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A Great And Mighty Wonder

Hymnal: CYBER #14181 Meter: Lyrics: 1 A great and mighty wonder Our Christmas festal brings: On earth, a lowly Infant, Behold the King of kings. 2 The Word is made incarnate, Descending from on high; And cherubim to shepherds Sing anthems from the sky. 3 And we with them triumphant, Repeat the hymn again: To God on high be glory, And peace on earth to men! 4 While thus they sing your monarch, Those bright angelic bands, Rejoice, ye vales and mountains! Ye oceans, clap your hands! 5 Since all He comes to ransom, By all be He adored, The Infant born in Bethl’hem, The Savior and the Lord! 6 And idol forms shall perish, And error shall decay, And Christ shall wield His scepter, Our Lord and God for aye. Languages: English Tune Title: AULÉ

There Is None Righteous

Author: James McGranahan Hymnal: CYBER #10741 First Line: A guilty soul, by Pharisees of old Refrain First Line: There is none righteous, no not one Lyrics: 1 A guilty soul, by Pharisees of old, Was brought accused, alone, But Jesus said, "Let him without a sin Be first to cast a stone." Refrain: "There is none righteous, no not one, All, all have sinned." There is none righteous, For all have sinned, And come short of the glory, The glory of God, Come short of the glory, Come short of the glory, Of the glory of God. 2 A learnèd master, ruler of the Jews, God’s kingdom could not gain, With all the lore and culture of the age, He "must be born again." [Refrain] 3 "Good Master," pray can aught be lacking yet? Thy laws I do obey; "Go, sell and give, then come and follow Me," But sad he turned away. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: [A guilty soul, by Pharisees of old]

A Halo Rests Upon Thy Brow

Author: John Brownlie Hymnal: CYBER #11663 Meter: Lyrics: 1 A halo rests upon Thy brow, O Savior of the sons of men; For Thou art crowned a victor now— But Thou wilt come to us again. 2 Thou hast a thought for those who tread The steeps of life, and often fail; The weak in faith lift up the head, And in Thy strength, O Christ, prevail. 3 Thou art not far removed from those, That yearn for Thee, and seek Thy grace; Who in Thy tender love repose, May hear Thy voice, and see Thy face— 4 And know the love that giveth rest, And share its strength, and feel its glow; As he who leaned upon Thy breast, When Thou wert with us, long ago. 5 But hearts are sad, and lives are lone, They long for Thee, who love Thee most; E’en when Thy promised Gift they own— The comfort of the Holy Ghost. 6 Thou art our faith, our hope, our love, O Lover of the souls of men; Bow down Thy heav’ns, and from above, Come, blessèd Lord, to us again. Languages: English Tune Title: WOODWORTH

Hear Him Knocking

Author: Johnson Oatman, Jr. Hymnal: CYBER #11332 First Line: A hand all bruised and bleeding Refrain First Line: O don’t you hear Him knocking Lyrics: 1 A hand all bruised and bleeding Is knocking at the door, Is knocking at the door of your heart; It is the hand of Jesus, Who long has knocked before, Though oft you have told Him to depart. Refrain: O don’t you hear Him knocking, Knocking at the door? He’s knocking at the door to come in; He wants an invitation To cross your threshold o’er, Then Jesus will save you from all sin. 2 How often when in sickness, Your body racked with pain, This knocking resounded in your ears; How often in the nighttime The knock would come again, So loud it would fill your soul with fears. [Refrain] 3 While standing by the casket Of some departed friend, With sorrow your heart was sick and sore; What caused that train of thinking Of how your life would end? That hand was then knocking at the door. [Refrain] 4 Why will you keep Him knocking? Why don’t you let Him in? He’ll fill your pathway with delight; That hand so torn and bleeding Will wash away your sin; O welcome the Savior in tonight! [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: [A hand all bruised and bleeding]

The Cross Of Christ

Author: Charles L. Ford Hymnal: CYBER #10808 Meter: First Line: A heart, O God, that pain nor sorrow tireth Lyrics: 1 A heart, O God, that pain nor sorrow tireth, I see Thy will demands, my good requireth; May I this task, not thoughtless, but discerning, Be daily learning. 2 How oft, when murmuring at what Heav’n hath granted, We still but pluck the thorns our folly planted, "Christ’s cross" our own desert for sinful falling, Profanely calling. 3 But is his pain, Thy holy law who spurneth, Nor seeks Thy fear, nor Thy obedience learneth, Nor rues, but for some broken earthly bubble, A Christian trouble? 4 Yet even when Thou scourgest, Thy sweet pity Woos us again to the eternal city; Thou com’st to wake us from our sinful sleeping By pain and weeping. 5 But if I walk unblamed in all uprightness, The darkest cloud shall turn for me to brightness; Thou rulest, Lord! and all Thy paths are tending To good unending. 6 A pilgrim and a stranger now I wander, I seek not here my bliss—I find it yonder; O blessèd counterpoise! this moment’s sorrow— That bright tomorrow! 7 And if I causeless suffer, undeserving, For Christ’s dear sake, ne’er from His precepts swerving, Then safe I look, with all the ransomed nation, For His salvation. 8 Frail child of dust am I, by troubles driven; Yet in my need I lift my heart to Heaven; From thence firm trust and confidence I borrow For every sorrow. 9 Lift up thine eyes! Who guides yon orbèd motion? Who saith, "No further!" to the feet of ocean? Is He thy helper only? and not rather Thy tenderest Father? 10 He is all wise: wouldst thou His knowledge measure? Seek why He sends pain when thou choosest pleasure? Thou know’st not now; but thou shalt find hereafter For weeping, laughter. 11 Heav’nward He lifts us by this present grieving, That we, His Spirit’s holiness receiving, May soothe and bind, by strength to us imparted, The broken hearted. 12 The cross of Christ makes wise by patient bearing; Patience experience works; experience daring; A heart that dares in every conflict’s lightest: Hope for the brightest! Languages: English Tune Title: CHRISTE SANCTORUM

