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Scripture:Psalm 31:9-16

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The Riches of God's Goodness

Appears in 10 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 31 First Line: How great the goodness thou hast stored Topics: Adoration; Afflictions Refuge in; Aspirations For Peace and Rest; Blessedness Of Those Who Trust Christ; Christ Abiding with Believers; Christ Preciousness of; Christians Believers; Christians Saved by Grace; Church Triumph of; Faith Confidence of; God Good; God Loving and Merciful; God Source of All Good; Gospel Freeness of ; Gospel Invitations of ; Gospel Privileges of; Love To God; Praise By Saints; Praise For God's Goodness; Praise For God's Mercy; Praise For Temporal Mercies; Praise To God; Prayer confidence in; Prayer For Christ's Sake; Prayer For Grace and Salvation; Pride; Protection Only from God; Providence of God Over Saints; The Righteous Reward of; Safety Assured; Salvation Thanksgiving for; Steadfastness; Trust in God Blessed Used With Tune: [How great the goodness thou hast stored]

The Lord is my light and my salvation

Appears in 7 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 31:15 Topics: Church Worship; God Protection of; Patience Used With Tune: [The Lord is my light and my salvation] Text Sources: Psalms for Speakers

How Great the Goodness Kept in Store

Meter: 8.8.6 D Appears in 5 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 31 Topics: Deliverance From Enemies; Love Of God; Protection, Divine; Refuge, God, Christ, Our; Goodness of God; Fortress And Retreat, God Our; Trust and Confidence Used With Tune: ARIEL

Psalm 31: In thee, O Lord, I put my trust

Meter: Appears in 3 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 31 First Line: In thee, O Lord, I put my trust Lyrics: 1In thee, O Lord, I put my trust, sham’d let me never be; According to thy righteousness do thou deliver me. 2Bow down thine ear to me, with speed send me deliverance: To save me, my strong rock be thou, and my house of defence. 3Because thou art my rock, and thee I for my fortress take; Therefore do thou me lead and guide, ev’n for thine own name’s sake. 4And sith thou art my strength, therefore pull me out of the net, Which they in subtilty for me so privily have set. 5Into thine hands I do commit my sp’rit: for thou art he, O thou, Jehovah, God of truth, that hast redeemed me. 6Those that do lying vanities regard, I have abhorr’d: But as for me, my confidence is fixed on the Lord. 7I’ll in thy mercy gladly joy: for thou my miseries Consider’d hast; thou hast my soul known in adversities: 8And thou hast not inclosed me within the en’my’s hand; And by thee have my feet been made in a large room to stand. 9O Lord, upon me mercy have, for trouble is on me: Mine eye, my belly, and my soul, with grief consumed be. 10Because my life with grief is spent, my years with sighs and groans: My strength doth fail; and for my sin consumed are my bones. 11I was a scorn to all my foes, and to my friends a fear; And specially reproach’d of those that were my neighbours near: When they me saw they from me fled. 12Ev’n so I am forgot, As men are out of mind when dead: I’m like a broken pot. 13For slanders I of many heard; fear compass’d me, while they Against me did consult, and plot to take my life away. 14But as for me, O Lord, my trust upon thee I did lay; And I to thee, Thou art my God, did confidently say. 15My times are wholly in thine hand: do thou deliver me From their hands that mine enemies and persecutors be. 16Thy countenance to shine do thou upon thy servant make: Unto me give salvation, for thy great mercies’ sake. 17Let me not be asham’d, O Lord, for on thee call’d I have: Let wicked men be sham’d, let them be silent in the grave. 18To silence put the lying lips, that grievous things do say, And hard reports, in pride and scorn, on righteous men do lay. 19How great’s the goodness thou for them that fear thee keep’st in store, And wrought’st for them that trust in thee the sons of men before! 20In secret of thy presence thou shalt hide them from man’s pride: From strife of tongues thou closely shalt, as in a tent, them hide. 21All praise and thanks be to the Lord; for he hath magnify’d His wondrous love to me within a city fortify’d. 22For from thine eyes cut off I am, I in my haste had said; My voice yet heard’st thou, when to thee with cries my moan I made. 23O love the Lord, all ye his saints; because the Lord doth guard The faithful, and he plenteously proud doers doth reward. 24Be of good courage, and he strength unto your heart shall send, All ye whose hope and confidence doth on the Lord depend.

