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Claire Cloninger

1942 - 2019 Person Name: Claire Cloninger, 1942- Paraphraser of "If My People's Hearts Are Humbled" in Worship and Rejoice

H. Elvet Lewis

1860 - 1953 Person Name: Howell E. Lewis, 1860- Author of "Lord of Light, Whose Name Outshineth" in Christian Worship Lewis, Howell Elvet, M.A., born April 14, 1860, and educated for the Congregational Ministry. After holding several charges in the country, he removed to London in 1898. His Sweet Singers of Wales, 1889, contains translations of standard Welsh hymns. They are well done, and worthy of attention on the part of hymn-book compilers. Mr. Lewis is M.A. of the University of Wales. [Rev. T. G. Crippen] --John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907) ================= Howell Elvet Lewis, CH (14 April 1860 – 10 December 1953), widely known by his bardic name Elfed, was a Welsh Congregational minister, hymn-writer, and devotional poet, who served as Archdruid of the National Eisteddfod of Wales from 1924 to 1928. Elfed was born on 14 April 1860, the eldest son of twelve children of James and Anna Lewis, of Y Gangell, near Blaenycoed, Carmarthenshire. His father was a farm labourer and his mother was a local shopkeeper. He had a very limited early education, but through self-study and attendance at the local chapel schoolroom he managed to gain entry to Newcastle Emlyn Grammar School at the age of 14. Two years later he succeeded in an examination for admission to the Presbyterian College, Carmarthen, where he trained for the ministry. Elfed was ordained in 1880 and was made pastor of St John’s English Congregational Church in Buckley, Flintshire, where the local Secondary School Elfed High School is named after him. In 1884 he moved to minister at Fish Street Church, Hull. He returned to Wales in 1891 as minister of the English Congregational Park Chapel, Llanelli. In 1898 he accepted a calling to Harecourt Chapel in London, where he remained until 1904. In 1904 he became minister of Tabernacle Chapel (Capel y Tabernacl in Welsh) – a Welsh language Congregational chapel in King's Cross, London. He remained at Y Tabernacl until his retirement in 1940. He retired to Penarth, where he became a member of Ebeneser Chapel, Cardiff. Apart from serving as a church minister Elfed's ministry included two periods as chair of the London Missionary Board in 1910 and 1922. He was one of three representatives of the Congregational Union of England and Wales invited to visit Madagascar to celebrate the centenary of the arrival of the first missionaries to the country. He was elected President of the National Free Church Council, 1926–27, President of the Welsh Union of the League of Nations, 1927–28, and chairman of the Congregational Union in 1933. Elfed's literary output was prolific: he wrote essays, historical treaties, obituaries, devotional works and poetry. He won the National Eisteddfod Crown consecutively in 1888 (Wrexham) and 1889 (Brecon), and the Chair in 1894 (Caernarfon).[5] He was inaugurated into the bardic order of the Gorsedd in 1888 and enthroned as its Archdruid in 1924, a position which he held until 1928. Elfed's greatest contribution to Welsh literature was in the field of hymnody and hymnology. He published his first hymn, O Dywysog Pob Daioni, in 1881 during the first year of his ministry, he went on to write a large number of original hymns in Welsh and in English and to translate hymns between the two languages, many of which are still popular with congregations today. Among his best known original Welsh language hymns is the patriotic hymn Cofia'n gwlad Benllywydd tirion (described as "a kind of second national anthem"); while his original English hymn Lord of Light, Your Name Outshining is widely used in hymn books on both sides of the Atlantic. A number of Welsh hymns translated into English appeared in a series of articles published in the magazine Sunday at Home, and were republished in book form in 1889 by the Religious Tract Society as Sweet Singers of Wales. The University of Wales awarded Elfed three honorary degrees: MA (1906), D.D. (1937) and Ll.D (1949). He was the first person to achieve such an honour from the University. He was created a Companion of Honour in 1948. Marriage and family Elfed married three times. Elfed died on 10 December 1953. He was cremated and his ashes were scattered in Blaenycoed Principal publications: Welsh Caniadau (2 vols, 1895-1901) English My Christ and other Poems (1891) Israel and other Poems (1930) Songs of Assisi (1938) (excerpts) See also in: Wikipedia

