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Minot J. Savage

1841 - 1918 Person Name: M. J. Savage Author of "O God, whose law is in the sky" in Isles of Shoals Hymn Book and Candle Light Service Savage, Minot Judson, D.D., was born at Norridgewock, Maine, June 10, 1841, and educated at Bangor Seminary, where he graduated in 1864. From 1867 to 1873 he was a Congregational Minister, and then he joined the Unitarians, and has now (1900) a charge in Boston. He has published several works, including Poems, Boston, 1882. He also edited, with H. M. Dow, Sacred Songs for Public Worship, Boston, 1883, to which he contributed 46 original hymns. In hymnals other than this, of his hymns the following are in common use:— 1. Dost thou hear the bugle sounding. Consecration to Duty. 2. Father, we would not dare to change Thy purpose, &C. Prayer. 3. 0 God Whose law is in the sky. Consecration to Duty. 4. 0 star of truth down shining. Truth. 5. The God that to the fathers revealed His holy will. God unchangeable. 6. The very blossoms of our life. Holy Baptism. 7. What purpose burns within our hearts. Joining in Church Fellowship. 8. God of the glorious summer hours. New Year This is in D. Agate's Sunday S. Hymn Book, 1881, No. 371, and dated 1875. From the Sunny Side, N.Y.. 1875,p. 119. Some of these hymns are given in Hunter's Hymns of Faith and Life, Glasgow, 1889, and recent American hymnals. --John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

William Boyd Carpenter

1841 - 1918 Person Name: William B. Carpenter, 1841-1918 Author of "O God, the Strength of Those Who War" in The Cyber Hymnal William Boyd Carpenter KCVO (26 March 1841, Liverpool – 26 October 1918, Westminster) was a Church of England clergyman who became Bishop of Ripon and court chaplain to Queen Victoria. William Boyd Carpenter was the second son of the Rev. Henry Carpenter of Liverpool, perpetual curate of St Michael's Church, Aigburth, who married (marriage license 1837 in Derry) Hester Boyd of Derry, sister of Archibald Boyd, Dean of Exeter. Her father was Archibald Boyd (born about 1764 of Saint Leonards, Shoreditch, London, England), who married Sarah Bodden there on 13 July 1789. Their eldest son was Archibald Boyd. William Boyd Carpenter eventually fathered a total of 5 sons and 6 daughters. He married his first wife, Harriet Charlotte Peers, in 1864; she bore him 8 children. He married a second wife, Annie Maude Gardner, in 1883, who bore him three further children. The eldest Grandson, Francis was the father of Sir Henry Boyd-Carpenter KCVO (11 October 1939) Senior Partner of Farrer & Co,the Royal Solicitors. His second son William became Professor of Oriental Languages at Georgetown University, Washington DC. His grandson Michael (19 February 1932) was Senior Partner of Joseph Sebag & Co Stockbrokers. His fourth son, Archibald (26 March 1873 – 27 May 1937), was a Conservative MP and minister, as was Archibald's son the Lord Boyd-Carpenter (2 June 1908 – 11 July 1998). His children are Viscountess Hailsham. & Lieutenant General Sir Thomas Boyd-Carpenter. Carpenter was educated at the Royal Institution, Liverpool, and St Catharine's College, Cambridge, and was appointed Hulsean lecturer at Cambridge in 1878. He held several curacies, was vicar of Christ Church, Lancaster Gate, from 1879 to 1884, canon of Windsor in 1882–84, and after 1884 Bishop of Ripon. In 1887 he was appointed Bampton lecturer at Oxford, and in 1895 pastoral lecturer on theology at Cambridge. In June 1901, he received an honorary doctorate of Divinity from the University of Glasgow. In 1904 and 1913 he visited the United States and delivered the Noble lectures at Harvard. He was chaplain in ordinary to Queen Victoria, Edward VII, and George V. He resigned his see in 1911 on the grounds of ill-health and became a canon and sub-dean of Westminster. He was interested in eugenic issues and served as President of the Society for Psychical Research in 1912. His publications include: Commentary on Revelation (1879) Permanent Elements of Religion (Bampton lectures, 1889) Popular History of the Church of England (1900) Witness to the Influence of Christ (1905) Some Pages of my Life (1911) Life's Tangled Thread (1912) The Apology of Experience (1913)

Harry Webb Farrington

1880 - 1930 Person Name: Harry Webb Farrington, 1880-1931 Author of "O God, creator, in whose hand" in The Hymnal

