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A Little Child Is Born Tonight

Author: A. H. Brown Hymnal: CYBER #3599 Lyrics: 1. A little child is born tonight, And He shall lead His own, To endless day, to glory bright, To lands of everlasting light, And to our Father’s throne. A little child is born tonight, And in the starry sky, To Him the angels carols bring: Good will and peace to men, they sing, Glory to God on high, Glory to God on high. 2. A little child is born tonight, And shepherds haste to see Their God and King in infant form, And worship with their true hearts warm, The Christ on bended knee. A little child is born tonight, And wise men from afar Follow afresh that wondrous light, That gloweth in the heav’nly height, The Savior’s morning star, The Savior’s morning star. 3. A little child is born tonight, To hearts for long years lone, To Anna, widow, Simeon, sage Their Star of childhood, joy of age, For evermore their own. A little child is born tonight, O come ye, one and all, And hail in faith, and hope, and love, The child who left His throne above, To lie in yonder stall, To lie in yonder stall. Languages: English Tune Title: [A little child is born tonight]

A Little Child So Fair and Bright

Author: Nicolai F. S. Grundtvig, 1783-1872; Paul C. Paulsen Hymnal: CYBER #15256 Lyrics: 1 A little child so fair and bright Is sent to us from Heaven; Before or since that Christmas night Such gift was never given; But when the time of God was come, His Son did leave His heav’nly home And found on earth a mother; This Morning Star, this Child of fame, In lowliness among us came To be our Lord and brother. 2 Exalted in eternity Is Jesus Christ, our Savior! All honor to our Father be For His unequaled favor! Each Christmas day anew we raise Our voices unto Him in praise, In joyful adoration; Though poor our hallelujahs ring. In Heaven countless voices sing With ours in jubilation. Languages: English Tune Title: RANDERS

A Little Child the Savior Came

Author: William Robertson Hymnal: CYBER #3791 Meter: Lyrics: 1. A little child the Savior came, The Mighty God was still His name; And angels worshiped as He lay The seeming infant of a day. 2. He who, a little child, began The life divine to show to man, Proclaims from Heav’n the message free; Let little children come to Me. 3. We bring them, Lord, and with the sign Of sprinkled water name them Thine; Their souls with saving grace endow; Baptize them with Thy Spirit now. 4. O give Thine angels charge, good Lord, Them safely in Thy way to guard; Thy blessing on their lives command, And write their names upon Thy hand. 5. O Thou, who by an infant’s tongue Dost hear Thy perfect glory sung, May these, with all the heav’nly host, Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Languages: English Tune Title: MORNING HYMN

A Little Flock! So Calls He Thee

Author: Horatius Bonar Hymnal: CYBER #11252 Meter: Lyrics: 1 A little flock! So calls He thee, Who bought thee with His blood; A little flock, disowned of men, But owned and loved of God. 2 A little flock! So calls He thee; Church of the first-born, hear! Be not ashamed to own the name; It is no name of fear. 3 A little flock! Yes, even so; A handful among men, Such is the purpose of thy God; So willeth He, Amen! 4 Not many rich or noble called, Not many great or wise; They whom God makes His kings and priests, Are poor in human eyes. 5 Church of the everlasting God, The Father’s gracious choice, Amid the voices of this earth, How feeble is thy voice! 6 Thy words amid the words of earth, How noiseless and how low! Amid the hurrying crowds of time, Thy steps how calm and slow! 7 But ’mid the wrinkled brows of earth, Thy brow how free from care; ’Mid the flushed cheeks of riot here, Thy cheek how pale and fair! 8 Amid the restless eyes of earth, How steadfast is thine eye, Fixed on the silent loveliness Of the far eastern sky. 9 A little flock! ’Tis well, ’tis well; Such be her lot and name; Thro’ ages past it has been so, And now ’tis still the same. 10 But the chief Shepherd comes at length; Her feeble days are o’er, No more a handful in the earth, A little flock no more. 11 No more a lily among thorns; Weary, and faint, and few, But countless as the stars of heaven, Or as the early dew. 12 Then entering the eternal halls, In robes of victory, That mighty multitude shall keep The joyous jubilee. 13 Unfading palms they bear aloft, Unfaltering songs they sing; Unending festival they keep, In presence of the King. Languages: English Tune Title: DUNDEE

A Little Kingdom I Possess

Author: Louisa M. Alcott Hymnal: CYBER #3806 Meter: D Lyrics: 1. A little kingdom I possess, Where thoughts and feelings dwell, And very hard I find the task Of governing it well; For passion tempts and troubles me, A wayward will misleads, And selfishness its shadow casts, On all my will and deeds. 2. How can I learn to rule myself, To be the child I should, Honest and brave, nor ever tire Of trying to be good? How can I keep a sunny soul To shine along life’s way? How can I tune my little heart, To sweetly sing all day? 3. Dear Father, help me with the love That castest out my fear! Teach me to lean on Thee and feel That thou art very near. That no temptation is unseen, No childish grief too small, Since Thou, with patience infinite, Dost soothe and comfort all. 4. I do not ask for any crown But that which all may win; Nor try to conquer any world Except the one within. Be Thou my Guide until I find, Led by a tender hand, Thy happy kingdom in myself And dare to take command. Languages: English Tune Title: A LITTLE KINGDOM

