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I Will Trust Him

Author: Alfred Henry Ackley Hymnal: CYBER #11976 Person Name: Alfred Henry Ackley First Line: Though I walk the shore that rims the ocean Refrain First Line: I will trust Him in the valley of the shadow Lyrics: 1 Though I walk the shore that rims the ocean, Though I face the storm upon the sea; In the hands of love I rest securely, For I know my Lord will care for me. Refrain: I will trust Him in the valley of the shadow, I will trust Him on the wild and stormy sea; I will trust Him anywhere because He loves me, I will trust Him through eternity. 2 If He bids me walk within the valley Where the darkness hides His blessèd face, He will surely keep my feet from falling, While my soul is trusting in His grace. [Refrain] 3 If to lands unknown He bids me journey, Or to lift the heavy load of care; If I bear the cross for Him who suffered, In His glory I shall have a share. [Refrain] 4 He has built a house of many mansions, Where my longing soul at last shall rest; When I rise complete in His perfection, I shall join the chorus of the blest. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: [Though I walk the shore that rims the ocean]

My Mother

Author: Alfred Henry Ackley Hymnal: CYBER #12895 Person Name: Alfred Henry Ackley First Line: To my memory comes a vision Refrain First Line: And the teardrops, how they glistened Lyrics: 1 To my memory comes a vision That my heart can ne’er forget, Of my mother, with her tender care for me, For the face of years forgotten Still remains, I see it yet, And her brow reflects the light of Calvary. Refrain: And the teardrops, how they glistened, When she told me of His love, How the tender Shepherd came to seek the lost, O’er the mountain, thro’ the valley, Every footprint stained with blood, Till He purchased my redemption on the cross. 2 ’Twas the voice of my dear mother, Full of love and sympathy, That so often cheered my heart when sad and lone, For I felt the need of Jesus, And her constant prayer for me Led my wandering footsteps to my Father’s home. [Refrain] 3 Tho’ my mother has departed, Still I feel her spirit near, As she pleads before the heav’nly Father’s throne, And her prayers my life shall answer, For I long to meet her there, And to see the Christ who bought me for His own. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: [To my memory comes a vision]

Gozo Da Servir A Cristo

Author: Bentley D. Ackley; Sra. F. de Sholin Hymnal: cyber #13716 Person Name: Bentley D. Ackley Refrain First Line: Gozo hay, si en servir a Cristo Languages: Spanish Tune Title: [Gozo da servir a Cristo]

Just Over in the Glory Land

Author: James W. Acuff Hymnal: CYBER #3487 Person Name: James W. Acuff First Line: I've a home prepared where the saints abide Lyrics: 1. I’ve a home prepared where the saints abide, Just over in the glory land; And I long to be by my Savior’s side, Just over in the glory land. Refrain Just over in the glory land, I’ll join the happy angel band, Just over in the glory land; Just over in the glory land, There with the mighty host I’ll stand, Just over in the glory land. 2. I am on my way to those mansions fair, Just over in the glory land; There to sing God’s praise and His glory share; Just over in the glory land. [Refrain] 3. What a joyful thought that my Lord I’ll see, Just over in the glory land; And with kindred saved, there forever be, Just over in the glory land. [Refrain] 4. With the blood washed throng I will shout and sing, Just over in the glory land; Glad hosannas to Christ, the Lord and King, Just over in the glory land. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: [I've a home prepared where the saints abide]

Christians, Come, in Sweetest Measures

Author: Adam of St. Victor; Robert Campbell Hymnal: CYBER #774 Meter: 8.8.7 D Person Name: Adam of St. Victor Lyrics: 1. Christians, come, in sweetest measures Sing of those who spread the treasures In the holy Gospels shrined; Blessèd tidings of salvation, Peace on earth their proclamation, Love from God to lost mankind. 2. See the rivers four that gladden With their streams the better Eden, Planted by our Savior dear. Christ the Fountain, these the waters, Drink, O Zion’s sons and daughters; Drink and find salvation here. 3. Here our souls, by Jesus sated, More and more shall be translated Earth’s temptations far above; Freed from sin’s abhorred dominion, Soaring on angelic pinion, They shall reach the Source of love. 4. Then shall thanks and praise ascending For Thy mercies without ending Rise to Thee, O Savior blest. With Thy gracious aid defend us, Let Thy guiding light attend us, Bring us to Thy place of rest. Languages: English Tune Title: ALLES IST AN GOTTES SEGEN

Come Sing, Ye Choirs Exultant

Author: Adam of St. Victor; Jackson Mason Hymnal: CYBER #1012 Person Name: Adam of St. Victor Lyrics: 1. Come sing, ye choirs exultant, Those messengers of God, Through whom the living Gospels Came sounding all abroad! Whose voice proclaimed salvation That poured upon the night, And drove away the shadows, And filled the world with light. 2. He chose them, our Good Shepherd, And, tending evermore, His flock through earth’s four quarters, In wisdom made them four; True Lawgiver, He bade them Their healing message speed— One charter for all nations, One glorious title deed! 3. In one harmonious witness The chosen four combine While each his own commission Fulfills in every line; As, in the prophet’s vision, From out the amber flame In form of visage diverse Four living creatures came. 4. Lo, these the wingèd chariots, That bring Emmanuel nigh, The golden staves, uplifting God’s very ark on high; And these the fourfold river Of paradise above, Whence flow for all the nations New mysteries of love. 5. Foursquare on this foundation The Church of Christ remains, A house to stand unshaken By floods or winds or rains. O glorious happy portion In this safe home to be, By God, true man, united With God eternally. Languages: English Tune Title: PRAETORIUS 7

