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Composer of "HILLGROVE" in School and College Hymnal

James Carter Knox

1849 - 1930 Person Name: James C. Knox, M. A. Composer of "[Love divine, all love excelling]" in The Hymnal, Revised and Enlarged, as adopted by the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America in the year of our Lord 1892

Joseph W. Lerman

1865 - 1935 Person Name: J. W. Lerman Composer of "[Love Divine, all love excelling]" in Sunday School Hymns No. 2 Born: December 23, 1865, London (possibly Bethnal Green), England. Died: October 24, 1935, Brooklyn, New York. Lerman emigrated to America as a child (he does not appear in the 1871 British census), and was a member of the Olivet Memorial Church in New York City. He played the organ there (1880-1908), and later at the Sixth Avenue Baptist Church, Borough Park Christian Church, and Fourth Avenue Methodist Church, all in Brooklyn. He wrote a considerable amount of church and Sunday School music, and served as musical editor for the Tullar-Meredith Company of New York City, and the Theodore Pressure Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Sources-- Hughes, p. 472 Reynolds, p. 336

David Frederick Ruddell Wilson

1871 - 1957 Person Name: D. F. Wilson Composer of "[Love divine, all love excelling]" in Christian Life Songs

Thomas Waller

Composer of "LOVE DIVINE" in The Sacred Harp

W. F. Fowler

Composer of "[Love divine, all love excelling]" in Corn In Egypt

L. B. Barnes

Composer of "CLEVELAND" in The Gospel Psalmist Loring B. Barnes lived in the Boston area. He was a member of the Handel and Haydn Society of Boston for 20 years, serving as secretary for 15 years, and president for 4 years, and resigned in 1875. He compiled "The Congregational Harp" published by O. Ditson, Boston, in 1856. He also composed other songs. Dianne Shapiro, from "A Dictionary of Musical Information," by John Weeks Moore, O. Ditson, Boston, c. 1876

A. C. Tysoe

Composer of "THEODORE" in A Missionary Hymn Book

Robert J. Powell

Person Name: R. J. Powell Composer of "[Love divine, all love excelling]" in Songs of Zion

G. A. Hermann

b. 1872 Person Name: G. A. Herrmann Composer of "WILCOX" in The Woman's Hymnal


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