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William Croft

1678 - 1727 Composer of "ST. ANN'S" in Isles of Shoals Hymn Book and Candle Light Service William Croft, Mus. Doc. was born in the year 1677 and received his musical education in the Chapel Royal, under Dr. Blow. In 1700 he was admitted a Gentleman Extraordinary of the Chapel Boyd; and in 1707, upon the decease of Jeremiah Clarke, he was appointed joint organist with his mentor, Dr. Blow. In 1709 he was elected organist of Westminster Abbey. This amiable man and excellent musician died in 1727, in the fiftieth year of his age. A very large number of Dr. Croft's compositions remain still in manuscript. Cathedral chants of the XVI, XVII & XVIII centuries, ed. by Edward F. Rimbault, London: D. Almaine & Co., 1844

Minot J. Savage

1841 - 1918 Person Name: M. J. S. Author of "O God, whose law is in the sky" in Sacred Songs For Public Worship Savage, Minot Judson, D.D., was born at Norridgewock, Maine, June 10, 1841, and educated at Bangor Seminary, where he graduated in 1864. From 1867 to 1873 he was a Congregational Minister, and then he joined the Unitarians, and has now (1900) a charge in Boston. He has published several works, including Poems, Boston, 1882. He also edited, with H. M. Dow, Sacred Songs for Public Worship, Boston, 1883, to which he contributed 46 original hymns. In hymnals other than this, of his hymns the following are in common use:— 1. Dost thou hear the bugle sounding. Consecration to Duty. 2. Father, we would not dare to change Thy purpose, &C. Prayer. 3. 0 God Whose law is in the sky. Consecration to Duty. 4. 0 star of truth down shining. Truth. 5. The God that to the fathers revealed His holy will. God unchangeable. 6. The very blossoms of our life. Holy Baptism. 7. What purpose burns within our hearts. Joining in Church Fellowship. 8. God of the glorious summer hours. New Year This is in D. Agate's Sunday S. Hymn Book, 1881, No. 371, and dated 1875. From the Sunny Side, N.Y.. 1875,p. 119. Some of these hymns are given in Hunter's Hymns of Faith and Life, Glasgow, 1889, and recent American hymnals. --John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

H. S. Cutler

1825 - 1902 Composer of "CUTLER" in Hymnal Amore Dei Henry Stephen Cutler (b. Boston, MA, 1824; d. Boston, 1902) studied music in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1844. He moved to England, where he listened with interest to the cathedral choirs and came under the influence of the Oxford Movement. Returning to Boston in 1846, Cutler became organist of the Episcopal Church of the Advent and formed a choir of men and boys, to whom he introduced the wearing of liturgical robes. When he took a position at Trinity Church in New York City, he removed women from the choir and used the occasion of a visit by the Prince of Wales to the church to introduce his newly vested men and boys' choir. He also moved the choir from the gallery to the chancel and initiated the chanting of the psalms and the singing of part of the worship service. Cutler compiled The Psalter, with Chants (1858) and published The Trinity Psalter (1864) and Trinity Anthems (1865). Bert Polman

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