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Scripture:Psalm 31:9-16

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Psalm 31: I Put My Life in Your Hands

Author: Marty Haugen Hymnal: Gather Comprehensive #43 (1994) Scripture: Psalm 31:2-17 First Line: In you, O Lord I take refuge Refrain First Line: I: Father, I put my life in your hands; II: O Lord, be my rock of safety Topics: Ordinary Time Ninth Sunday Languages: English Tune Title: [In you, O Lord I take refuge] (Haugen)
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In Thee, O Lord, I place my Trust

Hymnal: A New Version of the Psalms of David #50 (1752) Scripture: Psalm 31 Lyrics: 1. In Thee, O Lord, I place my Trust, O put me not to Shame; Deliver me from threatening Ills, As righteous is thy Name. 2. Bow down thy gracious Ear, let me Deliv'rance speedy gain; Be my strong Rock, and shelt'ring Tow'r, Where I may safe remain 3. For thou my Rock, and Fortress, art; For thy Name's Sake me guide. 4. O pull me from their private Snares; Thou do'st my Strength abide. 5. Into thine Hands, almighty God, My Spirit I commit; Lord God of Truth, who to redeem Hast never fail'd me yet. 6. Who lying Vanities regard, I always have abhor'd; But ever, in my greatest Straights, Have trusted in the Lord. 7. With Joy, and Gladness, I'll record The Mercies thou hast shown; For thou hast mine Affliction seen, My Soul in Trouble known. 8. Thou hast not shut me in the Pow'r Of a false treach'rous Race; But set my Feet at Liberty In an enlarged Place. Second Part 9. O Lord, have Mercy upon me, My Trouble on me preys; Mine Eyes consume, my Spirits fail, My Strength with Grief decays. 10. My Life is spent with Grief, my Years Consume in Sighs, and Groans; My Sins have rob'd me of my Strength, And wasted all my Bones. 11. By all my Foes, and Neighbours too, I in Reproach was had; I was a Terror to my Friends, When I drew near, they fled, 12. I am forgot, like one that's dead, Whose Name, and Memory's lost; Like earthen Vessels that are broke, Away, as useless, tost. 13. Their many Slanders I have heard; Just Fears about me spread, While they took Counsel, and devis'd, My guiltless Blood to shed. 14. I said, thou art my God, my Trust, "I in Thee, Lord repose; 15. "My Times are in thine Hand, defend "Me from pursuing Foes. 16. The Brightness of thy Face to shine On me, thy Servant, make; And thy Salvation to me grant, For thy free Mercy's Sake. 17. Let me not be asham'd, O Lord, Whose Pity still I crave; But let the Wicked be asham'd, And silent in the Grave. 18. Silence their false reviling Tongues, Which grievous Slanders vent; In Arrogance, and high Contempt, Against the Innocent. Third Part 19. How wondrous great's thy Goodness Lord, Reserved for the Just; Which thou hast wrought, before the World, For all in Thee, who trust. 20. Thou in thy Presence shalt them skreen, From all the Sons of Pride; And cover'd from the Strife of Tongues In thy Pavilion hide. 2I. Forever blessed be the Lord, For wondrous Kindness shown; When threatening Dangers me enclos'd, Within a fenced Town. 22. For then in Hast, I rashly said, "I'm banish'd from thine Eyes; Yet thou hast heard my groaning Voice, And answered all my Cries. 23. O love the Lord, all ye his Saints, Who doth the Faithful guard; But on proud Doers justly heaps A plentifull Reward. 24. Then let your Courage firm remain, In his ne'er failing Word; Confirm your Hearts, all ye whose Hope Is fixed on the Lord. Languages: English

Psalm 32: I Turn to You, Lord

Author: Roy James Stewart Hymnal: RitualSong #64 (1996) Scripture: Psalms 1-150 First Line: Happy the one whose sin is forgiven Refrain First Line: I turn to you, Lord, in times of trouble and you fill me Topics: 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B; Christian Initiation; Conversion; Evening; Forgiveness; Interfaith; Journey; Lent; Penance; Salvation; Sin; Suffering; Trial and Tribulation Languages: English Tune Title: [Happy the one whose sin is forgiven]

