3. That man is nourished like a tree Set by the river’s side; Its leaf is green, its fruit is sure, And thus his works abide. 4. The wicked like the driven chaff Are swept from off the land; They shall not gather with the just, Nor in the judgment stand. 5. The Lord will guard the righteous well, Their way to Him is known; The way of sinners, far from God, Shall surely be o’erthrown. Languages: English Tune Title: MEDITATION

O Lord, How Many They

Author: Unknown Hymnal: CYBER #5093 Meter: Scripture: Psalm 3 Lyrics: 1. O Lord, how many they Who deeply trouble me; How greatly are they multiplied Who do me injury. 2. There is no help for him, No help in God, they say; Thou art my shield and glory, Lord, Thou art my certain stay. 3. I called to God, He heard From out His holy hill. I fell asleep, I woke in peace, For He sustained me still. 4. Arise and save, O Lord, For Thou didst smite my foe. Salvation cometh from the Lord; His saints His blessings know. Languages: English Tune Title: SOUTHWELL (Daman)

Safely Guarded

Hymnal: CYBER #10942 Scripture: Psalm 5 First Line: Let all them who trust Thy care Refrain First Line: Safely guarded, safely guarded Lyrics: 1 Let all them who trust Thy care Ever glad and joyful be; Let them joy who love Thy name, Safely guarded, Lord, by Thee. Refrain: Safely guarded, safely guarded, Safely guarded, Lord, by Thee; Safely guarded, safely guarded, Safely guarded, Lord, by Thee. 2 For a blessing from Thy store To the righteous Thou wilt yield; Thou wilt compass them about With Thy favor as a shield. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: [Let all them who trust Thy care]

The Lord Forever Sits As King

Hymnal: CYBER #9356 Meter: Scripture: Psalm 9 Lyrics: 1 The Lord forever sits as king; For judgment sets His throne; In righteousness to judge the world, And justice give each one. 2 So shall the Lord a refuge be For those that are oppressed; A refuge will He be for them, What time they are distressed. 3 And they that know Thy name in Thee Their confidence will place: For Thou hast not forsaken them That truly seek Thy face. 4 O sing ye praises to the Lord That dwells in Zion hill; Among the peoples everywhere His deeds declare ye still. Languages: English Tune Title: STROUDWATER

How Long Wilt Thou Forget Me, Lord?

Author: Anonymous Hymnal: CYBER #2481 Meter: Scripture: Psalm 13 Lyrics: 1. How long wilt Thou forget me, Lord? Shall it for ever be? O how long shall it be that Thou Wilt hide Thy face from me? 2. How long take counsel in my soul, Still sad in heart, shall I? How long exalted over me Shall be mine enemy? 3. O Lord my God, consider well, And answer to me make: Mine eyes enlighten, lest the sleep Of death me overtake: 4. Lest that mine enemy should say, Against him I prevailed; And those that trouble me rejoice, When I am moved and failed. 5. But I have all my confidence Thy mercy set upon; My heart within me shall rejoice In Thy salvation. 6. I will unto the Lord my God Sing praises cheerfully, Because He hath His bounty shown To me abundantly. Languages: English Tune Title: PARIS

The God Who Sits Enthroned on High (2)

Author: Anonymous Hymnal: CYBER #1997 Meter: Scripture: Psalm 14 First Line: The God who sits enthroned on high Lyrics: 1. The God who sits enthroned on high The fool doth in his heart deny; Corrupt are they, vile works have done, And doing good there is not one. 2. From Heav’n with searching eye the Lord Did all the sons of men regard; To see if any understood, If any one were seeking God. 3. From righteous ways they all depart; All are corrupt and vile in heart; Among them doing good is none, Among them all, not even one. 4. Has knowledge from the wicked fled, That they My people eat as bread? That they delight in works of shame, And call not on Jehovah’s name? 5. There fearful terror on them fell; For God doth with the righteous dwell; The poor man’s counsel you despise, Because in God his refuge lies. 6. May Israel’s help from Zion come; When God shall bring His captives home, Then Jacob greatly shall rejoice, And Israel shout with gladsome voice. Languages: English Tune Title: ASTEN

