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Scripture:Psalm 31:9-16

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Psalm 31: Father, I Put My Life in Your Hands

Hymnal: RitualSong #62 (1996) Scripture: Psalm 31:12-13 First Line: In you, O Lord, I take refuge Refrain First Line: Father, I put my life in your hands Topics: Commitment; Encouragement; Good Friday; Good Friday; Hope; Interfaith; Pastoral Care of the Sick; Penance; Redemption; Refuge; Salvation; Suffering; Triduum; Trust Languages: English Tune Title: [In you, O Lord, I take refuge]
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My Spirit Unto Thee

Hymnal: Bible Songs No. 4 #69 (1917) Scripture: Psalm 31 First Line: O Lord, in mercy hear Languages: English Tune Title: [O Lord, in mercy hear]
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The Home Call

Hymnal: Sacred Songs No. 2 #125 (1899) Scripture: Psalm 31:15 First Line: It matters not, the manner of our going Lyrics: 1 It matters not—the manner of our going; Sooner or later comes the Master’s call; In summer’s sunshine, or in winter’s blowing, The message comes to all. 2 It matters not, if only we are ready, Doing His will, accepted by His grace, Bearing the banner of our great hope steady, And standing in our place. 3 It matters not—the way of life’s conclusion, If by Redeeming Love we are possessed; In deepest hush or wildest storm’s confusion— The Father knoweth best. Tune Title: [It matters not, the manner of our going]

LORD, I Gladly Trust

Author: Martin Leckebusch Hymnal: Lift Up Your Hearts #354 (2013) Meter: Scripture: Psalm 31 First Line: LORD, I gladly trust in you Topics: Jesus Christ Presence; Walk with God Languages: English Tune Title: REDHEAD 76

Salmo 31–Haz resplanecer tu rostro

Hymnal: El Himnario #417 (1998) Scripture: Psalm 31 First Line: En ti, Jehová, he confiado Refrain First Line: Haz resplanecer tu rostro Topics: Salmos; Trust; Salmos; Psalms; Confianza Languages: Spanish Tune Title: GLÁUCIA

Salmo 31–Haz resplanecer tu rostro

Hymnal: El Himnario Presbiteriano #417 (1999) Scripture: Psalm 31 First Line: En ti, Jehová, he confiado Refrain First Line: Haz resplanecer tu rostro Topics: Salmos; Salmos; Confianza Languages: Spanish Tune Title: GLÁUCIA

O Morning Star, O Radiant Sun

Author: F. von Spee, 1591-1635; M. L. Selts, 1909-1967; Martin Tel Hymnal: Lift Up Your Hearts #472 (2013) Meter: Scripture: Psalm 31:14-15 Topics: God's Providence; Jesus Christ Second Coming; Victory Languages: English Tune Title: O HEILAND, REISS DIE HIMMEL AUF

Padre, a tus manos encomiendo mi espíritu (Father, into your hands I commend my spirit)

Hymnal: Oramos Cantando = We Pray In Song #851 (2013) Scripture: Psalm 31 Topics: Good Friday; Celebration of the Passion of the Lord ABC Liturgy of the Word; Viernes Santo: Celebración de la Pasión del Señor Liturgia de la Palabra Languages: English; Spanish Tune Title: [Padre, a tus manos encomiendo mi espíritu]
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In thee, O God, my constant trust I place

Hymnal: New Version of the Psalms of David #XXXI (1756) Scripture: Psalm 31 Lyrics: 1 In thee, O God, my constant trust I place; Let not thy faithful servant meet disgrace; 2 Exert thy justice, and benignly hear; Guide me in safety, and dispel my fear; Thou art my tow'r of strength; my rock art thou; Be still my rock; my tow'r of strength be now. 4 On thee relying, shall I be dismay'd? O save me from the secret net they've laid. 5 My great redeemer thou, secure I'll stand Beneath the shelter of thy mighty hand: 6 My trust the dread Jehovah; I despise The fools that deal in vanity and lies; 7 Yes; in thy mercy shall my soul rejoice; Oft in her troubles hast thou heard her voice; 8 Oft, when her foes assail'd, hast set her free, And giv'n my fetter'd feet full liberty. 9 But now in bitterness of heart I mourn; And humbly to the God of mercy turn; Mine eyes with constant, scalding tears decay; Pines my sad soul; my body wears away; 10 My life is spent with griefs, my years in sighs; Wither my bones; my strength within me dies. 11 My foes insult me, and deride my woe; My neighbours round a mean abhorrence shew; Nay; e'en my friends for fear come not anigh, And, when they see me at a distance, fly. 12 As one among the dead, I'm quite forgot, Sink beneath notice; and am really nought; 13 Their slanders, their soul calumnies I hear; On ev'ry side surrounds me ev'rv fear; Their base devices 'gainst my life I know, And what their secret malice dooms me to. 14 Yet still, O Lord, on thee I've fix'd my trust; My God I'll call thee, for thou still art just: 15 Thou rul'st my life; it's term depends on thee; free me from the cruel enemy: 16 Bright on thy servant, let thy goodness shine, And shield me with thy clemency divine: 17 Thy help implor'd, let me not sink in shame; Be that their destin'd lot, that hate thy name: That love a lie, are cruel, vain and proud, And vent their horrid slanders 'gainst the good: Let them, just God, of shame their portion have; And sleep in dreadful silence in the grave. 19 How great thy goodness? how thy bounties flow On all that to thy laws obedience shew? 'Fore all the earth, what wonders hast thou wrought For them that rev'rence thee in act, in thought? 20 In vain the pow'rful wicked vaunt their pride; Them from their malice thou'lt securely hide; In vain the pois'nous tongue assaults their fame; A safe protection in thy house they claim. 21 Eternal praiie, eternal thanks, O Lord; For wondrous was the aid thou didst afford; Not armed hosts, not strongest tow'rs can prove Such sure defence, as yields thy pow'rful love. 22 Void of support, quite comfortless and poor, I said, despairing; " All my hopes are o'er;" When thou the voice of my complaint didst hear, And in my worst distress dispell'dst my fear. 24 Therefore, ye pious souls, ye truly just, Love well the Lord, and in his goodness trust; For he'll the proud ones of the earth destroy, And bless the humble with immortal joy. 25 Be brave, be dauntless then; pursue the road, The path that leads you to the throne of God; With steady feet go on; on him depend; Crown'd are our labours, when our God's our friend. Languages: English
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Those mercies thou hast shown

Hymnal: The Whole Book of Psalms #XXXI.II (1793) Scripture: Psalm 31


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