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The Morning Light Is Breaking

Author: Samuel Francis Smith Appears in 1,172 hymnals First Line: The morning light is breaking, the darkness disappears Lyrics: 1. The morning light is breaking, the darkness disappears; The sons of earth are waking, to penitential tears; Each breeze that sweeps the ocean brings tidings from afar Of nations in commotion, prepared for Zion’s war. 2. Rich dews of grace come o’er us, in many a gentle shower, And brighter scenes before us, are opening every hour; Each cry to Heaven going, abundant answers brings, And heav’nly winds are blowing, with peace upon their wings. 3. See heathen nations bending before the God we love, And thousand hearts ascending in gratitude above: While sinners, now confessing, the Gospel call obey, And seek the Savior’s blessing, a nation in a day. 4. Blest river of salvation, pursue thy onward way; Flow thou to every nation, nor in thy riches stay: Stay not till all the lowly triumphant reach their home; Stay not till all the holy proclaim, The Lord is come. Used With Tune: WEBB

O God, in Whom We Live and Move

Author: Samuel Longfellow Meter: Appears in 36 hymnals Lyrics: 1. O God, in whom we live and move, Thy love is law, Thy law is love; Thy present Spirit waits to fill The soul which comes to do Thy will. 2. Unto thy children’s spirits teach Thy love, beyond the powers of speech; And make them know, with joyful awe, The encircling presence of Thy law. 3. Its patient working doth fulfill Man’s hope, and God’s all-perfect will, Nor suffers one true word or thought, Or deed of love, to come to naught. 4. Such faith, O God, our spirits fill, That we may work in patience still. Who works for justice, works for Thee; Who works in love, Thy child shall be. Used With Tune: GERMANY

Rise, My Soul, and Stretch Thy Wings

Author: Robert Seagrave Meter: Appears in 807 hymnals Lyrics: 1. Rise, my soul, and stretch thy wings, thy better portion trace; Rise from transitory things, toward Heaven, thy native place: Sun and moon and stars decay, time shall soon this earth remove; Rise, my soul, and haste away to seats prepared above. 2. Rivers to the ocean run, nor stay in all their course; Fire ascending seeks the sun; both speed them to their source: So my soul, that’s born of God, pants to view His glorious face, Upward tends to His abode, to rest in His embrace. 3. Fly me riches, fly me cares, whilst I that coast explore; Flattering world, with all thy snares, solicit me no more. Pilgrims fix not here their home; strangers tarry but a night; When the last dear morn is come, they’ll rise to joyful light. 4. Cease, ye pilgrims, cease to mourn, press onward to the prize; Soon thy Savior will return, triumphant in the skies: Yet a season, and you know happy entrance will be given All our sorrows left below, and earth exchanged for Heaven. Used With Tune: AMSTERDAM Text Sources: Hymns for Christian Worship, Partly Composed and Partly Collected from Various Authors, 1742

Welcome, Sweet Day of Rest

Author: Isaac Watts Meter: Appears in 766 hymnals Lyrics: 1. Welcome, sweet day of rest, That saw the Lord arise; Welcome to this reviving breast, And these rejoicing eyes! 2. The King Himself comes near, And feasts His saints today; Here we may sit, and see Him here, And love, and praise, and pray. 3. One day in such a place, Where my dear God hath been, Is sweeter than ten thousand days Of pleasurable sin. 4. My willing soul would stay In such a frame as this, And sit and sing herself away To everlasting bliss. Used With Tune: LISBON Text Sources: Hymns and Spiritual Songs, 1707

Gather Around the Christmas Tree

Author: John Henry Hopkins, Jr. Appears in 32 hymnals Refrain First Line: Hosanna, hosanna Lyrics: 1. Gather around the Christmas tree! Gather around the Christmas tree! Evergreen have its branches been, It is king of all the woodland scene; For Christ our King is born today! His reign shall never pass away. Refrain Hosanna, hosanna, Hosanna in the highest! 2. Gather around the Christmas tree! Gather around the Christmas tree! Once the pride of the mountainside, Now cut down to grace our Christmastide; For Christ from Heav’n to earth came down, To gain, through death, a nobler crown. [Refrain] 3. Gather around the Christmas tree! Gather around the Christmas tree! Every bough bears a burden now— They are gifts of love for us, we trow; For Christ is born, His love to show, And give good gifts to men below. [Refrain] 4. Farewell to thee, O Christmas tree! Farewell to thee, O Christmas tree! Twelve months o’er, we shall meet once more, Merry welcome singing, as of yore, For Christ now reigns, our Savior dear, And gives us Christmas every year! [Refrain] Used With Tune: [Gather around the Christmas tree] Text Sources: Carols, Hymns and Songs (New York: Church Book Depository, 1863), pages 18-19