Lord, Hear the Right

Author: Anonymous Hymnal: CYBER #3722 Meter: Scripture: Psalm 17 First Line: Lord, hear the right, regard my cry Lyrics: 1. Lord, hear the right, regard my cry, My prayer from lips sincere, Send Thine approval from on high, My righteousness make clear. Thou in the night my heart hast tried, Nor found it turned from Thee aside. 2. With steadfast courage I design No wrong to speak or do; Thy path of life I choose for mine And walk with purpose true. For help, O God, I cry to Thee, Assured that Thou wilt answer me. 3. O Thou that ever savest those Whose trust on Thee is stayed, Preserving them from all their foes By Thine almighty aid, Let me Thy lovingkindness see, Thy wondrous mercy, full and free. 4. O guard me well as one would guard The apple of the eye; While deadly foes are pressing hard, To Thee, to Thee I cry; Do Thou my rest and refuge be, O let Thy wings o’ershadow me. 5. Mine enemy, grown strong in pride, Would take my life away, A lion lurking by my side, Most greedy for his prey. Confront and cast him down, O Lord, From evil save me by Thy sword. 6. Defend me from the men of pride, Whose portion is below, Who, with life’s treasures satisfied, No better portion know; They, with earth’s joys and wealth content, Must leave them all when life is spent. 7. When I in righteousness at last Thy glorious face shall see, When all the weary night is past, And I awake with Thee To view the glories that abide, Then, then I shall be satisfied. Languages: English Tune Title: LONGFELLOW

Since with My God with Perfect Heart

Hymnal: CYBER #6076 Meter: Scripture: Psalm 18 Lyrics: 1. Since with my God with perfect heart I walk and make His Word my guide, And from iniquity depart, The Lord His blessing will provide. 2. The merciful shall know Thy grace, The perfect Thy perfection see, The pure shall see Thine own pure face, The froward find a foe in Thee. 3. To smite the proud and bring them low, To save the poor is Thy delight, The Lord will cause my lamp to glow, My God will make my darkness light. 4. From God the victory I receive; Most perfect is His holy way; His Word is tried, they who believe Will find the Lord their shield and stay. 5. For who is God, and strong to save, Beside the Lord, our God of might? ’Tis He that makes me strong and brave, The Lord who guides my steps aright. 6. Thy free salvation is my shield, My sure defense in every strait; Thy hand upholds me, lest I yield; Thy gentleness has made me great. Languages: English Tune Title: ROCKINGHAM (Miller)

The Glory of the Lord

Author: Anonymous Hymnal: CYBER #1847 Meter: Scripture: Psalm 19 First Line: The glory of the Lord, the heaven's declare abroad Lyrics: 1. The glory of the Lordn The heav’ns declare abroad; The firmament displays The handiwork of God; Day unto day declareth speech, And night to night doth knowledge teach. 2. Aloud they do not speak, They utter forth no word, Nor into language break; Their voice is never heard; Their line thro’ all the earth extends, Their words to earth’s remotest ends. 3. In them He for the sun Hath set a dwelling place, Rejoicing as a man Of strength to run a race; He, bridegroom-like in his array, Comes from his chamber, bringing day. 4. His daily going forth Is from the end of Heav’n; The firmament to him Is for his circuit given— His circuit reaches to its ends, And everywhere his heart extends. Languages: English Tune Title: FANEUIL HALL

The Law That the Lord Has Ordained

Author: Anonymous Hymnal: CYBER #3589 Meter: Scripture: Psalm 19 Lyrics: 1. The law that the Lord has ordained Is perfect, the soul to restore; His truth makes the simple most wise, The truth that is sure evermore. 2. His precepts are righteous and just, Rejoicing the heart and the mind; And all His commandments are pure, Enlightening the eyes of the blind. 3. The fear of the Lord is most clean, Forever unmoved it has stood; His judgments are perfectly true, In all things most righteous and good. 4. Such treasure no gold can supply, Such sweetness no honey afford, Their warnings none heed and obey But find most abundant reward. 5. O who can his errors discern? From hidden faults, Lord, keep me free; Let pride never reign in my heart, And clear of great sin I shall be. 6. I pray that my words and my thought My all with Thy precepts accord, And ever be pleasing to Thee, My Rock, my Redeemer, my Lord. Languages: English Tune Title: ESKRIDGE


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