Ernest Edwin Ryden

1886 - 1981 Author of "Behold What Love, That God Should Give" in American Lutheran Hymnal Ernest Edwin Ryden is a distinguished Lutheran clergyman who has been a life-long student of hymns. At present he is pastor of Emanuel Lutheran Church in North Grosvenordale, Connecticut. This is the latest of a long series of services he has rendered in the Lutheran Church. For twenty-seven years he was editor of "The Lutheran Companion," the official organ of the former Augustana Lutheran Church. His contributions to hymnody were many. He was a member of the Committee which created the Augustana Hymnal of 1925 to which he contributed eight original hymns and translations. He was co-editor of the Junior Hymnal for which he wrote a number of hymns. He was secretary of the committee which prepared the Service Book and Hymnal. Here again he has contributed new hymns and translations. He is the author of two volumes, "The Story of Our Hymns," and "The Story of Christian Hymnody." In 1949 he was made a Knight of the Royal Order of the North Star by the King of Sweden for his work in the field of hymnological research. He is the author of one of the Children's Hymns published by the Hymn Society. ----Twelve New Lord’s Day Hymns, 1968. Used by permission. ============================== In 1948 [Ryden] was one of the official representatives of his Church at the constituting Assembly of the World Council of Churches in Amsterdam. --Twelve New Hymns for Children, 1965. Used by permission.

Nicholas Brady

1659 - 1726 Person Name: Brady Composer of "ST. ANNE (Croft)" in Christian Classics Ethereal Hymnary Nicholas Brady, the son of an officer in the Royalist army, was born in Brandon, Ireland, 1659. He studied at Westminster School, and at Christ Church College, oxford, and graduated at Trinity College, Dublin. He held several positions in the ministry, but later in life retired to Richmond Surrey, where he established a school. Here he translated some of the Psalms. Several volumes of his sermons and smaller works were published, but his chief work, like that of his co-colabourer Tate, was the "Metrical Version of Psalms." This version was authorized by King William in 1696, and has, since that time, taken the place of the earlier translation by Sternhold and Hopkins, which was published in 1562. The whole of the Psalms, with tunes, appeared in 1698, and a Supplement of Church Hymns in 1703. Of this version, which has little poetic merit, Montgomery says "It is nearly as inanimate as the former, though a little more refined." None of the "Metrical Psalms" are to be compared with the Psalms of the Prayer Book Psalter, and very few of them are worthy a place in a collection of hymns. --Annotations of the Hymnal, Charles Hutchins, 1872.

Fred R. Anderson

b. 1941 Author of "Now Praise the Lord" in The Presbyterian Hymnal

Tom Hunter

b. 1946 Author of "O God, Who Teaches Us to Live" in The New Century Hymnal

Elizabeth Poston

1905 - 1987 Person Name: Elizabeth Poston, 1905- Festal version, with trumpets of "ST. ANNE" in The Cambridge Hymnal Elizabeth Poston (24 October 1905 – 18 March 1987) was an English composer, pianist, and writer. See more in: Wikipedia

William John Downes

1892 - 1987 Translator of "Ho Dio, tra jarmiloj Vi fidele helpis nin" in TTT-Himnaro Cigneta An English Congregationalist minister, Downes was a professor of Hebrew and Old Testament at Western College in the University of Bristol (UK), a member of the board of KELI, and a member of the Esperanto Academy, as well as a member of the editorial committee that produced Adoru Kantante. 44 of his works appeared in AK, and 36 in Adoru. Particularly noteworthy for the quantity and quality of his original hymn texts in Esperanto.

Adolfo Robleto

1917 - 1994 Translator of "Oh Dios, Socorro en el Ayer" in Himnario Bautista Born: Jan­u­a­ry 4, 1917, Ma­na­gua, Ni­ca­ra­gua. Died: Ap­ril 1, 1994, Tex­as. Pseudonyms: Daniel R. Di­az Pablo Fi­lós Robleto at­tend­ed the Co­le­gio Bau­tis­ta in Ma­na­gua (grad­u­at­ed 1940), and the Bap­tist Sem­in­a­ry in New Or­leans, Lou­i­si­a­na, and pas­tored church­es in Ni­ca­ra­gua, Cos­ta Ri­ca and Tex­as. He al­so di­rect­ed the De­part­ment of Ad­min­is­tra­tion of Church­es and Pas­tor­al Lead­er­ship, ed­it­ed The Chris­tian Home for the Casa Bau­tis­ta de Pub­li­ca­ci­on­es, and trans­lat­ed about 200 hymns from Eng­lish to Span­ish. His works in­clude: 501 Ilus­tra­cion­es Nue­vas Doctrina Cris­ti­a­na Dramas y Po­em­as pa­ra Dí­as Es­pe­cial­es Que Hacer En Tiem­pos de Cri Sermones pa­ra el Nue­vo Mi­len­io


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