The Hand of God Shall Hold You

Author: Marty Haugen, b. 1950 Appears in 3 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 31:15 First Line: May God's light shine ever upon you Topics: Homeland Used With Tune: [May God's light shine ever upon you] Text Sources: Rite of Funerals; In paradisum (verse 2)

We turn to God when, we are sorely pressed

Author: Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906-1945) Meter: Appears in 3 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 31 Topics: Life in Christ Christ Incarnate - Passion and Death; Despair and Trouble; Doubt; God Protection of; Grief; Suffering Used With Tune: EVENTIDE Text Sources: Letters and Papers in Prison, 1953, SCM Press; translated Church Hymnary, Fourth Edition, 2005
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Security in God

Meter: Appears in 3 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 31 First Line: Defend me, Lord, from shame Lyrics: 1 Defend me, Lord, from shame, For still I trust in Thee; Since just and righteous is Thy Name, From trouble set me free. O Lord, in mercy hear, Deliver me with speed; Be my defense and refuge near, My help in time of need. 2 Thee for my rock I take, My fortress and my stay; O lead me for Thy own Name's sake And guide me in Thy way. Lord, Thou dost strength impart; Then free me from the snare Which foes for me, with wicked art, Did secretly prepare. 3 My spirit unto Thee I trustfully commend; Jehovah, God of truth, to me Thou didst redemption send. I hate the false and vain, My trust is in the Lord, And still my heart in joyous strain Thy mercy will record. Topics: Afflictions From the Wicked; Afflictions Prayer in; Afflictions Refuge in; Aspirations For Christ; Aspirations For Peace and Rest; Christ Abiding with Believers; Christ Light and Guide; Christ Preciousness of; Christians Believers; Comfort in Trials; Faith Act of; Faith Confidence of; God Our Guardian; God Our Guide; God Love and Mercy; Joy Reasons for; Prayer confidence in; Prayer For Christ's Sake; Protection Only from God; Safety Assured; Salvation God's Gift; Salvation Thanksgiving for; Sincerity; Temptation; Trust in God Blessedness of; Trust in God Expression of; Vanity Avioidance of Used With Tune: LEBANON
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From Shame and Insult set me free