Ascribe to the Lord Our God

Author: Susan H. Peterson Appears in 1 hymnal Lyrics: 1. Ascribe to the Lord our God, Ascribe to Him glory, might. Ascribe to the Lord the glory due His name And worship Him aright. Come worship in the splendor of holiness. 2. The voice of the Lord is heard; The Lord thunders o’er the sea. The voice of the Lord is powerful and strong; God speaks with majesty. We hear Your voice and worship in holiness. 3. God’s voice breaks the cedars tall; He strips all the forests bare. The mountains He shakes; they skip just like a calf. His glory all declare. We hear Your voice and worship in holiness. 4. The voice of the Lord does strike With flashes of lightning bright. The voice of the Lord does shake the desert sands; The deer give birth in fright. We hear Your voice and worship in holiness. 5. The Lord o’er the flood did reign; As King, He’s fore’er enthroned. The Lord gives His people strength for every day; With peace, they’re blessed and crowned. You’ve blessed us, Lord; we worship in holiness. Used With Tune: MARION

Blest Day of God, Most Calm, Most Bright

Author: John Mason Meter: Appears in 132 hymnals Lyrics: 1. Blest day of God, most calm, most bright, The first, the best of days; The laborer’s rest, the saint’s delight, The day of prayer and praise. 2. My Savior’s face made thee to shine; His rising thee did raise; And made thee heavenly and divine Beyond all other days. 3. The first-fruits oft a blessing prove To all the sheaves behind; And they the day of Christ who love, A happy week shall find. 4. This day I must with God appear; For, Lord, the day is Thine; Help me to spend it in Thy fear, And thus to make it mine. Used With Tune: RICHMOND (Haweis) Text Sources: Songs of Praise, 1683

Blow Ye the Trumpet, Blow

Author: Charles Wesley Meter: Appears in 949 hymnals Refrain First Line: The year of jubilee is come! Lyrics: 1. Blow ye the trumpet, blow! The gladly solemn sound Let all the nations know, To earth’s remotest bound: Refrain: The year of jubilee is come! The year of jubilee is come! Return, ye ransomed sinners, home. 2. Jesus, our great high priest, Hath full atonement made, Ye weary spirits, rest; Ye mournful souls, be glad: [Refrain] 3. Extol the Lamb of God, The sin atoning Lamb; Redemption by His blood Throughout the lands proclaim: [Refrain] 4. Ye slaves of sin and hell, Your liberty receive, And safe in Jesus dwell, And blest in Jesus live: [Refrain] 5. Ye who have sold for naught Your heritage above Shall have it back unbought, The gift of Jesus’ love: [Refrain] 6. The Gospel trumpet hear, The news of heavenly grace; And saved from earth, appear Before your Savior’s face: [Refrain] Used With Tune: LENOX Text Sources: Hymns for the New Year's Day (London: 1750)

The Heavens Declare Thy Glory (Birks)

Author: Thomas Birks Meter: D Appears in 58 hymnals First Line: The heavens declare Thy glory Lyrics: 1. The heavens declare Thy glory, The firmament Thy power; Day unto day the story Repeats from hour to hour; Night unto night replying, Proclaims in every land, O Lord, with voice undying, The wonders of Thy hand. 2. The sun with royal splendor Goes forth to chant Thy praise; And moonbeams soft and tender Their gentler anthem raise; O’er every tribe and nation That music strange is poured, The song of all creation, To Thee, creation’s Lord. 3. How perfect, just, and holy The precepts Thou hast given; Still making wise the lowly, They lift the thoughts to heaven; How pure, how soul restoring Thy Gospel’s heavenly ray, A brighter radiance pouring Than noon of brightest day. 4. All heaven on high rejoices To do its Maker’s will; The stars with solemn voices Resound Thy praises still; So let my whole behavior, Thoughts, words, and actions be, O Lord, my Strength, my Savior, One ceaseless song to Thee. Used With Tune: CHENIES

From the Depths Do I Invoke Thee

Author: Anonymous Meter: Appears in 44 hymnals Lyrics: 1. From the depths do I invoke Thee, Lord, to me incline Thine ear; To my voice be Thou attentive, And my supplications hear. 2. Lord, if Thou shouldst mark transgressions, In Thy presence who shall stand? But with Thee there is forgiveness, That Thy name may fear command. 3. For Jehovah I am waiting And my hope is in His Word; In His Word of promise given, Yea, my soul waits for the Lord. 4. For the Lord my soul is waiting More than watchers in the night; More than they for morning watching, Watching for the morning light. 5. Hope in God, ye waiting people, Mercies great in Him abound; With the Lord a full redemption From the guilt of sin is found. Scripture: Psalm 130 Used With Tune: EVENING PRAYER (Stebbins) Text Sources: The Psalter (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: The United Presbyterian Board of Publication, 1912), number 363


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