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A. K. S.

Translator of "Come, Holy Ghost, teach us in faith"

A. K. W.

Author of "The Children's Day" in Exalted Praise

A. L. A.

Composer of "[A crowd fills the court of the temple]" in Infant Praises

A. L. C.

Author of "Waiting, Only Waiting" in Gates Ajar

A. Laurence Lyon

1934 - 2006 Person Name: A. Laurence Lyon, b. 1934 Composer of "EDGAR" in Hymns of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

A. Lovell & Co.

Publisher of "" in Hymns of Salvation Toronto

A. M. Hall

Publisher of "" in God's Blessings Dansville, NY

A. M. M.

Translator of "Glory To God! We Were In Bitter Need" in The Cyber Hymnal

A. Marcus and E. Weber

Person Name: A. Marcus und E. Weber Publisher of "" in Martin Luthers geistliche Lieder

A. Mc. G.

Person Name: A. Mc.G. Composer of "[Come, praise the Lord, exalt His name]" in Gospel Hymns No. 5 May be Addie McGranahan, the wife of James McGranahan


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