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John Wyeth

1770 - 1858 Person Name: John Wyeth, 1770-1858 Composer of "MORNING SONG" in Gather Comprehensive

Mary E. C. Wyeth

Author of "Praise to Thee"


Composer of "WESOŁĄ NOWINĘ" in TTT-Himnaro Cigneta

Józef Wygrzewalski

Person Name: Józef Wygrzewalski, d. 1855 Composer of "WESOŁĄ NOWINĘ, BRACIA, SŁUCHAJCIE" in Śpiewnik Ewangelicki


Person Name: Evangelist Wykoff Composer of "[It must be settled tonight!]" in Gospel Trio of Sacred Song

Betty Wylder

1923 - 1994 Person Name: Betty A. Wylder Arranger of "OLYMPIA" in Worship in Song

G. N. Wylie

Author of "Your house of happiness"

J. R. Wylie

Author of "I am trusting, simply trusting"

M. Wylie

1816 - 1881 Person Name: MacLeod Wylie Author of "Precious Blood" Macleod, Wylie, Esq. Barrister-at-law, and formerly one of Her majesty’s Judges at Calcutta, another old and valuable friend of the British and Foreign Bible society, entered into the heavenly home for which he had been longing, on Sunday, Sept. 25, aged 65. In Calcutta, Mr Wylie was for many years active in the interests of the Society, as Secretary of its Auxiliary. His communications home were long and important, and have often been referred to in the Reports. In 1855 the Committee on his return to his native country appointed him an Hon. Life Governor of the Society. In 1870 he was a member of the Committee. Mr. Wylie was everywhere an active worker in his Master’s service. His life latterly was often one of suffering, but a hymn which he wrote a few years ago shows how he anticipated that rest which has now become to him a blessed reality. The Record, Volumes 11-13 Valparaiso, 1/28/82

Mrs. R. M. Wylie

Author of "Hear Ye Him" in Scriptural Songs (Memorial Ed.)


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