Gabriel, from the Heaven Descending

Author: Adam of St. Victor; John M. Neale Hymnal: CYBER #1679 Meter: Person Name: Adam of St. Victor Lyrics: 1. Gabriel, from the Heaven descending, On the faithful Word attending, Is in holy converse blending With the virgin full of grace: 2. That good word and sweet he plighteth In the bosom where it lighteth, And for Eva Ave writeth, Changing Eva’s name and race. 3. At the promise that he sendeth God the Incarnate Word descendeth; Yet no carnal touch offendeth Her, the undefilèd one. 4. She, without a father, beareth, She no bridal union shareth, And a painless birth declareth That she bare the Royal Son. 5. Tale that wondering search entices! But believe—and that suffices; It is not for man’s devices Here to pry with gaze unmeet: 6. High the sign, its place assuming In the bush, the unconsuming: Mortal, veil thine eyes presuming, Loose thy shoes from off thy feet. 7. As the rod, by wondrous power, Moistened not by dew or shower, Bare the almond and the flower, Thus He came, the virgin’s fruit: 8. Hail the Fruit, O world, with gladness! Fruit of joy and not of sadness: Adam had not lapsed to madness Had he tasted of its shoot. 9. Jesus, kind above all other, Gentle Child of gentle mother, In the stable born our Brother, Whom the angelic hosts adore: 10. He, once cradled in a manger, Heal our sin and calm our danger; For our life, to this world stranger, Is in peril evermore. Languages: English Tune Title: QUEM PASTORES

In Royal Robes of Splendor

Author: Adam of St. Victor, ?-1182; Jackson Mason Hymnal: CYBER #3038 Meter: D Person Name: Adam of St. Victor, ?-1182 Lyrics: 1. In royal robes of splendor, Before the great King’s feet, The princes of His kingdom, The crowned apostles, meet; To Him their songs adoring With heart and tongue they bring, Pure hearts and mighty voices— E’en as the angels sing. 2. This Order sheds its luster O’er all the human race; A court of righteous judgment, The rock of Gospel grace; Rock of His Church, for ages Elected and foreknown; Whose glorious master builder Is head and cornerstone. 3. These are the Nazareans, Famed heralds to the world, Who, preaching Christ, His banner Of victory unfurled; Day unto day shows knowledge; Night utters speech to night; So these to earth’s four corners Their wondrous tale recite. 4. Christ’s burden light they proffer, His easy yoke proclaim; The seed of life they scatter, That all may own His name. The earth brought forth and budded, Where’er their ploughshare ran, And fruits of increase followed The faith of God made man. 5. These are the sure foundation On which the Temple stands; The living stones compacting That house not made with hands; The gates by which man enters Jerusalem the new; The bond which knits together The Gentile and the Jew. 6. Let error flee before them, Let truth extend her way; Let dread of final judgment To faith and love give way; That, loosed from our offenses, We then may numbered be Among Thy saints in glory Around the throne with Thee. Languages: English Tune Title: STOLA REGIA

Joy and Triumph Everlasting

Author: Adam of St. Victor; Robert S. Bridges Hymnal: CYBER #3417 Meter: Person Name: Adam of St. Victor Lyrics: 1. Joy and triumph everlasting Hath the heav’nly Church on high; For that pure immortal gladness All our feast days mourn and sigh: Yet in death’s dark desert wild Doth the mother aid her child; Guards celestial thence attend us, Stand in combat to defend us. 2. Here the world’s perpetual warfare Holds from Heav’n the soul apart; Legioned foes in shadowy terror Vex the Sabbath of the heart. O how happy that estate Where delight doth not abate! For that home the spirit yearneth, Where none languisheth nor mourneth. 3. There the body hath no torment, There the mind is free from care, There is every voice rejoicing, Every heart is loving there. Angels in that city dwell; Them their King delighteth well: Still they joy and weary never, More and more desiring ever. 4. There the seers and fathers holy, There the prophets glorified, All their doubts and darkness ended, In the Light of Light abide. There the saints, whose memories old We in faithful hymns uphold, Have forgot their bitter story In the joy of Jesus’ glory. Languages: English Tune Title: BOURGEOIS

Yesterday, with Exultation

Author: Adam of St. Victor; John M. Neale Hymnal: CYBER #7786 Meter: Person Name: Adam of St. Victor Lyrics: 1. Yesterday, with exultation, Joined the world in celebration, Of her promised Savior’s birth; Yesterday the angel nation Poured the strains of jubilation O’er the monarch born on earth. 2. But today o’er death victorious, By his faith and actions glorious, By his miracles renowned, See the deacon triumph gaining, ’Midst the faithless faith sustaining, First of holy martyrs found. 3. Onward, champion, falter never, Sure of sure reward forever, Holy Stephen, persevere; Perjured witnesses confounding, Satan’s synagogues astounding By thy doctrine true and clear. 4. Thine own witness is in Heaven, True and faithful, to thee given, Witness of thy blamelessness; By thy name a crown implying, Meet it is thou shouldst be dying For the crown of righteousness. 5. For the crown that fadeth never Bear the torturer’s brief endeavor; Victory waits to end the strife; Death shall be thy life’s beginning, And life’s losing be the winning Of the true and better life. 6. Filled with God’s most Holy Spirit, See the Heav’n thou shalt inherit, Stephen, gaze into the skies; There God’s glory steadfast viewing, Thence thy victor strength renewing, Pant for thy eternal prize. 7. See, as Jewish foes invade thee, See how Jesus stands to aid thee, Stands at God’s right hand on high: Tell how opened heaven is shown thee, Tell how Jesus waits to own thee, Tell it with thy latest cry. 8. As the dying martyr kneeleth, For his murderers he appealeth, For their madness grieving sore; Then in Christ he sleepeth sweetly, And with Christ he reigneth meetly, Martyr firstfruits, evermore. Languages: English Tune Title: HERI MUNDUS EXULTAVIT


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