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Scripture:Psalm 90:13-17

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Our God, Our Help in Ages Past

Author: Isaac Watts Meter: Appears in 1,191 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 90 Lyrics: 1 Our God, our help in ages past, our hope for years to come, our shelter from the stormy blast, and our eternal home: 2 Under the shadow of your throne your saints have dwelt secure; sufficient is your arm alone, and our defense is sure. 3 Before the hills in order stood, or earth received her frame, from everlasting you are God, to endless years the same. 4 A thousand ages in your sight are like an evening gone; short as the watch that ends the night before the rising sun. 5 The busy tribes of flesh and blood, with all their lives and cares, are carried downward by your flood, and lost in foll'wing years. 6 Time, like an ever-rolling stream, bears all its sons away; they fly forgotten, as a dream dies at the op'ning day. 7 Our God, our help in ages past, our hope for years to come: O be our guard while troubles last, and our eternal home. Topics: Funerals; Reformation Day; God His Eternity; God Defender; Life Brevity of; Opening and Closing of the Year; Preservation of Christians; Tribulation and Suffering Prayer in Used With Tune: ST. ANNE (Croft)

Psalm 90

Author: Isaac Watts Meter: Appears in 158 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 90 First Line: Through every age, eternal God Lyrics: Through every age, eternal God, Thou art our rest, our safe abode; High was thy throne ere heav'n was made, Or earth thy humble footstool laid. Long hadst thou reigned ere time began, Or dust was fashioned to a man; And long thy kingdom shall endure When earth and time shall be no more. But man, weak man, is born to die, Made up of guilt and vanity; Thy dreadful sentence, Lord, was just, "Return, ye sinners, to your dust." [A thousand of our years amount Scarce to a day in thine account; Like yesterday's departed light, Or the last watch of ending night. Death, like an overflowing stream, Sweeps us away; our life's a dream, An empty tale, a morning flower, Cut down and withered in an hour.] [Our age to seventy years is set; How short the time! how frail the state! And if to eighty we arrive, We rather sigh and groan than live. But O how oft thy wrath appears, And cuts off our expected years! Thy wrath awakes our humble dread; We fear the power that strikes us dead.] Teach us, O Lord, how frail is man; And kindly lengthen out our span, Till a wise care of piety Fit us to die, and dwell with thee. Topics: Funeral psalm; Man his vanity as mortal; Mortality of man; Saints rewarded at last; Frailty of man; Life short and feeble; Psalm for a funeral; Death the effect of sin; God eternal, and man mortal; Mortality and God's eternity; Old age death

Psalm 90 Part 3

Author: Isaac Watts Meter: Appears in 96 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 90:13-17 First Line: Return, O God of love, return Lyrics: Return, O God of love, return; Earth is a tiresome place: How long shall we, thy children, mourn Our absence from thy face? Let heav'n succeed our painful years, Let sin and sorrow cease, And in proportion to our tears So make our joys increase. Thy wonders to thy servants show, Make thy own work complete; Then shall our souls thy glory know, And own thy love was great. Then shall we shine before thy throne In all thy beauty, Lord; And the poor service we have done Meet a Divine reward. Topics: Funeral psalm; Man his vanity as mortal; Mortality of man; Saints rewarded at last; Frailty of man; Life short and feeble; Psalm for a funeral; Death the effect of sin; God eternal, and man mortal; Mortality and God's eternity; Old age death
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Lord Thou hast been our dwelling place

Appears in 56 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 90 Used With Tune: [Lord Thou hast been our dwelling place] (Croft)

O God, the Rock of Ages

Author: Edward H. Bickersteth Meter: D Appears in 196 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 90 First Line: O, God the Rock of Ages Lyrics: 1 O God, the Rock of Ages, who evermore hast been, what time the tempest rages, our dwelling place serene: before thy first creations, O Lord, the same as now, to endless generations the Everlasting Thou! 2 Our years are like the shadows on sunny hills that lie, or grasses in the meadows that blossom but to die; a sleep, a dream, a story by strangers quickly told, and unremaining glory of things that soon are old. 3 O thou who canst not slumber, whose light grows never pale, teach us aright to number our years before they fail; on us thy mercy lighten, on us thy goodness rest, and let thy Spirit brighten the hearts thyself hast blessed. 4 Lord, crown our faith's endeavor with beauty and with grace, till, clothed in light forever, we see thee face to face: a joy no language measures; a fountain brimming o'er; an endless flow of pleasures; an ocean without shore. Topics: Funerals; God His Eternity; God Dwelling Place; Heaven Anticipated; Life Brevity of; Preservation of Christians Used With Tune: WEDLOCK

