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Elmina Yoder

1911 - 2005 Editor and Publisher of "" in Praises for Children Aroda, VA Obituary

Elva Yoder

Person Name: Elva Yoder (b. 1903) Author of "For Me to Live is Christ"

Greg Yoder

Author of "Seeds" in Voices Together

Juan D. Yoder

Translator of "¡Oh Dios, a ti!" in Himnos de la Iglesia

Lawrence M. Yoder

Translator of "O Prince of peace" in Hymnal

Marcos Yoder

Translator of "Noventa y nueve " in Himnos de la Iglesia

Merlin Yoder

Author of "Celebration Song" in Sing and Rejoice!

Natán Yoder

Translator of "Cristo, te adoramos" in Himnos de la Iglesia

Owen E. Yoder

Author of "Joy in my heart"

Pablo Yoder

Translator of "Conmigo está" in Himnos de la Iglesia


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