Let My Spirit Always Sing

Author: Shirley Erena Murray Hymnal: More Voices #83 (2007) Meter: 7.7.7 D Scripture: Psalm 31:15 Lyrics: 1 Let my spirit always sing, though my heart be wintering, though the season of despair give no sign that you are there, God to whom my days belong, let there always be a song. 2 Though my body be confined, let your word engage my mind, let the inner eye discern how much more there is to learn, see the world becoming whole through the window of the soul. 3 Let your wisdom grace my years, choose my words and chase my fears, give me wit to welcome change, to accept, and not estrange, let my joy be full and deep in the knowledge that I keep. 4 Let my spirit always sing, to your Spirit answering, through the silence, through the pain know my hope is not in vain, like a feather on your breath trust your love, through life and death. Topics: Confession, Lament, and Healing; Aging; Centring; Christian Year Advent; Christian Year Lent; Discernment; God Presence; Healing; Health/Wellness; Hope; Joy; Nurture; Service Music Confession; Service Music Response / Affirmation; Trust; Winter Languages: English Tune Title: SPIRITSONG

O Give Thanks to the LORD (Yao gan-xie Shang-Zhu)

Author: I-to Loh; C. Michael Hawn Hymnal: Sound the Bamboo #99 (2000) Scripture: Psalms 1-150 First Line: Yao gan-xie Shang-Zhu (O give thanks to the LORD) Topics: Biblical Narrative; God in Creation and Providence Creator; God in Creation and Providence Providence and Goodness; Psalm; Thanksgiving Languages: Mandarin Tune Title: MIHAMEK

Be a rock of refuge for me, O Lord

Hymnal: Catholic Book of Worship III #136 (1994) Scripture: Psalm 31 Topics: Eucharistic Celebration (Mass) Responsorial Psalms; Sacraments/Rites Reconciliation; Trust in God Languages: English Tune Title: [Be a rock of refuge for me, O Lord]

Psalm 31:9-16

Author: Ladies of the Grail; Hal H. Hopson Hymnal: The Presbyterian Hymnal #182 (1990) Scripture: Psalm 31:9-16 First Line: Have mercy on me, O Lord Refrain First Line: O Lord, You are my God Lyrics: Refrain: O Lord, You are my God, I trust in You. 1 Have mercy on me, O Lord, for I am in distress. Tears have wasted my eyes, my throat, and my heart. 2 For my life is spent with sorrow and my years with sighs. Affliction has broken down my strength and my bones waste away. (Refrain) 3 In the face of all my foes I am a reproach, An object of scorn to my neighbors and of fear to my friends. 4 Those who see me in the street run far away from me. I am like the dead, forgotten by all, like a thing thrown away. (Refrain) 5 I have heard the slander of the crowd, fear is all around me, As they plot together against me, as they plan to take my life. 6 But as for me, I trust in You, Lord, I say: You are my God. My life is in Your hands deliver me from the hands of those who hate me. 7 Let Your face shine upon Your servant. Save me in Your love. (Refrain) Topics: Supplication Languages: English Tune Title: [Have mercy on me, O Lord]

You have redeemed us, Lord, God of truth

Hymnal: Worship (3rd ed.) #208 (1986) Scripture: Psalm 31 Topics: Psalm Responses/Rites Penance Languages: English Tune Title: [You have redeemed us, Lord, God of truth]

You Are My Refuge, Faithful God (Psalm 31)

Author: David Gambrell Hymnal: Glory to God #214 (2013) Meter: Scripture: Psalm 31 First Line: You are my refuge, faithful God Topics: Christian Year Palm Sunday; Christian Year Maundy Thursday; Christian Year Good Friday; God's Covenant with Israel; Jesus Christ Passion and Death; Lament; Redemption; Trust Languages: English Tune Title: MORNING SONG

Amarte es lo mejor

Author: Mark Pendergrass; Esteban Sywulka B. Hymnal: Celebremos Su Gloria #389 (1992) Meter: Scripture: Psalm 31:14-24 First Line: Amarte, Dios, es lo mejor que puedo hacer Topics: Amor Cristiano; Christian Love; Amor de Dios; Love Of God; Comunión con Dios; Communion with God; Ordenación; Ordination; Servicio Cristiano; Christian Service Languages: Spanish Tune Title: THE GREATEST THING


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