Martin E. Leckebusch

b. 1962 Person Name: Martin Leckebusch Author of "Show Us How to Stand for Justice" in Celebrating Grace Hymnal

Jack Schrader

b. 1942 Person Name: Jack Schrader, 1942- Arranger of "PLEADING SAVIOR" in Worship and Rejoice JACK SCHRADER (b. 1942), arranger, composer, conductor, vocalist, and organist/pianist, is past editor with Hope Publishing Company, retiring in January of 2009. His association with Hope began in 1978. A 1964 graduate of Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, where he majored in Voice and Organ, he also received the Bachelor of Music Education degree from the University of Nebraska (1966). Further studies in theology culminated in Jack's ordination by the Evangelical Free Church of America (1975). Born in St. Louis, Missouri, he now resides in Wheaton, Illinois, with his wife, Karen. They have three children, Beth, Jonathan and Joel, and currently three grandchildren. Jack is the best selling choral composer in the Hope catalog. In addition to choral music Jack has published collections for keyboardists, instrumentalists and vocal soloists. He was a member of the editorial committee for Hope's most recent hymnal, WORSHIP & REJOICE (2001), in which he has 24 hymn credits. His music is heard in hundreds of churches across the country each Sunday, and he can be seen throughout the year as a guest clinician at choral reading sessions and workshops.

Joy F. Patterson

b. 1931 Person Name: Joy F. Patterson, b. 1931 Author of "Jesus Heard with Deep Compassion" in Sing! A New Creation Joy F. Patterson (b. 1931), of Wassau, Wisconsin, is an elder in the Presbyterian Church who has written many texts and tunes; twenty-nine are collected in Come, You People of the Promise (Hope Publishing, Co., 1994); another collection, Teach Our Eyes New Ways of Seeing, was published in 2005 (Selah). Patterson has enjoyed a varied career as a French professor, homemaker, and claim representative for the Social Security Administration. Sing! A New Creation

Herbert O'Driscoll

b. 1928 Person Name: Thomas Herbert O'Driscoll, b. 1928 Author of "Sing of Eve and sing of Adam" in The Irish Presbyterian Hymnbook O'Driscoll, Herbert. (Cork, Ireland, October 17, 1928-- ). Anglican. Graduated from Trinity College, Dublin, 1951. Pastorates at Monkstown (Ireland), 1952-1954; Ottawa, Ontario, 1954-1957, 1962-1968; Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, 1957-1960 (naval chaplaincy); Carp, Ont., 1960-1962; Vancouver, British Columbia, (dean), 1968-1982. In 1982 he moved to Washington, D.C. to become the warden of the College of Preachers at Washington Cathedral, but returned to Canada after one year. In both his hymns and his published sermons, he uses traditional techniques to set forth contemporary concerns, so that his work is unusually approachable. --Hugh D. McKellar, DNAH Archives Also: O'Driscoll, T. Herbert (Thomas Herbert) O'Driscoll, Thomas Herbert

Robert Murray

1832 - 1910 Person Name: Robert Murray, d. 1910 Author of "Lord, Thou dost love the cheerful giver" in The Mennonite Hymnal Murray, Robert, Minister of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, born Dec. 25, 1832, is the author of "From ocean unto ocean" (National Hymn), and "Lord, Thou lov'st the cheerful giver" (Almsgiving), in the Scotch Church Hymnary, 1898. [Rev. James Bonar M.A.] --John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907) ====================== Murray, Robert. (Earltown, Nova Scotia, December 25, 1832--December 12, 1910, Halifax, N.S.). Presbyterian. Study at Halifax's Free Church College yielded him a licence to preach, but instead of seeking ordination he edited (1855-1910) his denomination's principal periodical in the Maritimes, Presbyterian Witness. In its pages, and from pulpits, he strongly supported controversial causes like temperance, Sunday observance, and the Confederation of 1867 (which in Halifax was greeting with a day of public mourning). These interests are reflected in his four hymns included in Canadian Presbyterians' first Hymnal (1880)--though, as the sole native-born contributor, he attached to them only the initial "M." to avoid giving the impression of claiming equality with poets of the homeland. --Hugh D. McKellar, DNAH Archives

