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Scripture:Isaiah 58:1-12

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Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah

Author: William Williams Meter: Appears in 1,769 hymnals Scripture: Isaiah 58:11 Lyrics: 1. Guide me, O Thou great Jehovah, Pilgrim through this barren land; I am weak but Thou art mighty; Hold me with Thy pow'rful hand; Bread of heaven, Bread of heaven, Feed me till I want no more, Feed me till I want no more. 2. Open now the crystal fountain, Whence the healing stream doth flow; Let the fire and cloudy pillar Lead me all my journey through; Strong Deliverer, strong Deliverer, Be Thou still my strength and shield, Be Thou still my strength and shield. 3. When I tread the verge of Jordan, Bid my anxious fears subside; Bear me thro' the swelling current, Land me safe on Canaan's side; Songs of praises, songs of praises I will ever give to Thee, I will ever give to Thee. Used With Tune: CWM RHONDDA

The Morning Light is Breaking

Author: Samuel F. Smith Meter: D Appears in 1,153 hymnals Scripture: Isaiah 58:8 First Line: The morning light is breaking, The darkness disappears Topics: Activity Missions Used With Tune: WEBB

Break Forth, O Beauteous

Author: Johann Rist; John Troutbeck; Fred Pratt Green Meter: Appears in 55 hymnals Scripture: Isaiah 58:8 First Line: Break forth, O beauteous heavenly light Lyrics: 1 Break forth, O beauteous heavenly light, and usher in the morning; you shepherds, shrink not with affright, but hear the angel's warning. This child, now weak in infancy, our confidence and joy shall be, the power of Satan breaking, our peace eternal making. [ 2 This night of wonder, night of joy, was born the Christ, our brother; he comes, not mighty to destroy, to bid us love each other. How could he quit his kingly state for such a world of greed and hate? What deep humiliation secured the world's salvation! 3 Come, dearest child, into our hearts, and leave your crib behind you! Let this be where the new life starts for all who seek and find you. To you be honor, thanks, and praise, for all your gifts this time of grace: come, conquer and deliver this world, and us, forever.] Topics: Jesus Christ Self-humiliation Used With Tune: ERMUNTRE DICH

Return to God

Author: Marty Haugen, b. 1950 Appears in 8 hymnals Scripture: Isaiah 58:9-14 First Line: Now the time of grace has come Refrain First Line: Return to God with all your heart Topics: Seasons and Feasts Ash Wednesday Used With Tune: [Now the time of grace has come]

When out of poverty is born

Author: Kathryn Galloway (b. 1952) Meter: D Appears in 4 hymnals Scripture: Isaiah 58:10-11 Topics: Life in Christ Christ Incarnate - Promise of the Messiah; Jesus Word of God; Mary Used With Tune: KINGSFOLD
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Lead, kindly Light, amid the encircling gloom

Author: J. H. Newman Meter: Appears in 1,190 hymnals Scripture: Isaiah 58:11 Topics: The Christian Life Pilgrimage and Rest Used With Tune: LUX BENIGNA
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Judge Eternal, throned in splendor

Author: Henry Scott Holland (1847-1918) Meter: Appears in 106 hymnals Scripture: Isaiah 58:6-12 Lyrics: 1 Judge Eternal, throned in splendour, Lord of lords and King of kings, with your living fire of judgement purge this land of bitter things; solace all its wide dominion with the healing of your wings. 2 Still the weary folk are pining for the hour that brings release; and the city's crowded clangour cries aloud for sin to cease; and the homesteads and the woodlands plead in silence for their peace. 3 Crown, O God, your own endeavour; cleave our darkness with your sword; feed the faithless and the hungry with the richness of your word; cleanse the body of this nation through the glory of the Lord. Topics: Our Response to God in intercession and petition; The Church Celebrates National Life; God in judgement and justice; Nation and Society; Word of God Used With Tune: RHUDDLAN

For the Fruit of All Creation

Author: Fred Pratt Green (1903-) Meter: Appears in 67 hymnals Scripture: Isaiah 58 Lyrics: 1 For the fruit of all creation, thanks be to God; gifts bestowed on every nation, thanks be to God. For the ploughing, sowing, reaping, silent growth while we are sleeping, future needs in earth's safe-keeping, thanks be to God. 2 In the just reward of labour, God's will is done. In the help we give our neighbour, God's will is done. In our worldwide task of caring for the hungry and despairing, in the harvests we are sharing, God's will is done. 3 For the harvests of the Spirit, thanks be to God. For the good we all inherit, thanks be to God. For the wonders that astound us, for the truths that still confound us, most of all that love has found us, thanks be to God. Topics: Creation; Mission; Offertory; Stewardship; Rogation Days; Harvest Thanksgiving Used With Tune: AR HYD Y NOS

Lord, Whose Love in Humble Service

Author: Albert F. Bayly, 1901-1984 Meter: D Appears in 49 hymnals Scripture: Isaiah 58:6-9 Topics: Commissioning; Commissioning; Commissioning; Graduation; Love for Others; Ministry/Mission; Sending Forth; Social Concern; Stewardship; Rites of the Church Confirmation; Rites of the Church Holy Orders; Rites of the Church Rite of Religious Profession; The Liturgical Year The Chrism Mass Used With Tune: BEACH SPRING

When the Poor Ones (Cuando el pobre)

Author: Miguel Manzano; José Antonio Olivar; George Lockwood Meter: 12.11.12 with refrain Appears in 22 hymnals Scripture: Isaiah 58:6-7 First Line: When the poor ones who have nothing share with strangers (Cuando el pobre nada tiene y aún reparte) Refrain First Line: then we know that God still goes the road with us (va Dios mismo en nuestro mismo caminar) Topics: Hope; Joy; Justice and Reconciliation; Love for Others; Trusting in the Promises of God Used With Tune: EL CAMINO


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