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The Work Must Go On

Author: Laurene Highfield Hymnal: CYBER #7623 First Line: A glad message rings thro' the world today Refrain First Line: The good work must go on and on Lyrics: 1. A glad message rings thro’ the world today, It echoes thro’ the countries afar, That the rising Sun, with celestial ray, Scatters healing where’er men are. Refrain The good work must go on and on, Till the world for the Lord is won, Greater triumphs must be gained, Greater heights in love attained, Till the glorious day of God shall dawn. 2. There are many souls that were dark as night, All shadowed by the blackness of sin, That are glowing now with immortal light, Since the glory of God shone in. [Refrain] 3. There are hungry hearts that were starved for bread, But Jesus has supplied every need; For on Him, the Bread of Life, they have fed Till their spirits are glad indeed. [Refrain] 4. And the deaf shall hear, and the blind eyes see; The Word of God shall quicken and glow; Christ the King of earth and Heaven still shall be Till His glory each heart shall know. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: [A glad message rings thro' the world today]

A Gladsome Hymn of Praise We Sing

Author: Ambrose N. Blatchford Hymnal: CYBER #1817 Meter: with refrain Refrain First Line: In Him rejoice with heart and voice Lyrics: 1. A gladsome hymn of praise we sing, And thankfully we gather To bless the love of God above, Our everlasting Father. Refrain In Him rejoice with heart and voice Whose glory fadeth never, Whose providence is our defense, Who lives and loves forever. 2. From shades of night He calls the light, And from the sod the flower; From every cloud His blessings break In sunshine or in shower. [Refrain] 3. Full in His sight His children stand, By His strong arm defended, And He whose wisdom guides the world, Our footsteps hath attended. [Refrain] 4. For nothing falls unknown to Him, Or care or joy or sorrow, And He whose mercy ruled the past Will be our stay tomorrow. [Refrain] 5. Then praise the Lord with one accord, To His great name give glory, And of His never changing love Repeat the wondrous story. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: CANAAN

Mummers' Carol

Hymnal: CYBER #7833 First Line: A glorious angel from Heaven came Lyrics: 1 A glorious angel from Heaven came Unto the virgin maid; Strange news and tidings of great joy The humble Mary had, The humble Mary had. 2 Each mortal man remembers well, When Christ came down from Heav’n, ’Twas for our sins and wicked ways His precious blood was giv’n, His precious blood was giv’n. 3 Each mortal man remembers well, When Christ was put to scorn; He was taken to the judgment seat And crownèd with the thorn, And crownèd with the thorn. 4 Each mortal man remembers well, When Christ our Savior died, He was crucified upon the tree, With thieves on either side, With thieves on either side. 5 Each mortal man remembers well, How Christ died on the rood, ’Twas for our sins and wicked ways, Christ shed His precious blood, Christ shed His precious blood. 6 Each mortal man remembers well, When Christ was wrapped in clay, He was taken to a sepulcher Where never man did lay, Where never man did lay. 7 God bless your house, your children, too, Your cattle and your store; The Lord increase you day by day, And give you more and more, And give you more and more. Languages: English Tune Title: [A glorious angel from Heaven came]

A Glorious Day Is Dawning

Author: Mrs. N. T. Munroe Hymnal: CYBER #1842 Meter: D Lyrics: 1. A glorious day is dawning, And o’er the waking earth The heralds of the morning Are springing into birth. In dark and hidden places There shines the blessèd light; The beam of truth displaces The darkness of the night. 2. The advocates of error Foresee the glorious morn, And hear in shrinking terror, The watchword of reform: It rings from hill and valley, It breaks oppression’s chain. A thousand freemen rally, And swell the mighty strain. 3. The watchword has been spoken, The light has broken forth, Far shines the blessèd token Upon the startled earth, To hearts and homes benighted, The blessèd Truth is given, And peace and love, united, Point upward unto Heav’n. Languages: English Tune Title: MISSIONARY HYMN

The Spirit And Bride Say Come

Author: Grant Colfax Tullar Hymnal: CYBER #11349 First Line: A glorious invitation Refrain First Line: The Spirit says come Lyrics: 1 A glorious invitation Now calls you to the feast; Each soul is now invited, The greatest and the least. Come, all ye heavy laden, With sorrow or with care— Today you are invited, Your burdens Christ will bear. Refrain: The Spirit says come, The Bride says come; Let him that heareth come; Let him that thirsteth come, And whosoever will Let him take of the water of Life freely. 2 That blessèd invitation! Oh, hear today and heed; The Spirit now is calling, Why longer dwell in need? Thy soul today is fainting, For Christ the living bread; Accept the invitation, Come while the feast is spread. [Refrain] 3 Repeat the invitation! Pass on the blessèd news; Let none forsake His mercy, Or pardon now refuse. ’Tis Jesus that is calling— All things are ready, come— The Spirit will direct you, The Bride will welcome home. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: [A glorious invitation]

A Glory Gilds the Sacred Page

Author: William Cowper Hymnal: CYBER #1855 Meter: Lyrics: 1. A glory gilds the sacred page, Majestic like the sun; It gives a light to every age; It gives, but borrows none. 2. The Spirit breathes upon the Word And brings the truth to sight; Precepts and promises afford A sanctifying light. 3. The hand that gave it still supplies The gracious light and heat; His truths upon the nations rise; They rise, but never set. 4. Let everlasting thanks be Thine For such a bright display. As makes a world of darkness shine With beams of heavenly day. 5. My soul rejoices to pursue The steps of Him I love, Till glory breaks upon my view In brighter worlds above. Languages: English Tune Title: BURLINGTON