That Heavenly City

Author: Simeon J. Calvert Hymnal: CYBER #7834 First Line: A heavenly city is waiting above Refrain First Line: Leave the darkness, dear sinner, why wait so long? Lyrics: 1 A heavenly city is waiting above, Prepared by our Savior’s own hand, For all of God’s children who trust in His love While traveling on to that land. Refrain: Leave the darkness, dear sinner, why wait so long? O trust in the Savior’s blest love, And evermore dwell with the glorious throng In that heavenly city above! 2 When we to that city shall cross o’er the tide, And loved ones have welcomed us in, With Jesus our Savior, we e’er shall abide, Secure from all sorrow and sin. [Refrain] 3 O yes, ’twill be glorious to gain that bright shore, And live with our Savior up there, To sing with the angels the sweet story o’er, And all of Heav’n’s blessings to share. [Refrain] 4 O sinner, now yield to the Savior and live, For He is the Truth and the Way; He’ll cleanse you from evil and freely forgive, And you shall be happy each day! [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: [A heavenly city is waiting above]

A Holy Air Is Breathing Round

Author: Abiel A. Livermore Hymnal: CYBER #2518 Meter: Lyrics: 1. A holy air is breathing round, A fragrance from above; Be every soul from sense unbound, Be every spirit love. 2. O God, unite us heart to heart, In sympathy divine, That we be never drawn apart, To love not Thee nor Thine. 3. But by the cross of Jesus taught, And all His gracious word, Be nearer to each other brought, And nearer Thee, O Lord. Languages: English Tune Title: NAOMI

No Room In the Inn

Author: James E. Hawes Hymnal: CYBER #10307 Meter: D First Line: A holy guest from Heaven’s gate Refrain First Line: No room for Jesus in the inn Lyrics: 1 A holy guest from Heaven’s gate One morn in days now olden, Came down to earth in lowly state Amid the starlight golden; Angelic messengers of peace Sang praise and welcome holy Unto the Prince who brought release To mighty and to lowly. Refrain: No room for Jesus in the inn, The King of earth and Heaven; Today He knocketh at thy heart, What answer shall be given? 2 Yet while He came with blessing sweet, With love and mercy’s story, No kingly courtiers thought it meet To show Him earthly glory; No room was found within the inn, No welcome for this stranger; The Christ, who suffered for our sin, Was cradled in a manger. [Refrain] 3 The message of this Holy One Still through the world is ringing; From eastern land to setting sun The earth His praise is singing; Oh, troubled heart, this message hear, Oh, list the wondrous story; The Babe, once born in Bethlehem, Is now the King of glory. [Refrain] 4 Come, lay thy burdens at His feet, Come, trust Him in thy sorrow; Come, while the Master bids thee come, Delay not till the tomorrow; Within thy heart, oh, give Him room, Prepare for His abiding; Sweet peace and comfort thou shalt know In Christ while safely hiding. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: DOHA

A Holy State Is Wedded Life

Author: Emanuel Cronenwett Hymnal: CYBER #12542 Meter: Lyrics: 1 A holy state is wedded life, And blest, where God joins man and wife: A type of Jesus and His bride, Beloved and honored at His side. 2 Where manly worth and gentle grace In godliness keep step apace, There wedded love grows never stale, Nor Heaven’s blessings ever fail. 3 Where by the Word the Lord is guest, And all through faith and prayer is blest, There with God’s grace will all be filled. And God Himself that house will build. 4 The skillful hand and stronger arm, Still plied with zeal and ardor warm, With watchful eye and frugal care, Full soon a competence prepare. 5 This chaste estate of paradise, Is left to man below the skies; Prolific harbinger of good, Perennial fount of brotherhood: 6 From this all stations emanate, The home, the Church, and powers of state; Blest nursery of virtuous worth, Be thou held sacred still on earth! Languages: English Tune Title: HARMONY GROVE

Over the Border Land

Author: John H. Alleman Hymnal: CYBER #7835 First Line: A home on high is waiting me Lyrics: 1 A home on high is waiting me, Just over the border land; And there my Savior I shall see, Just over the border land. Refrain: Just over the border land, There waits the home of the soul, Where praise shall ring as the years shall roll, Just over the border land. 2 My loved ones there will welcome me, Just over the border land; And with them soon I’ll ever be, Just over the border land. [Refrain] 3 My Savior there is calling me, Just over the border land; And by His grace will make me free, Just over the border land. [Refrain] 4 The smiles of God will fall on me, Just over the border land; And bless me thro’ eternity, Just over the border land. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: [A home on high is waiting me]


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