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Scripture:Isaiah 50:4-9

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Thank you for giving me the morning

Author: Martin Gotthard Schneider, 1930-; David Arthur Schubert, 1942 Meter: Appears in 6 hymnals Scripture: Isaiah 50:4-5 Topics: Adversity; Comfort; Friendship; Hymns Specially Suitable for Children; Jesus Christ Friend and Companion; Providence; Thanksgiving Used With Tune: THANK YOU

Sing praise and thanksgiving, let all creatures living

Author: Paul Gerhardt, 1607-76; Margaret Barclay; Colin Gibson, 1933- Meter: Appears in 4 hymnals Scripture: Isaiah 50:4-5 Topics: Commitment; Creation; Glory of God; Morning; Providence; Worship Gathering Used With Tune: KREMSER

A Spendthrift Lover Is the Lord

Author: Thomas H. Troeger (1945-) Meter: D Appears in 3 hymnals Scripture: Isaiah 50:4-9 Topics: Ash Wednesday; Holy Week (Good Friday); Lent (season); Images of God Used With Tune: BEACH HAVEN
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Dark the Days

Author: Charles P. Jones Appears in 2 hymnals Scripture: Isaiah 50 First Line: Dark the days and long the journey Refrain First Line: By and by, By and by Lyrics: 1 Dark the days and long the journey Seems to realms of endless light, Yet to those who faithful make it, There's a guiding star so bright. Refrain: By and by, By and by, O our journey will be over, By and by! We've a foretaste even now, but we'll soon the fulness know; Yes, our journey will be over by and by. 2 Tho' the storm rise on the ocean, Tossing oft the billows high, Yet our ships will make the harbor Safely, surely, by and by. [Refrain] 3 Mariners, storm-toss'd and weary, Never let our courage fail; Soon the ship will make the haven, Anchored safe from sea and gale. [Refrain] 4 Lo! the Saviour is Commander, He will take us safely o'er: Heed His mandate, weary brother; By and by we'll reach the shore. [Refrain] Topics: Hope Used With Tune: [Dark the days and long the journey]

Gentle God, When We Are Driven

Author: Shirley Erena Murray Meter: Appears in 2 hymnals Scripture: Isaiah 50:4-9 Lyrics: 1 Gentle God, when we are driven past the limits of our love, when our hurt would have a weapon and the hawk destroy the dove, at the cost of seeming weak, help us turn the other cheek. 2 Gentle Spirit, when our reason clouds in anger, twists in fear, when we strike instead of soothing, when we bruise and sting and smear, cool our burning, take our pain, bring us to ourselves again. 3 In the mirror of earth’s madness let us see our ravaged face, in the turmoil of all people let compassion find a place, touch our hearts to make amends, see our enemies as friends. 4 Let our strength be in forgiving as forgiven we must be, one to one in costly loving, finding trust and growing free, gentle God, be our release, gentle Spirit, teach us peace. Topics: Anger; Anger; Forgiveness; Forgiveness From God; Justice Economic; Nonviolence; Peace and Justice; Peace Conflict and War; Peace Interpersonal; Reconciliation; Sermon on the Mount Used With Tune: TAWA

Sometimes a healing word is comfort

Author: Pat Michaels, 1954- Meter: Appears in 2 hymnals Scripture: Isaiah 50:4 Topics: Comfort / Consolation; Communication / Language; Desert / Wilderness; Evangelism; Healing / Health; Hope; One Life in Christ Mission; Repentance Used With Tune: WER NUR DEN LIEBEN GOTT

My Tongue is the Disciples' Tongue

Author: John Core Appears in 1 hymnal Scripture: Isaiah 50:9 First Line: [My Tongue is the Disciples' Tongue] Text Sources: Shores of Thought and Feeling (Wayne Leupold, 2004)

Song of the Prophets

Author: Michael Morgan Meter: D Appears in 1 hymnal Scripture: Isaiah 1-66 First Line: In ages past the mighty Lord Topics: Biblical Names and Places Amos; Biblical Names and Places Daniel; Biblical Names and Places Ezekiel; Biblical Names and Places Habakkuk; Biblical Names and Places Haggai; Biblical Names and Places Hosea; Biblical Names and Places Isaiah; Biblical Names and Places Jeremiah; Biblical Names and Places Joel; Biblical Names and Places Jonah; Biblical Names and Places Malachi; Biblical Names and Places Micah; Biblical Names and Places Nahum; Biblical Names and Places Obadiah; Biblical Names and Places Zechariah; Biblical Names and Places Zephaniah; Covenant Faithfulness Used With Tune: STAR OF COUNTY DOWN

Arise and Shine

Author: Wayne Bowers, b. 1942 Meter: Appears in 1 hymnal Scripture: Isaiah 50:4-11 First Line: Arise and shine; your light has come Topics: Dedication of a Church; End Times; Epiphany; God's Reign; Light; Trust in God Used With Tune: BOWERS
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Pray and Earnestly Plead

Author: E. A. H. Appears in 1 hymnal Scripture: Isaiah 50:9 First Line: Do sin and guilt oppress thee sore? Refrain First Line: Pray, brother, believing! Lyrics: 1 Do sin and guilt oppress thee sore? Go to the Lord in prayer; And, bowing at his throne of grace, He'll bless and save thee there. Chorus: Pray, brother, believing! Plead earnestly, plead! Remember Christ is ever near To help in time of need. 2 Do doubts and fears distress thy heart, Or clouds obscure thy way; Do strong temptations baffle thee? Forget not, then, to pray. [Chorus] 3 In the dark hour of grief and pain, When joy is fled away, Seek thou the mercy-seat again; Then is the time to pray. [Chorus] 4 When dawns the solemn hour of death, When closes life's short day, Renouncing there thy latest breath, Trust in the Lord, and pray. [Chorus] Used With Tune: [Do sin and guilt oppress thee sore?]


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