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Scripture:John 1:19-28

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On Jordan's Bank the Baptist's Cry

Author: Charles Coffin; John Chandler Meter: Appears in 230 hymnals Scripture: John 1:28 Lyrics: 1 On Jordan's bank the Baptist's cry announces that the Lord is nigh: awake and listen for he brings glad tidings of the King of kings. 2 Let every heart be cleansed from sin, make straight the way for God within, and so prepare to be the home where such a mighty guest may come. 3 For you are our salvation, Lord, our refuge and our great reward; without your grace we waste away like flowers that wither and decay. 4 To heal the sick, stretch out your hand, and make the fallen sinner stand; shine out, and let your light restore earth's own true loveliness once more. 5 To you, O Christ, all praises be, whose advent sets your people free; whom with the Father we adore and Holy Spirit evermore! Topics: Advent Season; Biblical Persons; Advent Season; Biblical Persons John the Baptist; Biblical Places Jordan; Holy Spirit Lifegiver; Jesus Christ Light; Jesus Christ Refuge; Salvation Used With Tune: PUER NOBIS

Comfort, Comfort Ye My People

Author: Catherine Winkworth (1827-1878); Johannes G. Olearius (1611-1684) Meter: Appears in 126 hymnals Scripture: John 1:19-28 Lyrics: 1 Comfort, comfort ye my people, speak ye peace: thus saith our God. Comfort those who sit in darkness bowed beneath oppression's load; speak ye to Jerusalem of the peace that waits for them: tell her that her sins I cover, and her warfare now is over. 2 Hark! The herald's voice is calling in the desert far and near, calling us to new repentance since the reign of God is here. Oh, that warning cry obey! Now prepare for Christ a way; let the valleys rise to meet him, and the hills bow down to greet him. 3 Make ye straight what long was crooked; make the rougher places plain. Let your hearts be true and humble as befits Messiah's reign. For the glory of the Lord now o'er earth is shed abroad, and all flesh shall see the token that God's Word is never broken. Topics: Advent; John, the Baptist Used With Tune: PSALM 42

Preparen el Camino (Make Ready a Highway)

Author: Fernando Rodriguez, siglo XX; Ronald F. Krisman, n. 1946 Appears in 7 hymnals Scripture: John 1:22-23 First Line: Juan proclama en el disierto (In the desert John announces) Refrain First Line: Preparen el camino del Señor (Make ready a highway for the Lord) Topics: Advent Season; Tiempo de Advento; Rites of the Church Penance; Ritos de la Iglesia Penitencia; Amor de Dios para Nosotros; Love of God for Us; Arrepentimiento; Repentance; Children's Hymns; Música Para Los Jóvenes; Conversion; Conversion; Justice; Justicia; Mercy; Misericordia; Paz; Peace; Pecado; Sin; Reign of God; Reino de Dios; Salvación; Salvation Used With Tune: PREPAREN EL CAMINO

Agnus Dei

Appears in 294 hymnals Scripture: John 1:24 First Line: Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world Topics: Liturgical Settings Used With Tune: ST ANNE'S MASS Text Sources: Liturgical text

Prepare a way for the Lord

Author: Taizé Community Meter: Appears in 13 hymnals Scripture: John 1:23 Topics: Life in Christ Christ Incarnate - Promise of the Messiah Used With Tune: WAIT FOR THE LORD
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She sits like a bird, brooding on the waters

Author: John L. Bell (b. 1949); Graham Maule (b. 1958) Meter: 11.11 D Appears in 8 hymnals Scripture: John 1:1-32 Topics: The Holy Spirit The Coming of the Spirit; Christian Year Pentecost; Holy Spirit name and images for; Word of God Used With Tune: THAINAKY

Come and See

Author: Marilyn Houser Hamm Appears in 6 hymnals Scripture: John 1 First Line: Come and see, come and see Topics: Know Epiphany/Ministry and Teaching of Christ; Vocal Options Descants; Songs in Other Languages Greek Used With Tune: [Come and see, come and see] Text Sources: Sing and Rejoice, 1979

When All the World Was Cursed

Author: Johann Gottfried Olearius, 1635-1711; Paul E. Kretzmann, 1883-1965 Meter: Appears in 6 hymnals Scripture: John 1:6-31 Topics: Feasts and Festivals Used With Tune: WAS FRAG ICH NACH DER WELT
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Jesus thou everlasting word!

Meter: Appears in 4 hymnals Scripture: John 1 Lyrics: 1 Jesus thou everlasting word! Almighty God and Sov'reign Lord: Who art from all eternity? All things were made and form'd by thee. 2 Thou art the Lord or Earth & Heav'n, By thee eternal life is giv'n: Thou art the great and shining light Which brings the way of truth to sight. 3 Jesus, the glorious son of God, Took on himself our flesh and blood; When he was born the Virgin's Son To make the sons of men his own. 4 That mighty word is come to view, Which Men or Angels never knew; Till in the flesh it was reveal'd And all the prophecies fulfill'd. 5 That blessed word to me reveal My Lord! and let me taste and feel That pow'rful word, and light divine, With life and grace in me to shine. Topics: Second Christmas
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Sei wahr! du gehst zur ewigkeit

Appears in 4 hymnals Scripture: John 1:19-20 Topics: Christliche Sinn und Wandel Einfalt und Wahrhaftigkeit


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