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Jesus Will Never Forget

Author: Carrie E. Breck Hymnal: CYBER #14652 Meter: D First Line: I know Jesus will not forget me Refrain First Line: O beautiful, beautiful promise! Lyrics: 1 I know Jesus will not forget me, For that is the word He hath said; He helps me when trials beset me, And daily by Him I am led. Refrain: O beautiful, beautiful promise! It hushes all worry and fret To know He will care for me always, And never, no, never forget. 2 In sorrow and joy He is with me, He says all my needs will be met; He knows what is best for me always, And says He will never forget. [Refrain] 3 I’m glad that I have a Good Shepherd, Who banishes fear and regret; I’m glad that He loves me so dearly, And never His child will forget. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: KIELCE

Thee Will I Love, My Strength, My Tower (Winkworth)

Author: Johann Scheffler; Catherine Winkworth Hymnal: CYBER #6980 Meter: First Line: Thee will I love, my strength, my tower Lyrics: 1. Thee will I love, my strength, my tower; Thee will I love, my hope, my joy; Thee will I love with all my power, With ardor time will ne’er destroy. Thee will I love, O light divine, So long as life is mine. 2. Thee will I love, my life, my Savior, Who art my best and truest Friend; Thee will I love and praise forever, For never shall Thy kindness end; Thee will I love with all my heart, Thou my Redeemer art. 3. I thank Thee, Jesus, sun from Heaven, Whose radiance hath brought light to me; I thank Thee, who hast richly given All that could make me glad and free; I thank Thee that my soul is healed By what Thy lips revealed. 4. Oh, keep me watchful, then, and humble And suffer me no more to stray; Uphold me when my feet would stumble, Nor let me loiter by the way. Fill all my nature with Thy light, O Radiance strong and bright! 5. Oh, teach me, Lord, to love Thee truly With soul and body, head and heart, And grant me grace that I may duly Practice fore’er love’s sacred art. Grant that my every thought may be Directed e’er to Thee. 6. Thee will I love, my crown of gladness; Thee will I love, my God and Lord, Amid the darkest depths of sadness, Nor for the hope of high reward— For Thine own sake, O light divine, So long as life is mine. Languages: English Tune Title: ICH WILL DICH LIEBEN

Holy Spirit, Come In

Author: J. Wilbur Chapman Hymnal: CYBER #11747 Meter: First Line: My soul crieth out for the Spirit Refrain First Line: Come in, come in! Blessed Spirit Lyrics: 1 My soul crieth out for the Spirit, I’m hungering and thirsting to know The fullness of blessing He giveth; Now fill me while humbly I bow. Refrain: Come in, come in! Blessèd Spirit, Thy work of great blessing begin; By faith I lay hold of Thy promise, And claim complete victory o’er sin. 2 O Spirit of God and of Jesus, Blest Trinity, come and possess My body, my soul, and my spirit, And fill me with Thy holiness. [Refrain] 3 My body make meet for Thy temple, My heart make Thou whiter than snow; My spirit make loving and gentle, Oh, fill me while humbly I bow. [Refrain] 4 O ye that are thirsting for fullness, Make room by forsaking all sin; Surrender to Him your whole nature, By faith let the Spirit come in. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: PLUMAS

The Clouds Are The Dust Of His Feet

Author: Alice M. Goodwin Hymnal: CYBER #12693 Meter: First Line: In reading the words of God’s prophet Lyrics: 1 In reading the words of God’s prophet, This wonderful story we meet, The Lord hath His way in the whirlwind, The clouds are the dust of His feet. Refrain: The clouds are the dust of His feet, The clouds are the dust of His feet; The Lord hath His way in the whirlwind, The clouds are the dust of His feet. 2 What must be His heavenly glory In all of its fullness complete, When clothed in their bright golden splendor, The clouds are the dust of His feet. [Refrain] 3 The dark and the threatening storm clouds, Bring rest from our thirsting and heat; So showers of heavenly blessing God sends from the dust of His feet. [Refrain] 4 When tempests of life beat against us, This heart cheering thought is most sweet; We surely are close to the Father, Since clouds are the dust of His feet. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: OBERHAUSEN

God Speed His Word

Author: Daniel E. Lorenz Hymnal: CYBER #12731 Meter: First Line: In lands where sin’s darkness doth lower Refrain First Line: God speed His own glorious word Lyrics: 1 In lands where sin’s darkness doth lower, Appears the fair vision of light; God’s word, like a lamp of great power, Illumines the shadowy night. Refrain: God speed His own glorious word, Oh, everywhere may it be heard; Go, peal forth the wonderful tidings, Which God hath declared in His word. 2 To heathen beset by their foemen, Whom human strength can not remove, God’s word, of deliverance an omen, A sword of Damascus shall prove. [Refrain] 3 To souls that are lifeless and dying, Just inside of death’s fatal door, God’s word, all its terrors defying, Doth life everlasting restore. [Refrain] 4 Then publish the news of salvation, By love and great mercy declared, Until with the world’s farthest nation, God’s word of redemption is shared. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: AMADORA