Appears in 2 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 31 Lyrics: 1 From Shame and Insult set me free, For still, O LORD, I trust in thee; Once more your kind Assistance lend, Once more thy Servant's Cause defend: As just and righteous is thy Name, So let me now thy Favour claim. 2 Bow down, O LORD! thy gracious Ear, Do thou my stedfast Rock appear; To me some speedy Succour send, My Soul for Danger to defend: Hear thou my Voice, when I complain, And still my righteous Cause maintain. 3 Since thou'rt my Rock, and Foes oppress, Oh lead me out of this Distress, Thy wonted Help, my GOD, impart, For thou, my Strength and Fortress art: To thee alone I look for Aid, To shun the Snares, my Foes have laid. 4 Thou GOD of Mercy, Love and Truth! Who hast preserv'dst me from my Youth; My Life, my Soul, and all that's mine, To thee I willingly resign: To thee my Soul for Succour flies, For those I hate, who trust in Lies. Part II 5 Thy Name, Oh GOD! I'll ever bless, And still in chearful Songs express, The Mercies thou to me hast shewn; For Thou hast seen my straits, and known What gloomy Sorrows gather round, What rising Fears my Soul confund. 6 Whene'er thou saw'st my watchful Foes, Did in their Wiles my Strength enclose, Thou gav'st my Feet a larger Space, To fly from all their treach'rous Race; And shun the secret hidden Snare, Which for my Soul, they did prepare. 7 Thy Mercy, LORD, again display, For both my Soul and Flesh decay, Attend, O GOD, the just Complaint, Which I, with Grief and Hunger faint, With feeble Voice to thee address: Oh hear the Cries of my Distress! 8 Sad Thoughts my drooping Life oppress, My Sins have made my Strength decrease; My Years are spent in wasting Groans; Which e'en consume away my Bones; My foul Offences, to my View, Are ever rising fresh and new. Part III 9 My Foes at all my Suff'rings mock'd, My Friends at Sight of me were shock'd; My Neighbours chiefly did upbraid, They look'd at me as Men dismay'd; And when they did my Anguish see, With one Consent they fled from me. 1o Forsook by all my Friends am I, As one that's dead and out of mind; And like a shatter'd Vessel lie, Whose broken Parts can ne'er be join'd; No one to comfrt me appears, To ease my Grief or sooth my Cares. 11 Against me sland'rous Words they speak, Whilst they together Counsel take; They strive my guiltless Blood to shed, And yet they seem my Pow'r to dread; But still my Soul thy Goodness knows, And will her Hopes on thee repose. 12 Whatever strange Events betide, Thy Wisdom , LORD! will time them all; Thy Servant then in Safety hide From those who daily seek his Fall: O render all their Malice vain, Nor let my Foes their Will obtain. 13 The Brightness of thy glorious Face, To me, O righteous GOD, disclose, And as thy mercies still increase, Preserve me from my cruel Foes; Do thou in Mercy set me free From those who strive to ruin me. Part IV 14 Thy Servant from Dishonour save, Who still hath plac'd his Trust in thee; Let that, and Silence in the Grave, The Sinner's wretched Portion be: Do thou their lying Lips restrain; Who treat the Just with proud Disdain. 15 How great thy tender Mercies are To such as fear thy holy Name; Which, LORD, thou dost for them prepare, Who spread abroad thy glorious Fame: The Sons of Men thy Love shalt see, To those who put their Trust in thee. 16 Thou keep'st them ever in thy Sight, From all their proud Oppressors free; From Tongues that do in Strife delight, They are preserv'd still by thee; Thy Saints shall find thy Friendship sure, And in thy Temple rest secure. 17 With Glory and with great Renown. God's holy Name be ever bless'd; Whose Love is Keilab's well-fenc'd Town, To me was wond'rously express'd; For he was then my Strength and Tow'r, To guard me from assailing Pow'r. 18 Dismay'd with Fear, in hasty Flight, I said, "I'm banish'd from thine Eyes;" Yet still thou keptst me in thy Sight, And didst accept my earnest Cries; In Mercy thou didst bend thine Ear, And listen to my humble Pray'r. 19 O then, let all the Saints, the LORD With never-ending Love pursue, Who to the Just will Help afford, And surely give the Proud their Due: Courageously on God rely, Who will your Hearts with Strength supply. Topics: Prayers When percecuted; Thanksgivings For Deliverances and Wonders, particular Used With Tune: [From shame and insult set me free]
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To the chief Musican. A Psalm of David

Appears in 2 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 31 First Line: In thee, O Lord, I put my trust Lyrics: 1 In Thee, O LORD, I put my trust, asham'd ne'r let me be; Accordingly to thy righteousness, do thou deliver me. 2 Bow down thine ear to me: with speed give me deliverance To save me, be my rock of strength And house of my defence. 3 Because Thou art my rock and fort, in whom I will confide, Therefore for thy name sake do thou me safely, lead and guide. 4 O pull me from the net which they, for me in secret laid; Because Thou only art my strength, in whom I trust for aid. 5 Into thy hands I safe commit my soul; for Thou art He, O Thou JEHOVAH, God of truth who hast redeemed me. 6 The men who lying vanities regard, I have abhor'd: But I have plac'd my confidence alone upon the LORD.. 7 I in thy mercies will exult and will rejoyce; for Thou Did'st my affliction see and weigh, my soul in trouble know; 8 And didst not let my foe keep me enclosed in his hand; But in the place of liberty hast made my feet to stand. [2 Part] 9 O Lord, because I am distress'd, in mercy send relief: My soul, my bowels, and mine eye, Consumed are with grief. 10 Because my life with trouble fails; with groans my years decay: And for my sins my strength is spent, my bones consume away. 11 To all my foes I am a scorn neighbours especially; A fear to friends; and those abroad who see me from me fly. 12 Ev'n like a dead man, out of mind, I quite forgotten lie; And as the potter's vessel broke, so much despis'd am I. 13 For slanders I of many heard, and fears around me lay, While they consulted and devis'd to take my life away. 14 But all this while on Thee, O LORD, I trusted still for aid; "For Thou art my almighty God," my soul within me said; 15 My times are wholly in thy hand; now therefore set me free Far from the hand of all my foes and those who trouble me [3 Part] 16 The brightness of thy face to shine on me thy servant make; And thy salvation to me grant, For thy free mercy sake. 17 LORD, let me not ashamed be; for call'd on Thee I have; But wicked men shall be asham'd, till silent in the grave. 18 The lying lips shall silenc'd be, which grievous things have said; And hard reports in pride and scorn against the righteous spread. 19 How great thy goodness in thy store for those who fear Thee, then! Yea wrought for them who trust in Thee, before the sons of men! 20 In secret of thy presence Thou wilt screen them from man's pride, And safely wilt from strive of tongues in thy pavilion hide. 21 O let JEHOVAH blessed be, for wondrous kindness shown when threatning dangers me enclos'd within a fenced town. 22 For in my haste I tho't and said; "I'm cut off from thine eyes," Yet when I cry'd to Thee, then Thou didst kindly hear my cries. 23 O love the LORD all ye his saints! the LORD the faithful guards; But those who live and act in pride, He dreadfully rewards. 24 Encourage then your selves in him, and he'll more strength afford To your enfeebled hearts, all ye whose hope is in the LORD.
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In te Domine

