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Meinen Jesum laß ich nicht

Author: B. Schmolk, 1672-1737 Hymnal: Deutsches Gesangbuch für die Evangelisch-Luterische Kirche in den Vereinigten Staaten #447 (1871) Scripture: 1 John 5:12 Topics: Christliche Sinn und Wandel Liebe zu Gott und Christus Languages: German

Oh, the Bitter Shame and Sorrow!

Author: Th. Monod Hymnal: Sacred Songs and Solos #716 (1890) Meter: Irregular Scripture: 1 John 5:12 First Line: Oh, the bitter shame and sorrow Topics: Consecration and Fellowship Languages: English Tune Title: ST. JUDE
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I Know He is Mine

Author: P. P. Bliss Hymnal: Gospel Hymns No. 2 #16 (1876) Scripture: 1 John 5:13 First Line: A long time I wandered in darkness and sin Refrain First Line: I wished He were mine Languages: English Tune Title: [A long time I wandered in darkness and sin]
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He Saves Me, I Know

Author: Katharine E. Purvis Hymnal: The Chorus of Praise #20 (1898) Scripture: 1 John 5:13 First Line: I know that my Savior has found me Refrain First Line: He saves me I know Lyrics: 1 I know that my Savior has found me, The spirit bears witness within, The light of His love shines around me Dispelling the darkness of sin. He suffered for me in the garden, His infinite mercy to show, On Calvary purchased my pardon, And died that His peace I might know, Refrain: He saves me I know, O, grace so rich and free! The blood that washes white as snow now cleanses even me. He saves me I know, O, grace so rich and free! The blood that washes white as snow now cleanses even me. 2 I know that He shelters and feeds me, In fields ever green I abide, The Shepherd omnipotent leads me, Salvation’s clear waters beside; And tho’ thro’ the valley He call me, The shadows will vanish away, No evil, I know, can befall me, With Him as my comfort and stay. [Refrain] 3 I know that His love will provide me A refuge when skies are o’ercast, And safe in the rock He will Hide me Till tempest and billows are past. My heart is with peace overflowing, With joy and His favor divine, As onward I go, ever knowing That Christ, the Redeemer, is mine. [Refrain] Tune Title: [I know that my Savior has found me]
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If I but knew Thee as Thou art

Author: Ian MacPherson Hymnal: Redemption Hymnal #78 (2015) Scripture: 1 John 5:13 Lyrics: 1 IF I but knew Thee as Thou art, O Loveliness unknown, With what desire, O Lord, my heart, Would claim Thee for its own. 2 Thy glory would my shame conceal, Thy purity my dross; I should rejoice with Thee to feel The sorrow of the cross. 3 But I am dull and blind, O Lord, Unapt of Thee to learn; Thee I but dimly in Thy word, As in a glass, discern. 4 With faith’s warm finger, through the veil, I seek to touch Thy hand; I feel the imprint of the nail And partly understand. 5 But, ah, my lonely spirit tires Of knowing Thee in part. O Jesus, how my soul desires To see Thee as Thou art! Topics: Worship Aspiration Languages: English Tune Title: SYMPATHY

I Know I’m Saved

Author: H. G. Hymnal: The King's Songs #170 (1939) Scripture: 1 John 5:13 First Line: I Know I'm saved, for my sins are washed Languages: English Tune Title: [I Know I’m saved, for my sins are washed]

Jesus, My Savior, to Bethlehem Came (Seeking For Me)

Hymnal: Praise for the Lord (Expanded Edition) #353 (1997) Scripture: 1 John 5:13 First Line: Jesus, my Savior, to Bethlehem came Topics: Jesus Birth; Jesus Second Coming Languages: English Tune Title: [Jesus, my Savior, to Bethlehem came]

Good Christians All

Author: Cyril A. Alington, 1872-1955; Norman Mealy, b. 1923 Hymnal: RitualSong #586 (1996) Meter: 8.8.8 with refrain Scripture: 1 John 5:13 First Line: Good Christians all, rejoice and sing! Topics: Christ the King; Easter; Evangelization; Evening; Life; Love of God for Us; Mission; New Creation; Praise Languages: English Tune Title: GELOBT SEI GOTT
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We Greet You, Sure Redeemer from All Strife

Author: Elizabeth L. Smith; John Calvin Hymnal: The Worshipbook #625 (1972) Meter: Scripture: 1 John 5:13-14 Lyrics: 1 we greet you, sure Redeemer from all strife, Our only Trust and Savior of our life, Who pain did undergo for our poor sake; We pray you from our hearts all cares to take. 2 You are the King of mercy and of grace, Reigning omnipotent in every place: So come, O King, and our whole being sway; Shine on us with the light of your pure day. 3 You are the life, in which we do believe, From you all substance and our strength receive; Sustain us by your faith and by your power, And give us strength in every trying hour. 4 You have the true and perfect gentleness, You have no harshness and no bitterness: O grant to us the grace in you we see That we may dwell in perfect unity. 5 Our hope is in no other save in you; Our faith is built upon Thy promise true; Lord, give us peace, and make us calm and sure, That in your strength we evermore endure. Amen. Topics: Service for the Lord's Day Opening of Worship; Service for the Lord's Day After Creed; Sacraments Lord's Supper; Acts of the Church Confirmation; Acts of the Church The Marriage Service; Acts of the Church Installation; Other Observances Ecumenism; Other Observances Reformation Day; Other Observances World Communion Tune Title: TOULON

Confidently, all can worship

Author: John L. Bell (b. 1949) Hymnal: Church Hymnary (4th ed.) #262a (2005) Meter: Scripture: 1 John 5:14 First Line: For the world and all its people Topics: The Living God Our Response to God - in intercession and petition; Our Response to God in intercession and petition; Justice and Peace; Multi-cultrual and World-church Songs; Social Concern Languages: English Tune Title: SOMOS PUEBLO


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