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Scripture:Psalm 31:9-16

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O God, You Are My God (Step by Step)

Author: David Straser (Beaker) Meter: Irregular Appears in 10 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 31:14 First Line: O God, you are my God Topics: Christian Life; Discipleship and Mission; Love of God for Us; Morning; Praise Used With Tune: STEP BY STEP
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To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David

Appears in 9 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 31 First Line: In thee, O Lord, I put my trust Lyrics: 1 In thee, O Lord, I put my trust, Sham'd never let me be; Accordingly as thou art just Do thou deliver me. 2 Bow down to me thine ear with speed, Let me deliverance have, My rock of strength, and house of fence, O be thou me to save. 3 Because a rock thou me unto And fortress mine wilt be: Therefore for thy name sake, O do Thou lead and guide thou me. 4 O pull thou me out of the net, Which to ensnare me they Full privily for me have set: Because thou art my stay. 5 Into thy hands my spirit I Reposing do commit; Jehovah God of verity, Thou hast redeemed it. 6 Who lying vanities embrace, Such men have I abhorr'd; But as for me, I wholly place My trust upon the Lord. 7 I in thy mercies will be glad, And joy, because that thou Didst view my straits, in anguish sad My soul thou diddest know. 8 And thou hast not enclosed me Within the enemies hand: But in the place of liberty Thou mad'st my feet to stand. [2] 9 O Lord, because distress'd am I, In mercy send relief! My soul, my belly, and mine eye, Consumed are with grief. 10 Because my life with sorrow quails, With sighs my years decay: And for my sins my vigour fails, My bones do pine away. 11 To all my foes a scorn am I, Chiefly my nieghbours to. A fear to friends, they that me spie Without, did flee me fro. 12 I as a dead man am forgot, That's out of memory; And like unto a broken pot, Ev'n such an one am I. 13 Because that I of all the rout The slandering did hear: On every side me round about There was a trembling fear. While as that they against me did Together council take, They craftily have purposed, My life away to make. 14 But O Jehovah, upon thee My confidence doth stand? I said thou art a God to me. 15 My times are in thy hand; From the hands of mine enemies Do thou deliver me, And from the hand of them likewise That my pursuers be [3] 16 Thy countenance to shine upon, Thy servant do thou make: O give to me salvation, Ev'n for thy mercies sake. 17 O Lord, let me not be asham'd, For call'd on thee I have: O let the wicked men be sham'd, And silent in the grave. 18 Let lying lips be silenced; 'Gainst him that is upright, That do such grievous speeches spread In pride and in despite. 19 Oh how great good hast thou in store Laid up, and wrought for them, Who fear and trust in thee before The sons of earthly men! 20 Thou in the secret of thy face Shalt hide them from man's pride, From strive of tongues in covert place Thou shalt them safely hide. 21 O let Jehovah blessed be, Because he hath made known His kindness wonderful to me, Within a fenced town. 22 For I in haste said, i am cast Out from before thine eyes; My suit for grace yet heard thou hast, When I to thee did cry. 23 O love the Lord all ye his saints, the faithful he doth guard, But he unto proud doers grants A plentiful reward. 24 See that encouraged you be, And let your heart wax strong, All whosoever hopefully Do for Jehovah long.
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My hope, my steadfast trust

Meter: Appears in 8 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 31 Topics: Miscellaneous

God Is Our Fortress and Our Rock

Author: Martin Luther, 1483-1546; Michael Perry, 1942-1996 Meter: Appears in 8 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 31 Topics: Hope; Jesus Christ the Word; Kingdom; Lent (first Sunday); Trust Used With Tune: EIN' FESTE BURG

Into your hands, O Lord, I commend my spirit

Appears in 8 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 31 Topics: Eucharistic Celebration (Mass) Responsorial Psalms; Holy Week Triduum; Holy Week Good Friday; Sacraments/Rites Reconciliation; Trust in God Used With Tune: [Into your hands, O Lord, I commend my spirit]

God of the Ages

Author: Margaret Clarkson Appears in 7 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 31:15 First Line: God of the ages, history's Maker Topics: Demons

O God, Your Constant Care and Love

Author: H. Glen Lanier, 1925-1978 Meter: D Appears in 7 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 31:15 Lyrics: 1 O God, your constant care and love are shed upon us from above, throughout our lives in every stage, from infancy to later age. We thank you, Lord, for dreams of youth, for wisdom leading on to truth, for memories gathered through the years, and faith that grows from joys and tears. 2 All time is yours, O Lord, to give. May we, in all the years we live, find that each day of life is new, a celebration, Lord, with you. Let not the passing of the years rob us of joy or cause us fears, and may our faith, O Lord, hold true, that we may always rest in you. Used With Tune: LAMB OF GOD
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Erbarm' Dich mein, o Herre Gott!

Author: Erhard Hegenwald Appears in 5 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 31 Lyrics: 1 Erbarm' Dich mein o Herre Gott! nach Deiner groß'n Barmherzigkeit, wasch' ab mach' rein mein' Missethat, ich kenn' mein' Sünd' und ist mir leid; allein ich Dir gesündigt hab', das ist wider mich stetiglich; das Bös' vor Dir mag nicht bestahn, Du bleibst gerecht, ob Du urtheilest mich. 2 Sieh, Herr, in Sünd' bin ich gebor'n, in Sünd' empfing mich mein' Mutter; die Wahrheit liebst, thust offenbarn Deiner weisheit heimlich' Güter. Bespreng mich Herr! mit Yfopo; rein werd' ich, so Du wäschest mich, weißer den Schnee; mein Gehör wird froh, all' mein Gebein' wird freuen sich. 3 Herr! sich nicht an die Sünde mein, thu' ab all' Ungerechtigkeit, und mach' in mir das herze rein, ein'n neuen Geist in mir bereit'. Verwirf mich nicht von Dein'm Angesicht, Dein'n heil'gen Geist wend' nicht von mir: die Freud' Dein's Heils, Herr, zu mir richt, der willig' Geist enthalt mich Dir. 4 Die Gottlos'n will ich Deine Weg', die Sünder auch dazu lehren, daß sie vom bösen falschen Steg; zu Dir durch Dich sich bekehren. Beschirm' mich, Herr, mein's Heils ein Gott, vor dem Urtheil durch's Blut bedeut't. Mein' Zung' verkünd't Dein recht's Gebot; schaff, daß mein Mund Dein Lob ausbreit'. 5 Kein leiblich Opfer von mir heisch'st, ich hätt' Dir das auch gegeben; so nimm nun den zerknirschten Geist, betrübt's und traurig's Herz daneben; verschmäh nicht, Gott, das Opfer mein, thu' wohl in Deiner Gütigkeit dem Berg Zion, da Christen sein, die opfern Dir Gerechtigkeit. Topics: Gesänge von der Buße, Beichte und Absolution; Songs of Penance, Confession and Absolution
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Whate'er events betide

Appears in 4 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 31
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Gospodi pomilui

Appears in 4 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 31:9 Topics: Kyrie; Lord, have mercy; Herr, erbarme dich; Seigneur, ai pitié; Señor, Ten Piedad Used With Tune: [Gospodi pomilui] Text Sources: Orthodox Liturgy, Ukraine


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