A Little Ship Was On The Sea

Author: Dorothy A. Thrupp Hymnal: CYBER #12608 Meter: D Lyrics: 1 A little ship was on the sea, It was a pretty sight; It sailed along so pleasantly, And all was calm and bright. When lo! a storm began to rise, The wind grew loud and strong; It blew the clouds across the skies, It blew the waves along. 2 And all, but One, were sore afraid Of sinking in the deep; His head was on a pillow laid, And He was fast asleep. "Master, we perish: Master, save!" They cried: their Master heard; He rose, rebuked the wind and wave, And stilled them with a word. 3 He to the storm says, "Peace, be still!" The raging billows cease; The mighty winds obey His will, And all are hushed to peace. Oh, well we know it was the Lord, Our Savior and our friend; Whose care of those who trust His word Will never, never end. 4 A noble ship, our country dear, Has weathered many a gale— Yet now a storm beats so severe That many stout hearts quail. But One who rides above the storm Can save us from all ill; We only wait to hear His voice Commanding, Peace, be still! 5 O Jesus, Master! hear, we pray Remove the chastening rod; Let not our foes exulting say, "There is no help in God." From threatening storms preserve our land, Rebuke the wind and waves; And let us, one united band, Rejoice in God, who saves. Languages: English Tune Title: MAZANDARAN

Jesus' Love

Author: Pauline Frances Camp Hymnal: CYBER #7839 First Line: A little spring within my heart Refrain First Line: This little spring is Jesus' love Lyrics: 1 A little spring within my heart, Is bubbling all day long; It often trickles to my tongue, In loving words and song. Refrain: This little spring is Jesus’ love, So full and free, for you, for me; This little spring is Jesus’ love, Jesus’ love, Jesus’ love. 2 It makes me better every day, It makes me happy, too; It washes all my sin away, And keeps me kind and true. [Refrain] 3 If you would like to have one, too, Your little life to bless; Ask Jesus if He’ll give you one, I know He will say yes. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: [A little spring within my heart]

A Little Talk With Jesus

Author: Frances Jane (Fanny) Crosby Hymnal: CYBER #7840 Lyrics: 1 A little talk with Jesus, It smoothes the rugged road; It seems to help me onward When fainting ’neath my load; When, worn by care and sorrow, My eyes with tears are dim, There is nothing can give me comfort Like a little talk with Him. Refrain: A little talk with Jesus, A little talk with Jesus; There is nothing that giveth me comfort Like a little talk with Him. 2 A little talk with Jesus, Alone in secret prayer, It gives me strength and courage, Life’s many toils to bear; And though I sometimes falter, Because the way is dim, There is nothing can cheer me onward Like a little talk with Him. [Refrain] 3 I’ll trust and wait with patience Till my appointed time, And glory in the knowledge That such a trust is mine; Then, where no hearts are weary, No eyes with tears are dim, He will talk with me for ever, And I will talk with Him. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: [A little talk with Jesus]

A Little That the Righteous Hold

Author: Anonymous Hymnal: CYBER #4061 Meter: Lyrics: 1. A little that the righteous hold Is better than the wealth untold Of many wicked men; Destroyed shall be their arm of pride, But they who in the Lord confide Shall be upholden then. 2. He knows the days the perfect live To them a heritage will give Which ever shall abide; In evil times no shame they know, And in the days of famine’s woe They shall be satisfied. 3. Although the wicked prospered seem, At last they vanish like a dream And perish in a day; Jehovah’s foes shall soon appear Like fields once fair, now brown and sere; Like smoke they fade away. 4. They borrow oft and pay not back; But righteous men do nothing lack, And give with gracious hand; Those cursed by Him shall be destroyed, But such as have His grace enjoyed, They shall possess the land. Languages: English Tune Title: RAMOTH

A Little While

Author: Daniel W. Whittle Hymnal: CYBER #7841 Meter: D First Line: "A little while!" and He shall come Refrain First Line: Then come, Lord Jesus, quickly come Lyrics: 1 "A little while!" and He shall come; The hour draws on apace, The blessèd hour, the glorious morn, When we shall see His face: How light our trials then will seem! How short our pilgrim way! Our life on earth a fitful dream, Dispelled by dawning day! Refrain: Then come, Lord Jesus, quickly come, In glory and in light! Come take Thy longing children home, And end earth’s weary night! 2 A little while! with patience, Lord, I fain would ask, How long? For how can I with such a hope Of glory and of home, With such a joy awaiting me, Not wish the hour were come? How can I keep the longing back, And how suppress the groan? [Refrain] 3 Yet peace, my heart! and hush, my tongue! Be calm, my troubled breast! Each passing hour is hastening on The everlasting rest: Thou knowest well—the time thy God Appoints for thee is best: The morning star will soon arise; The glow is in the east. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: FINCHLEY


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