Psalm 90: Lord, thou hast been our dwelling-place

Meter: Appears in 21 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 90 First Line: Lord, thou hast been our dwelling-place Lyrics: Lord, thou hast been our dwelling-place in generations all. Before thou ever hadst brought forth the mountains great or small; Ere ever thou hadst form’d the earth, and all the world abroad; Ev’n thou from everlasting art to everlasting God. Thou dost unto destruction man that is mortal turn; And unto them thou say’st, Again, ye sons of men, return. Because a thousand years appear no more before thy sight Than yesterday, when it is past, or than a watch by night. As with an overflowing flood thou carry’st them away: They like a sleep are, like the grass that grows at morn are they. At morn it flourishes and grows, cut down at ev’n doth fade. For by thine anger we’re consum’d, thy wrath makes us afraid. Our sins thou and iniquities dost in thy presence place, And sett’st our secret faults before the brightness of thy face. For in thine anger all our days do pass on to an end; And as a tale that hath been told, so we our years do spend. Threescore and ten years do sum up our days and years, we see; Or, if, by reason of more strength, in some fourscore they be: Yet doth the strength of such old men but grief and labour prove; For it is soon cut off, and we fly hence, and soon remove. Who knows the power of thy wrath? according to thy fear So is thy wrath: Lord, teach thou us our end in mind to bear; And so to count our days, that we our hearts may still apply To learn thy wisdom and thy truth, that we may live thereby. Turn yet again to us, O Lord, how long thus shall it be? Let it repent thee now for those that servants are to thee. O with thy tender mercies, Lord, us early satisfy; So we rejoice shall all our days, and still be glad in thee. According as the days have been, wherein we grief have had, And years wherein we ill have seen, so do thou make us glad. O let thy work and pow’r appear thy servants’ face before; And shew unto their children dear thy glory evermore: And let the beauty of the Lord our God be us upon: Our handy-works establish thou, establish them each one.
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Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation

Author: Joachim Neander, 1650-1680; Catherine Winkworth, 1827-1878 Meter: Appears in 378 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 90:16 Topics: Proper 16 Year C Used With Tune: LOBE DEN HERREN (PRAXIS PIETATIS)

Lord, You Have Been Our Dwelling Place

Meter: Appears in 12 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 90 Topics: Anniversaries; Brevity & Frailty of Life; Funerals; Industry & Labor; New Year - Old Year; Anniversaries; Brevity & Frailty of Life; Funerals; Industry & Labor; Judgment; Ministry & Service; New Year - Old Year Used With Tune: STELLA Text Sources: Psalter, 1912; Psalter Hymnal, 1987, rev.
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Lord what a feeble piece

Appears in 165 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 90 Lyrics: 1 Lord what a feeble piece, Is this our mortal frame? Our life how poor a trifle t'is, That scarce deserves the name. 2 Alas the brittle clay, That built our body first! And ev'ry month and ev'ry day, 'Tis mould'ring back to dust. 3 Our moments fly apace, Nor will our minutes stay; Just like a flood, our hasty day, Are sweeping us away. 4 Well if our days must fly, We'll keep their end in sight; We'll spend them all in wisdom's way, And let them speed their flight. 5 They'll waft us sooner o'er, This life's tempestuous sea: Soon we shall reach the peaceful shore, Of blest eternity. Topics: Funeral Occasions
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O Lord, the Saviour and Defence

Appears in 25 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 90 Lyrics: 1 O Lord, the Saviour and Defence of us thy chosen Race, From Age to Age thou still hast been our sure abiding Place. 2 Before thou brought'st the Mountains forth, or th' Earth and World didst frame, Thou always wert the mighty God, and ever art the same. 3 Thou turnest Man, O Lord, to Dust, of which he first was made; And when thou speak'st the Word, Return, 'tis instantly obey'd. 4 For in thy Sight, a thousand Years are like a Day that's past, Or like a Watch in Dead of Night, whose Hours unminded waste. 5 Thou sweep'st us off as with a Flood, we vanish hence like Dreams; At first we grow like Grass that feels the sun's reviving Beams: 6 But howsoever fresh and fair its Morning Beauty shows; 'Tis all cut down and wither'd quite before the Ev'ning close. 7,8 We by thine Anger are consum'd, and by thy Wrath dismay'd; Our publick Crimes and secret Sins before thy Sight are laid. 9 Beneath thy Anger's sad Effects our drooping Days we spend; Our unregarded Years break off, like Tales that quickly end. 10 Our Term of Time is Seventy years, an Age that few survive; But if, with more than common Strength, to Eighty we arrive; Yet then our boasted Strength decays, to Sorrow turn'd and Pain; So soon the slender Thread is cut, and we no more remain. Part II 11 But who thy Anger's dread Effects does, as he ought, revere? And yet thy Wrath does fall or rise, as more or less we fear. 12 So teach us, Lord, th' uncertain sum of our short Days to mind, That to true Wisdom all our Hearts may ever be inclin'd. 13 O to thy Servants, Lord, return, and speedily relent! As we of our Misdeeds, do thou of our just Doom repent. 14 To satisfy and chear our Souls, thy early Mercy send; That we may all our Days to come, in Joy and Comfort spend. 15 Let happy Times with large Amends dry up our former Tears, Or equal at the least the Term of our afflicted Years. 16 To all thy Servants, Lord, let this thy wond'rous Work be known, And to our Offspring yet unborn, thy glorious Pow'r be shown. 17 Let thy bright Rays upon us shine, give thou our Work Success; The glorious Work we have in hand do thou vouchsafe to bless.


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