Abide with Us, the Day Is Waning

Author: Caspar Boye; Oluf H. Smeby Hymnal: CYBER #7 Meter: Lyrics: 1. Abide with us, the day is waning, Thus prayed the two while on the way; We read that Thou, O Lord, remaining, Didst all their doubts and fears allay. Incline Thine ear, Thou King of Grace, When, praying thus, we seek Thy face. 2. At eventide, Thy Spirit sending, Help us, O Lord, our watch to keep, In prayer devout before Thee bending, Ere we our eyelids close in sleep, Confessing sin in deed and word With hope of mercy from the Lord. 3. Abide with us; with heav’nly gladness Illumine, Lord, our darkest day; And when we weep in pain and sadness, Be Thou our Solace, Strength and Stay. Tell of Thy woe, Thy victory won, When Thou didst pray: Thy will be done. 4. Abide with us, O Savior tender, That bitter day when life shall end, When to the grave we must surrender, And fear and pain our hearts shall rend. The shield of faith do Thou bestow When trembling we must meet the foe. 5. When earthly help no more availeth, To sup with us Thou wilt be nigh; Thou givest strength that never faileth, In Thee we grave and death defy. While earth is fading from our sight, Our eyes behold the realms of light. Languages: English Tune Title: NEUMARK

Baptized into Thy Name Most Holy

Author: Johann Rambach; Catherine Winkworth Hymnal: CYBER #532 Meter: Lyrics: 1. Baptized into Thy name most holy, O Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, I claim a place, though weak and lowly, Among Thy seed, Thy chosen host. Buried with Christ and dead to sin, Thy Spirit now shall live within. 2. My loving Father, Thou dost take me To be henceforth Thy child and heir; My faithful Savior, Thou dost make me The fruit of all Thy sorrows share; Thou, Holy Ghost, wilt comfort me When darkest clouds around I see. 3. And I have vowed to fear and love Thee And to obey Thee, Lord, alone; Because the Holy Ghost did move me, I dared to pledge myself Thine own, Renouncing sin to keep the faith And war with evil unto death. 4. My faithful God, Thou failest never, Thy cov’nant surely will abide; Oh, cast me not away forever Should I transgress it on my side! Tho’ I have oft my soul defiled, Do Thou forgive, restore, Thy child. 5. Yea, all I am and love most dearly I offer now, O Lord, to Thee. Oh, let me make my vows sincerely And help me Thine own child to be! Let naught within me, naught I own, Serve any will but Thine alone. 6. And never let my purpose falter, O Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, But keep me faithful to Thine altar Till Thou shalt call me from my post. So unto Thee I live or die And praise Thee evermore on high. Languages: English Tune Title: O DASS ICH TAUSEND

By Grace I'm Saved

Author: Christian L. Scheidt Hymnal: CYBER #709 Meter: First Line: By grace I'm saved, grace free and boundless Lyrics: 1. By grace I’m saved, grace free and boundless; My soul, believe and doubt it not; Why stagger at this word of promise? Hath Scripture ever falsehood taught? Nay; then this word must true remain: By grace thou, too, shalt Heav’n obtain. 2. By grace! None dare lay claim to merit; Our works and conduct have no worth, God in His love sent our Redeemer, Christ Jesus, to this sinful earth; His death did for our sins atone, And we are saved by grace alone. 3. By grace! O, mark this word of promise When thou art by thy sins oppressed, When Satan plagues thy troubled conscience, And when thy heart is seeking rest. What reason cannot comprehend God by His grace to thee doth send. 4. By grace! This ground of faith is certain; So long as God is true, it stands. What saints have penned by inspiration, What in His Word our God commands, What our whole faith must rest upon, Is grace alone, grace in His Son. Languages: English Tune Title: AUS GNADEN SOLL ICH SELIG WERDEN

God's Mighty Wonders

Author: Nils Frykman; Andrew L. Skoog; Andrew T. Frykman Hymnal: CYBER #1875 Meter: First Line: Our mighty God works mighty wonders Lyrics: 1. Our mighty God works mighty wonders— What joy, to seem them all around! Men’s idols fall before His thunders, Their altars crumbling to the ground. He breaks the fetters, frees the slaves, His fallen children still He saves. 2. His mighty Word goes forth to conquer, Its power destroys the forts of doubt. The warriors bold yield up their armor To Him who will not cast them out. They cleansing find in Jesus’ blood And laud and magnify our God. 3. Behold the host of brethren nearing The gates of Heav’n with mighty tread, With banners waving, singing, cheering, They hail in joy their Royal Head; And many more shall own His reign, His wondrous love the victory gain. 4. O God, be praised! the day is nearing, When to our ears a voice shall come, Look up, the Lord is now appearing, To gather all His loved ones home! O blessèd day of jubilee! For thee I wait! I wait for thee! Languages: English Tune Title: CELEBRATION

Help Us, O Lord!

Author: Johann Rist; Catherine Winkworth Hymnal: CYBER #2307 Meter: First Line: Help us, O Lord! Behold, we enter Lyrics: 1. Help us, O Lord! Behold, we enter Upon another year today; In Thee our hopes and thoughts now center, Renew our courage for the way. New life, new strength, new happiness, We ask of Thee—oh, hear and bless! 2. May every plan and undertaking This year be all begun with Thee; When I am sleeping or am waking, Still let me know Thou art with me. Abroad do Thou my footsteps guide, At home be ever at my side. 3. Be this a time of grace and pardon. Thy rod I take with willing mind, But suffer naught my heart to harden; Oh, let me then Thy mercy find! In Thee alone, my God, I live; Thou only canst my sins forgive. 4. And may this year to me be holy; Thy grace so fill my every thought That all my life be pure and lowly And truthful, as a Christian’s ought. So make me while yet dwelling here Pious and blest from year to year. 5. Jesus, be with me and direct me; Jesus, my plans and hopes inspire; Jesus, from tempting thoughts protect me; Jesus, be all my heart’s desire; Jesus, be in my thoughts all day Nor suffer me to fall away. 6. And grant, Lord, when the year is over, That it for me in peace may close; In all things care for me and cover My head in time of fear and woes. So may I when my years are gone Appear with joy before Thy throne. Languages: English Tune Title: ICH STERBE TÄGLICH


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