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Send Forth, O God, Thy Light and Truth

Author: John Q. Adams Hymnal: CYBER #5996 Meter: D Person Name: John Q. Adams Lyrics: 1. Send forth, O God, Thy light and truth, And let them lead me still, Undaunted, in the paths of right, Up to Thy holy hill. Then to Thy altar will I spring, And in my God rejoice; And praise shall tune the trembling string, And gratitude my voice. 2. O why, my soul, art thou cast down? Within me why distressed? Thy hopes the God of grace shall crown; He yet shall make thee blessed. To Him, my never failing Friend, I bow, and kiss the rod; To Him shall thanks and praise ascend, My Savior and my God. Languages: English Tune Title: HOLDEN

Why Should I Fear in Evil Days?

Author: John Quincy Adams, 1767-1848 Hymnal: CYBER #7674 Meter: Person Name: John Quincy Adams, 1767-1848 First Line: Why should I fear in evil days Lyrics: 1. Why should I fear in evil days, With snares encompassed all around? What trust can transient treasures raise For them in riches who abound? His brother who from death can save? What wealth can ransom him from God? What mine of gold defraud the grave? What hoards but vanish at His nod? 2. To live forever is their dream; Their houses by their name they call; While, borne by time’s relentless stream, Around them wise and foolish fall; Their riches others must divide; They plant, but others reap the fruit; In honor man cannot abide, To death devoted, like the brute. 3. This is their folly, this their way; And yet in this their sons delight; Like sheep, of death the destined prey, The future scorn of the upright; The grave their beauty shall consume, Their dwellings never see them more; But God shall raise me from the tomb, And life for endless time restore. 4. What though thy foe in wealth increase, And fame and glory crown his head? Fear not, for all at death shall cease, Nor fame, nor glory, crown the dead: While prospering all around thee smiled, Yet to the grave shalt thou descend; The senseless pride of fortune’s child Shall share the brute creation’s end. Languages: English Tune Title: PAXTANG

Hymn For the Twenty-Second Of December

Author: John Q. Adams, 1767-1848 Hymnal: CYBER #12411 Meter: D Person Name: John Q. Adams, 1767-1848 First Line: When o’er the billow-heaving deep Lyrics: 1 When o’er the billow-heaving deep, The fathers of our race, The precepts of their God to keep, Sought here their resting-place— That gracious God their path prepared, Preserved from every harm, And still for their protection bared His everlasting arm. 2 His breath, inspiring every gale, Impels them o’er the main; His guardian angels spread the sail, And tempests howl in vain. For them old ocean’s rocks are smoothed; December’s face grows mild; To vernal airs her blasts are soothed, And all their rage beguiled. 3 When Famine rolls her haggard eyes, His ever-bounteous hand Abundance from the sea supplies, And treasures from the sand. Nor yet His tender mercies cease; His overruling plan Inclines to gentleness and peace The heart of savage man. 4 And can our stony bosoms be To all these wonders blind? Nor swell with thankfulness to Thee, O Parent of mankind? All-gracious God, inflame our zeal; Dispense one blessing more; Grant us Thy boundless love to feel, Thy goodness to adore. Languages: English Tune Title: KINGSFOLD

The Angels' Call

Author: John S. Adams Hymnal: CYBER #12793 Meter: D Person Name: John S. Adams First Line: I hear the angels calling Refrain First Line: No more I wait, but earnest Lyrics: 1 I hear the angels calling, They’re calling me away; I must be up and labor, Must work while it is day. Refrain: No more I wait, but earnest, Begin at early morn; For angels now are calling, And I shall soon be gone. 2 There are pains that I can soften, And burdens I may share; And hopes with which to brighten The shadows of despair. [Refrain] 3 Then, when the day is closing, The weary shall have rest, The mourners cease to languish; Peace reigns in every breast. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: MUĞLA

Sing Hallelujah

Author: Mark Adams Hymnal: CYBER #10584 Person Name: Mark Adams First Line: I wandered once in woe and shame Refrain First Line: Sing hallelujah, I am saved! Lyrics: 1 I wandered once in woe and shame, My life was lost in sin’s fierce flame; Now I believe in Jesus’ name; My soul is saved, sing hallelujah! Refrain: Sing hallelujah, I am saved! Sing hallelujah, I am saved! From sin and shame, thro’ Jesus’ name, My soul is saved, sing hallelujah! 2 I wandered far, but found no peace, From sin’s alarms no glad release; But Jesus bade my struggles cease, And I am saved, sing hallelujah! [Refrain] 3 I once was weak and passion’s slave, And Satan’s onset dared not brave; But Christ has power the weak to save, And I am saved, sing hallelujah! [Refrain] 4 A son of God, a child of light, With hope and joy my life is bright; Despair and gloom have taken flight, For I am saved, sing hallelujah! [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: [I wandered once in woe and shame]

