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Chime Out, Ye Bells Of Beauty

Author: Emma Pitt Hymnal: The Cyber Hymnal #8619 Meter: D Refrain First Line: Ring, ring your sweetest music Lyrics: 1 Chime out, ye bells of beauty, And echo far and wide, The blessèd joyful tidings, ’Tis merry Eastertide. Refrain: Ring, ring your sweetest music, With merry music ring, Till every chime proclaim it, The Lord, the risen King. 2 Chime out, ye bells of glory, With love in every tone, And let your joyful pealing Ascend to yonder throne. [Refrain] 3 Chime out, ye bells of mercy, Christ lives, the Crucified, He lives, our dear Redeemer, Proclaim it far and wide. [Refrain] 4 Chime out, ye bells of beauty, And ring with power today, The tidings of salvation, Till all the call obey. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: SUNSHINE

The Birth Of Our Savior

Author: James R. Murray Hymnal: The Cyber Hymnal #9329 Meter: D First Line: And, as in olden days Lyrics: 1 And, as in olden days, The angels went before To speak the coming of the Lord, So now, and evermore, The angels of His love Go on before His face, To find, in humble, lowly hearts, For Him a dwelling place. 2 So, in our youthful hearts, May Christ the Savior come; Though poor and small the place for Him, Yet there may be His home. By doing kindly deeds, By loving self the least, Christ may be born in every heart As in the ancient East. 3 So, over all your hearts May shine the star so fair, The light of heavenly truth, and love, To show the Lord is here. And may we bring to Him, As wise men did of old, The gift of earnest, loving souls, More precious far than gold. 4 Thus, like the wicked king, Our sins do seek to kill The holy things within our minds, And all good thoughts to still. But if we try to love Our Savior and His ways, He’ll send an angel from above To guard us all our days. 5 So, if we strive aright, To do the Master’s will, Our wrong desires and thoughts will die, And good our bosoms fill. Thus may we overcome Our sins on every hand, Till, guided by the angels bright, We reach the promised land. Languages: English Tune Title: SEYCHELLES

Caught By Th'Almighty Hand

Author: Charles Wesley, 1707-1788 Hymnal: The Cyber Hymnal #11020 Meter: D First Line: Caught by th’Almighty hand Lyrics: 1 Caught by th’Almighty hand, That Spirit of the Lord, Carried beyond myself I stand, A witness of His Word; I see the book unsealèd, Least of the prophets’ sons, I mark Ezekiel’s valley filled With visionary bones! 2 Many they are and dry, Spread through the open vale, Millions of lifeless souls they lie Within the Christian pale: I pass the churches through, The scattered bones I see, And Christendom appears in view A hideous Calvary. 3 Can these dry bones perceive The quickening power of grace, Or Christian infidels retrieve The life of righteousness? All-good, almighty Lord, Thou know’st Thine own design, The virtue of Thine own great Word, The energy divine. 4 Now for Thy mercy’s sake, Let Thy great Word proceed, Dispensed by whom Thou wilt, to wake The spiritually dead; Send forth to prophesy Thy chosen messenger, And Thou the Gospel word apply, And force the world to hear. 5 "Hear, ye dry bones, and feel The word of truth and grace: I will in you Myself reveal, I will your spirits raise," Jehovah speaks the word! The promise is for you, Ye shall be gradually restored, And fashioned all anew. 6 Lord, while at Thy command Thy servants prophesy, O let it spread through every land The sound of Jesus nigh! The dead professors shake, And with Thy quickening breath, Dispose their senseless souls to wake Out of the sleep of death. Languages: English Tune Title: ALFORD

Jesus' Little Lamb

Author: Mrs. C. E. Baldwin Hymnal: The Cyber Hymnal #14041 Meter: D First Line: I am Jesus’ little lamb Lyrics: 1 I am Jesus’ little lamb, He’ll wash me white as snow, And to the place where He has gone, He’ll surely let me go. Refrain: Keep me, Jesus, while I sleep, And guide me through the day, For while I sleep I cannot sin, But when I wake, I may. 2 Lead me to the waters still, And through the pastures green, But in the way of vice and sin, O let me ne’er be seen. [Refrain] 3 Teach me how to patient be, Let love within me stay, That I may help to bring to Thee The little lambs that stray. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: SHAANXI


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