Walter John Mathams

1853 - 1931 Person Name: Walter J. Mathams Author of "Far Away in Old Judea" in Sing for Joy Mathams, Walter John, was born in London, Oct. 30, 1853. Early in life he went to sea; but on returning through Palestine to England he began to study for the Ministry. In 1874 he entered the Regent's Park Baptist College as a Student, and subsequently had a pastoral charge at Preston, Lancashire. In 1879, his health failing, he went for a time to Australia and other places. Returning to England, he became, in 1883, minister at Falkirk, Scotland, and in 1888, at Birmingham. Whilst a student, he published a small volume of hymns and poems as At Jesus' Feet, (1876). He is also the author of several religious books of a popular character, as: Fireside Parables, 1879; Sunday Parables, 1883, &c. His principal hymns are:— 1. Bright falls the morning light. Morning. 2. Gentle Jesus, full of grace. Learning of Christ. 3. Go, work for God, and do not say. Christian Work. 4. God loves the little sparrows. Divine Providence. 5. Jesus, Friend of little children. Child's Prayer to Christ. 6. My heart, 0 God, be wholly Thine. Consecration. 7. No room for Thee, Lord Jesus. No room for Christ. 8. Reign in my heart, Great God. Consecration. 9. Sailing on the ocean. Life a Voyage. Nos. 1 and 6 of these hymns first appeared in his At Jesus’ Feet, 1876. Mr. Mathams has written several other hymns which have appeared in magazines and elsewhere. One of these, "Good has come from Nazareth," has been set to music by Dr. E. J. Hopkins. The 9 hymns named above are mainly in Baptist hymnbooks. [Rev. W. R. Stevenson, M.A.] -- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907) ============== Mathams, W. J. , p. 718, ii. Mr. Mathams entered the ministry of the Established Church of Scotland in 1900, acted for two years as chaplain to the Scottish forces in Egypt, and is now (1906) minister in charge of the parish of Stronsay, Orkney. His recent hymns include:— 1. Captain and Comrade of us all. [For Soldiers and Sailors.] Written and printed for use at a service held at Gourock Parish Church, April 10, 1904, on behalf of the Queen Victoria Memorial School for sons of Scottish sailors and soldiers. 2. From heights where God is reigning. [Boys' Brigade.] Written, 1905, for the S. S. Hymnary, 1905. 3. God is with us, God is with us. [Christian Warfare.] Written by request of the Nat. Council of Evang. Free Churches, first sung at their Congress at Nottingham, 1896, and published in the Christian Endeavour Hymnal, 1896. 4. Lord Jesus Christ! for love of Thee. [Christian Warfare.] Written in 1899, in connection with the Centenary Fund of the Congreg. Union. In the Sunday School Hymnary, 1905. 5. 0 Christ, sweet Rose of Sharon. [The Rose of Sharon.] Contributed to the Christian Endeavour Hymnal, 1896. We may add that of the hymns noted at p. 718, ii., Nos. 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9 were contributed to the Baptist Psalms and Hymns for School and Home, 1882, and that No. 7, first printed as a leaflet in 1878, is in the Suppl. of 1880 to the Baptist Psalms and Hymns. [Rev. James Mearns, M.A.] --John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

Georgina Pando-Connolly

b. 1946 Person Name: Georgina Pando-Connolly, b. 1946 Translator of "Lord, Whose Love in Humble Service (Con tu fiel servicio, oh Cristo)" in Santo, Santo, Santo

R. B. Y. Scott

1899 - 1987 Person Name: Robert B. Y. Scott, 1899-1987 Author of "Sing Your Praises to the Father" in One in Faith Scott, Robert Balgarnie Young. (Toronto, Ontario, July 18, 1899--November 1, 1987). United Church. University of Toronto, B.A., 1922; M.A., 1924; Ph.D., 1928. Pastorate at Long Branch, Ont., 1926-1928; professor of Old Testament at Union College (Vancouver), 1928-1931; United Theological College (Montreal), 1931-1955; Princeton University, 1955-1968; also dean of divinity at McGill University (Montreal), 1945-1955. Published many translations of, and commentaries on, Old Testament material, as well as on the Dead Sea Scrolls. Most of his hymns date from his years in Montreal. --Hugh D. McKellar, DNAH Archives


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