Author: J. H. Appears in 2 hymnals Scripture: Psalm 31 First Line: O Lord I put my trust in thee Lyrics: 1 O Lord I put my trust in thee, let nothing work me shame: As thou art just deliver me, and set me quite from blame. 2 Heare me O God and that anon, to help me make good speed: Be thou my rock and house of stone, my fence in time of need. 3 For why? as stones thy strength is tri'd, thou art my fort and tow'er: For thy Names sake be thou my guide, and leade me in thy power. 4 Pluck thou my feet out of the snare, which they for me have laid: Thou art my strength, and all my care is for thy mighty aid. 5 Into thy hands Lord I commit my spirit which is thy due: Because thou hast redeemed it, O Lord my God most true. 6 I hate such folk as will not part from things to be abhor'd: When they on trifles set their heart, my trust is in the Lord. 7 For I will in thy mercy joy, I see it doth excell: Thou seest when ought would me annoy, and knowst my soule full well. 8 Thou hast not left me in their hand that would me over-charge; But thou hast set me out of band, to walk abroad at large. The second Part: 9 Great griefe O Lord, doth me assaile, some pity on me take: Mine eyes wax dim, my sight doth faile my womb for woe doth ake. 10 My life is worn with grief and paine, my yeares in wo are past: My strength is gone, & through disdaine my bones corrupt and wast. 11 Among my foes I am a scorne, my friends are all dismaid; My neighbours, and my kinsmen born, to see me are afraid. 12 As men once dead are out of mind, so am I now forgot: As small effect in me they find, as of a broken pot. 13 I heard the brags of all the rout, their threats my mind did fray: How they conspir'd and went about to take my life away. 14 But Lord I trust in thee for aid, not to be over-trod; For I confesse and still have said, thou art the Lord my God. 15 The length of all my life and age O Lord, is in thy hand: Defend me from the wrath and rage of them that me withstand. 16 To me, thy servant (Lord) expresse and shew thy joyfull face: And save me Lord for thy goodnesse, thy mercy, and thy grace. The third Part: 17 Lord, let me not be put to blame, because on thee I call: But let the wicked beare the shame, and into their grave fall. 18 O Lord, make dumb their lips outright, which are addict to lies: And cruelly with pride and spight against the just devise. 19 O how great good hast thou in store, laid up full safe for them That feare and trust in thee therefore, before the sonnes of men. 20 Thy presence shall them fence and guide from all proud brags and wrongs: Within thy place thou shalt them hide from all tile strife of tongues. 21 Thanks to the Lord, that hath declar'd on me his grace so farre: Me to defend with watch and ward, as in a town of warre. 22 Thus did I say both day and night, when I was sore opprest, Lo I was cleane cast out of sight, yet heardst thou my request. 23 Ye Saint, love ye the Lord, I say, the faithfull he doth guide: And to the proud he doth repay according to their pride. 24 Be strong and God will stay your heart, be bold and have a lust: For sure the Lord will take your part, sith ye in him do trust.


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