Savior, Lead Me

Author: Mary A. Adams Hymnal: CYBER #10067 Meter: Person Name: Mary A. Adams First Line: Gently lead me, O my Savior Refrain First Line: May I trust Thee fully, wholy Lyrics: 1 Gently lead me, O my Savior, Thro’ the wilderness of life; Grant that all the light and shadows, All the joy and all the strife, Each may bring me closer to Thee; Nearer to Thy loving side; May I trust Thee fully, wholly, Saying, Lord, with Thee abide. Refrain: May I trust Thee fully, wholly, Lead me to my heav’nly home. 2 O the depth of mortal anguish! O the sorrow and the woe! Nothing but a gloomy future Yawns before me as I go; On the lonely, weary journey Of my life from day to day; Yet, dear Lord, Thou’lt not forsake me; Wilt Thou, Savior, lead the way? [Refrain] 4 Help and strengthen me, dear Savior, For I cannot go alone; All the weary, gloomy distance Is entirely unknown; Not a ray of light to brighten Up the lonely, dreary way, And sometimes my faith grows dimmer, Till I feel I cannot pray. [Refrain] 5 Tho’ the sea of life is stormy, Thou controlest by Thy will; Thou canst whisper words of comfort; Thou canst now say, "Peace, be still;" All the roaring, angry billows, Every overwhelming tide, Thou canst check my dear, dear Savior: I will walk close by Thy side. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: AHOLIAB

List The Music Pealing (Hearken to Music)

Author: Mary Mathews Barnes Hymnal: CYBER #11043 Person Name: Mary Mathews Barnes First Line: List the music pealing; hear our song of might Refrain First Line: Duty is our watchword, faith our only shield, Lyrics: 1 List the music pealing; hear our song of might; We are marching onward to the land of light; Come and join the banner, under which we go, Christ the Lord is captain, and we fear no foe. Refrain: Duty is our watchword, faith our only shield, And to Satan’s legions never will we yield. List the music pealing, hear our song of might; We are marching onward to the land of light. 2 Gracious is our Savior, to His children true; And whate’er the danger, He will lead us through; "Love ye one another," is our Lord’s command; "Charity" the motto of our pilgrim band. [Refrain] 3 When our march is ended, and the night draws near, Brightly through the darkness will His face appear; Join us, all ye people, hear our loving call, In our faithful army there is room for all. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: [List the music pealing; hear our song of might]

Saints in Glory, We Together

Author: Nehemiah Adams Hymnal: CYBER #6067 Meter: Person Name: Nehemiah Adams Lyrics: 1. Saints in glory, we together Know the song that ceases never; Song of songs Thou art, O Savior; All that endless day. 2. Come, ye angels, round us gather, While to Jesus we draw nearer; In His throne He’ll seat for ever Those for whom He died. 3. Underneath His throne a river, Clear as crystal, flows for ever, Like His fullness, failing never: Hail, enthronèd Lamb! 4. Oh, the unsearchable Redeemer! Shoreless ocean, sounded never! Yesterday, today, for ever, Jesus Christ, the same. Languages: English Tune Title: ACCLAIM

Always and Ever

Author: Richard W. Adams Hymnal: CYBER #142 Person Name: Richard W. Adams First Line: Always and ever, God reigns eternal Lyrics: 1. Always and ever, God reigns eternal, Ceaseless, unchanging, Ancient of Days. From choirs below and angels supernal Alpha-Omega hears endless praise. 2. In the beginning, ere the first star birth, There was the Father, Spirit and Son. Maker, Creator, Heaven and earth Sprang from His will—the plan was begun. 3. Down through the ages, secrets unlocking, To save a people fettered with sin, He sent the Word. He’s tenderly knocking: Open your heart and let Him come in. 4. Always and ever, you can be with Him In paradise, there no more to grieve. Praising forever, Savior and Sovereign Through endless ages—only believe! Dedicated to my parents, Jim & Betty Adams,on their 50th wedding anniversary, September 20, 1997.May they be together always and ever. Languages: English Tune Title: BUNESSAN

As Shadows Lengthen

Author: Richard W. Adams Hymnal: CYBER #249 Person Name: Richard W. Adams First Line: As shadows lengthen and the night grows cold Lyrics: 1. As shadows lengthen and the night grows cold, Not seeing how life’s pages will unfold, Give us Your peace as, yielding to Your will, We trust the Author loves and keeps us still. 2. One thing we pray, when evening round us falls, Show us the place on memory’s darkened walls, As dimming eye and failing flesh grow weak, Show us where pictures of Your love still speak, 3. That we may tell to generations new, Tell of a faithfulness forever true, Tell of a power that keeps us to the end, Tell of our God, protector, guide and friend. 4. Then, when our task is done and comes the wing Of death’s bright angel, teach us how to sing, With soaring confidence to mount on high, Flying to golden streets beyond the sky. Languages: English Tune Title: EVENTIDE


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