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Owen E. Yoder

Author of "Joy in my heart"

Pablo Yoder

Translator of "Conmigo está" in Himnos de la Iglesia

Silvanis Yoder

Author of "Sometime We'll See"

Simon P. Yoder

1847 - 1926 Author of "Look up weary brother"

Walter Eli Yoder

1889 - 1964 Person Name: W. E. Yoder Translator of "O soul I bid you, come"

Paramahansa Yogananda

1893 - 1952 Author of "" in Cosmic Chants

Robert C. Yoh

1917 - 1990 Author of "Our prayer we make"

B. T. Yohe

Author of "I Will Arise and Go"

Yasuhiko Yokosaka

b. 1956 Translator (English) of "Here I Am (Kata ku nani mo)" in Sound the Bamboo

Seiei Yokota

Author of "Come, Smell the Scent of Sweet Wild Flowers (Uga di uga mi busha)" in Sound the Bamboo


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