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Israel Zangwill

1864 - 1926 Author of "All the world shall come to serve thee"

Barbara Zanotti

Author of "Creation of Peace" in Shaping Sanctuary

Agustus D. Zanzig

Translator of "Spring Song" in The Chapbook

Hauptrecht Zapf

1546 - 1630 Author of "Hörend ihr geliebten alle"

Filemón Zaragoza

Author of "Mis Plegarias" in Himnos de Suprema Alabanza a Jesus

Rufino Zaragoza

b. 1957 Person Name: Rufino Zaragoza, OFM Author of "Prayer of the Faithful" in Gather (3rd ed.)

Rosa Martha Zárate Macías

Author of "Profetiza, Pueblo mío (You Shall Prophesy, All My People)" in The New Century Hymnal See

ʻAyyād Zareef

Person Name: ʻAyyad Zareef عياد ظريف Author of "بدلت حياتي بنظره" عياد ظريف

Sameh Zareef

Person Name: Sameh Zareef سامح ظريف Author of "عالي لفوق انا رافع إيدي" سامح ظريف

Felician Martin von Zaremba

1794 - 1874 Person Name: Félix von Zaremba Author (stanza 3) of "La causa es tuya, ¡oh Salvador!" Felician Martin von Zaremba was born in Zaroy bei Grodno, Poland (modern Hrodna in Belarus). He studied in Dorpat and Moscow. He gave up a diplomatic career after contacts with the Pietist movement and became a missionary with the Basel Mission and worked with August Heinrich Dittrich in the Caucusus in the 19th Century. Czar Alexander I was sympathetic to evangelical missions, but his successor Nicholas I ended the Caucusus mission by mandate in 1833. Zaremba worked, however, from 1822-1838 in the region, moving into Armenia. He founded an evangelical printing press and college in Armenia. He coined the expression: "The Orient can only be reached by the Orient." He moved twice back and forth between the Caucasus and Basel, working with and for the mission agency, and died in Basel. He authored three books. Fred Foster (historian) via email


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