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When I Go Home

Author: Charles H. Gabriel Hymnal: CYBER #7321 First Line: A little while, and then the summer day Lyrics: 1. A little while, and then the summer day, When I go home; ’Tis lonesome winter now, but ’twill be May, When I go home; Beyond the gloom of moor and fen I see the welcome warm of those who wait for me, When I go home, when I go home. 2. Work ceases not in sunshine or in show’r, Till I go home; But in the stillness of the twilight hour, I dream of home; And when the night wind moans across the wold, I feel no dread of dark, or chill of cold— I dream of home, I dream of home. 3. All will be well, and all be happiness, When I go home; The wanderings all o’er, and loneliness, When I go home; There will be light at eventide for me, The light that never was on land or sea, When I go home, when I go home. 4. I’ll meet the loved ones I have lost awhile, When I go home; And, best of all, I’ll see my Savior smile, When I go home; Oh, what a joy thro’ all eternity, To sing the praise of Him who died for me, When I go home, when I go home. Languages: English Tune Title: [A little while, and then the summer day]

"A Little While!" Our Lord Shall Come

Author: James G. Deck Hymnal: CYBER #10105 Meter: Lyrics: 1 "A little while!" our Lord shall come, And we shall wander here no more; He’ll take us to our Father’s home, Where He for us has gone before, To dwell with Him, to see His face, And sing the glories of His grace. 2 "A little while!" He’ll come again; Let us the precious hours redeem; Our only grief to give Him pain, Our joy to serve and follow Him; Watching and ready may we be, As those who long their Lord to see. 3 "A little while!" ’twill soon be past; Why should we shun the shame and cross? O let us in His footsteps haste, Counting for Him all else but loss; O how will recompense His smile The sufferings of this "little while!" 4 "A little while!" come, Savior, come! For Thee Thy bride has tarried long; Take Thy poor wearied pilgrims home, To sing the new eternal song, To see Thy glory and to be In everything conformed to Thee! Languages: English Tune Title: LEBANON

A Little While to Wait

Author: Charles H. Crandall Hymnal: CYBER #3814 First Line: A little while to wait and watch and wonder Refrain First Line: A little while, a little while Lyrics: 1. A little while to wait and watch and wonder, And then to know the spirit’s glad release; A little while to bear the strife and thunder, And then to hear the harmonies of peace. Refrain A little while, a little while, A little while, and we shall go, To be at home with Christ in Heav’n forever, With all the saints eternal joys to know. 2. A little while to climb life’s stormy mountain, And then to see the vale with beauty rife; A little waiting by the barren fountain, And then to taste the living streams of life. [Refrain] 3. A little while to say, not mine, but Thy way, And then to wonder we were not more wise; A little stumbling in the dusty highway, And then the meadowlands of paradise. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: [A little while to wait and watch and wonder]

A Living Stream, as Crystal Clear

Author: John Mason; John Keble Hymnal: CYBER #4023 Meter: Lyrics: 1. A living stream, as crystal clear, Welling from out the throne, Of God and of the Lamb on high, The Lord to man hath shown. 2. This stream doth water Paradise, It makes the angels sing: One precious drop within the heart Is of all joy the spring: 3. Joy past all speech, of glory full, But stored where none may know, As manna hid in dewy heaven, As pearls in ocean low. 4. Eye hath not seen, nor ear hath heard, Nor to man’s heart hath come What for those loving Thee in truth Thou hast in love’s own home. 5. But by His Spirit He to us The secret doth reveal: Faith sees and hears: but O for wings That we might taste, and feel; 6. Wings like a dove to waft us on High o’er the flood of sin! Lord of the Ark, put forth Thine hand, And take Thy wanderers in. 7. O praise the Father, praise the Son, The Lamb for sinners given, And Holy Ghost, through whom alone Our hearts are raised to Heav’n. Languages: English Tune Title: STOCKTON (WRIGHT)

Freedom in Christ

Author: Sadie Sterling Hymnal: CYBER #7842 First Line: A long time I struggled with conflicts within Refrain First Line: I longed to be free, oh, I longed to be free! Lyrics: 1 A long time I struggled with conflicts within, I longed to be free from the burden of sin, My heart was so wayward tho’ oft I had tried To yield up my will to the dear Crucified. Refrain: I longed to be free, oh, I longed to be free! From bondage and sin, how I longed to be free! 2 I heard the glad story of pardon so free, And mercy abundant for sinners like me; But pride was my master, I stilled my heart’s moan, And went on my way, feeling sad, and so lone. [Refrain] 3 At last His love conquered, I flew to His breast, And cried in my anguish, O Lord, give me rest! I heard His sweet voice say, Fear not, I am near, Thy prayer I have answered, thy pardon is here. [Refrain] No longer in sadness or sorrow I roam, My Savior goes with me, my heart is His home; I tell Him my troubles, and all that alarms, He whispers most sweetly, Come, hide in My arms. Refrain Languages: English Tune Title: CARIDAD

