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William L. Wallace

1933 - 2024 Author of "In the Wonder Found In Loving" in Singing the Sacred

Alan J. Hommerding

Author of "Sing, My Soul (Mary's Song of Praise)" in Renew! Songs and Hymns for Blended Worship

George Stringer Rowe

1830 - 1913 Person Name: George Stringer Rowe, 1830-1913 Author of "Cradled in a manger" in Complete Mission Praise Rowe, George Stringer, was born at Margate in 1830, and educated for the Wesleyan Ministry at Didsbury College. He entered the Wesleyan Ministry in 1853, and has since held important appointments at Ipswich, Hull, Southport, Leeds, Edinburgh, London, &c. In 1888 he was appointed to the chair of Pastoral Theology in Headingley College, Leeds. He was the author of "Life of John Hunt, &c."; "At His Feet"; "On His Day"; "The Psalms in Private Devotion"; and "Alone with the Word." His hymns include:— 1. Behold Thy youthful army. 2. Come, children all and praise. 3. Cradled in a manger meanly. 4. When they brought little children. These hymns were written for Sunday School Anniversaries, and were included in the Methodist Sunday School Hymn Book, 1879. --John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

John Crosse

Author of "Lord of heaven, and earth, and ocean" in The Book of Common Praise

Joshua Leavitt

1794 - 1873 Arranger of "PLEADING SAVIOR" Joshua Leavitt (September 8, 1794-Jan. 16,1873) was born in Heath, MA, earned a degree from Yale College, practiced law in Putney, VT, was graduated from Yale Seminary, was ordained and served as a Congregational minister at Stratford, CT for four years before he moved to New York City to serve as Secretary of the American Seamens’ Friend Society. He was for many years musical advisor to the most famous revivalist of the Second Great Awakening, Charles Grandison Finney. In 1831 he compiled and published The Christian Lyre, the first hymnal to print music (melody and bass) for every hymn. He was a spokesman for the Liberty Party and a campaigner for cheap postage. He was editor of many periodicals including The Emancipator, the New York Independent, the New York Evangelist, etc. He was first Secretary of the American Temperance Society and co-founder of the New York City Anti-Slavery Society. He aided a slave Basil Dorsey to escape from MD to MA and formed with Lewis Tappan and Simeon Jocelyn the Amistad Committee to raise funds for the defense of Amistad captives. On Wikipedia can be seen a letter of August 1862 to Lincoln signed by Leavitt, Henry Ward Beecher and other abolitionists requesting formation of black regiments in the Union Army. Mary Louise VanDyke Concerning publication dates of The Christian Lyre, Leavitt left a very useful description: "The Christian Lyre was commenced in November, 1830, as a monthly repository of music and hymns, for social worship. Vol. I., containing six No's, or 216 pages, was completed the first of April, and Vol. II. the first of October, 1831. At that time, there had been published no less than Nine Editions of Vol. I., each edition consisting of 2000 copies." (Preface to 1837 edition of the Supplement). Apparently each monthly "number" was 36 pages, which means the first 72 pages were published in 1830, the rest in early 1831. Both Volume 2 and the Supplement date from 1831; all three were separately paginated, for a total of 310 tunes with words.

Robert N. Roth

b. 1928 Person Name: Robert Roth Arranger of "PLEADING SAVIOR" in Songs for Life Robert N. Roth was born on June 28, 1928 in Somerset, PA and was educated at Franklin and Marshall College (BA, Phi Beta Kappa), the University of Virginia (MA – Raven Society) and the School of Sacred Music of the Union Theological Seminary in New York City (MSM). He served churches in Charlottesville, VA and Mamaroneck, NY before accepting concurrent positions as organist and choirmaster at the Church of St. James the Less in Scarsdale, NY and the Free Synagogue of Westchester in Mount Vernon, NY. He has held memberships in the American Guild of Organists, the Association of Anglican Musicians, and the St. Wilfrid Club in New York City. He is represented in The Hymnal 1982 of the Episcopal Church by his tune WEST PARK, and in Chatter with the Angels by his tune ORR. With his wife Nancy he edited a children’s version of The Hymnal 1982 titled We Sing of God. He also compiled and edited Wond’rous Machine: a Literary Anthology Celebrating the Organ. He has published many articles on church music in various periodicals and numerous arrangements and original compositions for choral groups. He now lives in Oberlin, OH. Mary Louise VanDyke

Jim Miller

Author of "Christians All, Your Lord Is Coming" in Chalice Hymnal

Roger K. Powell

Person Name: Roger Powell Author of "Thank Our God for Sisters, Brothers" in The New Century Hymnal

Charles Frischmann

Person Name: Charles G. Frischmann Harmonizer of "PLEADING SAVIOR" in One in Faith

William Charter Piggott

1872 - 1943 Person Name: William Charter Piggott, 1872-1943 Author of "Heavenly Father, may Your blessing" in The Irish Presbyterian Hymnbook


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