A Golgotán Ered

Author: F. L. Snyder; Anna Piroska Williams Hymnal: CYBER #14255 First Line: A Golgotán ered egy tisztító Refrain First Line: Halleluja! Teljes, ingyen kegyelem! Lyrics: 1 A Golgotán ered egy tisztító Bibor folyam— Fedi múltam! Ha bűnöm Jézus előtt megvallom, Megtisztít, jól tudom! Kar: Halleluja! Teljes, ingyen kegyelem! Ez nem más, mint irgalom, Melyért Őt magasztalom! Ó, halleluja! Vére megtisztít engem! Így lesz tiszta hófehér szívem! 2 E vérnek ereje nem változik, Ez megtisztít, Megszabadít, Ó, bűnös, keresd csak a Megváltót, Ki életet hozott! [Kar] 3 És nincsen senki másban üdvösség Az ég alatt, A föld felett, És nem találhatunk mi más nevet— Mely üdvünkké lehet! [Kar] Languages: Hungarian Tune Title: [A Golgotán ered egy tisztító]

The Canaan Land of Perfect Love

Author: Ella M. Parks Hymnal: CYBER #740 First Line: A goodly land mine eyes behold Refrain First Line: Lord, lead me on to fields untrod Lyrics: 1. A goodly land mine eyes behold, With bounteous fruitage richly blest; With pastures green, and waters still, Where weary hearts may sweetly rest; The wilderness left far behind, With eager heart I press ahead, For God hath given unto me Each foot of land my feet shall tread. Refrain Lord, lead me on to fields untrod, The mountain heights that tower above; A vision give me of the land, The Canaan land of perfect love. 2. What tho’ I hear of giants strong, And cities walled that rise to Heav’n; My heav’nly Joshua still leads on, His mighty strength to me is giv’n; In armor bright with sword divine And faith that overcometh all, My Captain’s orders I obey, While Jerichos in ruins fall. [Refrain] 3. As on I go new views I gain, Far reaching fields, and mountains grand; My soul exults in future joys Which wait me in this Canaan land. No lack I know, since He doth lead In vales with milk and honey blest; But yet I know there still remains A boundless land to be possessed. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: ULURU

A Goodly Theme Is Mine

Author: Anonymous Hymnal: CYBER #1969 Meter: D Lyrics: 1. A goodly theme is mine, And eagerly I sing; For bounteous words flow from my lips As I salute the King. Supremely fair He is, In beauty peerless He; For Him the favor of the Lord Doth grace eternally. 2. Gird on Thy sword, O King, Put on Thy majesty; Ride out in full regalia, And richest panoply. Triumph in very truth, In meekness and in right, Let fly the arrows of revenge, And vanquish in Thy might. 3. Thy throne is ever sure, Establishèd of God; Its scepter is of righteousness, Of equity its rod. Thou lovest perfect right, Hatest iniquity; Therefore with oil of festive joy The Lord anointed Thee. 4. Thy garments breathe of myrrh, Of spices rich and rare; Glad strains of joyous music ring Throughout Thy palace fair. Amid Thy glorious train King’s daughters waiting stand, And on Thy right the queen adorned In gold from Ophir land. 5. O royal bride, give heed, This King is now thy Lord; Forsake thy former loyalties, Full fealty accord. Thy beauty and thy grace Will then delight the King; And they to thee, since thou art His, Their precious gifts will bring. 6. Enthroned in royal state And glorious thou shalt dwell, With garments fair, inwrought with gold, His bride He loveth well. And they who honor thee Shall in thy train attend, And to the palace of the King Shall joyfully ascend. 7. Then in Thy Father’s place The sons of royal birth Thou wilt endow with regal gifts As princes of the earth. Thy name shall be proclaimed Through all succeeding days, And all the peoples everywhere Shall give Thee endless praise. Scripture: Psalm 45 Languages: English Tune Title: FAIRFIELD

A Great and Mighty Wonder

Author: St. Germanus; John M. Neale Hymnal: CYBER #2019 Meter: Lyrics: 1. A great and mighty wonder, a full and holy cure: The virgin bears the Infant with virgin honor pure! Repeat the hymn again: To God on high be glory And peace on earth to men! 2. The Word becomes incarnate and yet remains on high, And cherubim sing anthems to shepherds from the sky. Repeat the hymn again: To God on high be glory And peace on earth to men! 3. While thus they sing your Monarch, those bright angelic bands, Rejoice, ye vales and mountains, ye oceans, clap your hands. Repeat the hymn again: To God on high be glory And peace on earth to men! 4. Since all He comes to ransom, by all be He adored, The Infant born in Bethl’em, the Savior and the Lord. Repeat the hymn again: To God on high be glory And peace on earth to men! 5. And idol forms shall perish, and error shall decay, And Christ shall wield His scepter, our Lord and God for aye. Repeat the hymn again: To God on high be glory And peace on earth to men! Languages: English Tune Title: ES IST EIN ROS'


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