I Know He Is Mine

Author: Philip Paul Bliss Hymnal: CYBER #2847 First Line: A long time I wandered in darkness and sin Lyrics: 1. A long time I wandered in darkness and sin, And wondered if ever the light would shine in; I heard Christian friends speak of raptures divine, And I wished—how I wished—that their Savior were mine. I wished He were mine, yes, I wished He were mine; I wished—how I wished—that their Savior were mine. 2. I heard the glad Gospel of good will to men; I read whosoever again and again; I said to my soul, Can that promise be thine? And then began hoping that Jesus was mine. I hoped He was mine, yes, I hoped He was mine, And then began hoping that Jesus was mine. 3. Oh, mercy surprising! He saves even me! Thy portion forever, He says, will I be; On His Word I am resting—assurance divine: I am hoping no longer, I know He is mine. I know He is mine, yes, I know He is mine, I’m hoping no longer—I know He is mine. Languages: English Tune Title: [A long time I wandered in darkness and sin]

A Lost And Sinful World To Save

Author: Robert K. Greville Hymnal: CYBER #8341 Lyrics: 1 A lost and sinful world to save, In human form the Savior came: He laid His glory by, To bear our sin and shame. A king, He left for us His Father’s throne; He came—and was rejected by His own! 2 A man of sorrows and of grief— Homeless—in humble garb arrayed; A world’s iniquity Was on His shoulders laid. Despised and poor, He boundless riches gave; Stricken, He came omnipotent to save. 3 But, oh to us how beautiful The feet of Him, the Holy One— Herald of endless peace To all beneath the sun! Himself how bruised—He heals the sinner’s pain; Nailed to the cross—He bursts the sinner’s chain! 4 Then be it ours to raise the song— The incense of the heart to Heav’n! Lord, let our daily praise To Thy great name be giv’n! In this frail scene, be Thine our trust, our love; Poor pilgrims here, we seek a home above. Languages: English Tune Title: SALVATION'S PLAN

She Sweetly Dwells Up There

Author: Ellen McAfee Hymnal: CYBER #7843 First Line: A loving wife, a mother dear Refrain First Line: She dwells up there in mansions so fair Lyrics: 1 A loving wife, a mother dear, A sister kind and sweet, A precious daughter, oh! so fair! Now rests at Jesus’ feet! She left us here to mourn alone In this sad world of pain, And gained a home of perfect peace Where she will ever reign. Refrain: She dwells up there in mansions so fair That Jesus said He’d go and prepare, And some bright morn, when earth-life is o’er, We’ll meet her where we’ll part nevermore. 2 Our hearts beat heavily with grief, Our tears unbidden flow To part with one we loved so well, But she is safe, we know, For God who doeth all things well, Who knoweth what is best, Hath called, Come home, thou faithful one, And share eternal rest. [Refrain] 3 And when death’s solemn hour drew near, With hope naught could dispel, She called her husband to her side, And told him all was well; She bade him live a Christian life, And raise her children right, And meet her in that happy land, Where sin can never blight. [Refrain] 4 Her memory fresh will ever be To all who knew her here, For she was kind to every one, Bright, smiling, full of cheer; Her life was such a Christlike one, While here on earth she stayed, And now she dwells in that bright home, In snow-white robes arrayed. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: [A loving wife, a mother dear]

A Man Named Nicodemus

Author: Susan H. Peterson Hymnal: CYBER #4292 Meter: First Line: A man named Nicodemus to Jesus came one night Lyrics: 1. A man named Nicodemus to Jesus came one night. He said, We know You’ve come from God; Your wonders show His might. In answer, Jesus did declare, Give heed, these words are true: You cannot see God’s kingdom come unless you’re born anew. 2. Then Nicodemus questioned, Reborn, how can this be? For surely none can to the womb return and new life see. Jesus replied, Flesh brings forth flesh, but like the blowing wind, The Spirit does give birth to spirit; thus man is born again. 3. As Moses in the desert did lift the snake up high, The Son of Man must be raised up that men might live, not die. For God so loved this world of men, he gave his Son for us, That we might have eternal life, if we in Him do trust. 4. God did not send His Son to condemn the world of sin. Christ came instead to save all those who place their trust in Him. All who believe escape God’s wrath; they come into the light. But all who practice evil deeds are guilty in God’s sight. 5. Without the Son, all perish; the verdict is decreed. All those who fail to trust Christ’s name condemned will ever be. Lord, give me boldness to proclaim Your message to the lost, That they might gain eternal life by looking to the cross. Languages: English Tune Title: ST. CHRISTOPHER

A Media Noche Resonó

Author: Edmund H. Sears; José L. Santiago Cabrera; Arnfeld C. Morck Hymnal: CYBER #13598 Lyrics: 1 A media noche resonó Glorioso y sin igual Un canto angélico de amor, Sublime y divinal; Brillante luz resplandeció En densa oscuridad, Y a los pastores anunció La voz angelical. 2 "Alzad la vista sin temor, Mortales por doquier; Mensaje de gran gozo os doy, Que es para todo ser: Os ha nacido hoy en Belén, El pueblo de David, Un Salvador y Redentor Que es Cristo el adalid." 3 Mensaje grato proclamó Celeste multitud, Que por los campos resonó Con gozo y gran virtud: "¡En las alturas gloria a Dios, Y al mundo salvación, Al hombre buena voluntad, Paz, gozo y bendición!" Languages: Spanish Tune Title: [A media noche resonó]


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