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The Lonely Mound

Author: N. Deering Meter: 10.10 D Appears in 2 hymnals First Line: Mark the lonely mound, where the rak weeds wave Lyrics: 1 Mark the lonely mound, where the rank weeds wave; Mortal, thou art bound hither—’tis the grave! Tho’ no sculptured stone, none the tale reveals; Yet a spirit tone from beneath it steals. 2 Listen! it declares, "Here the weary rest"; And its tenant fares as a bidden guest— As a guest assured of a welcome there, Free from toils endured, sorrow, want and care. 3 Welcome, peaceful bed! when our camps expire, Though no tears be shed, though no tuneful choir Chant in mournful strains while around our bier; Yet, a rest remains, long denied us here. Used With Tune: ANTIPOLO

Glory To God! We Were In Bitter Need

Author: A. M. M. Meter: Appears in 1 hymnal Lyrics: 1 Glory to God! We were in bitter need, We sat in darkness long and weary days; But now our light is come, the Light indeed, And we may rise and shine with kindred rays; The God-Man comes down so we can now ascend, The Guiltless drinks guilt’s woes to work their end. 2 O mystic gift of God Omnipotent! O happiness for man, most deep, most dear! This is no theme for subtle argument, No lore of earth hath lot or portion here; That the Great God should so abasèd be— We speak, we cannot search, the mystery. 3 The dew of God is on the parchèd fleece, The sapless rod blooms with immortal flowers, The virgin bears a Son, our utter peace, Nor knows pollution in her travail’s hours; We cannot speak that birth, but we confess Most great the mystery of godliness. 4 Though it may chance the shipmen toil and row, With countless wrecks far strewn on either hand, They see a star above the waters glow, There is an ark which sights the pleasant land; There is a door of life set wide, which none Can open to lorn souls, can shut, save One. 5 O not with observation came He then Into our world, but soon the day shall be When with great glory He shall come again With all His saints, and every eye shall see Him whom they piercèd. When we meet Thee thus Let there be mercy, O our God, on us. Used With Tune: YORKSHIRE Text Sources: Missal of Noyon; Tr.: Lyra Messianica by Orby Shipley (London: Longman, Green, Longman, roberts & Green, 1864)


Author: Elisha A. Hoffman Appears in 1 hymnal First Line: Khanapaquiwa khananchasquitu Refrain First Line: Cu-si-si-sa Lyrics: 1 Khanapaquiwa khananchasquitu Tatit Jesús amparapana, Graciapaquiwa ch’amachasquitu Tatit Jesús amparapana. Refrain: Cu-si-si-sa Tatit Jesús amparapana; Cu-si-si-sa Tatit Jesús amparapana. 2 Arupampiwa cusisitäta Tatit Jesús amparapana, Luräwipampiw khespiyatäta Tatit Jesús amparapana. {Refrain] 3 Alajjpacharuw cusisir sarä Tatit Jesús amparapana, Uca marcaruw samarir sarä Tait Jesús amparapana. [Refrain] 4 Ajjsarañansa janiw ajjsarcät Tatit Jesús amparapana, Jiwañs jacañsa janiw qhatatcät Tatit Jesús amaparapana. [Refrain] Used With Tune: [Khanapaquiwa khananchasquitu] Text Sources: Translator unknown

Jesus Asked One Day

Author: Carolyn Winfrey Gilette Appears in 1 hymnal First Line: Jesus asked one day, "What do others say?" Refrain First Line: Lord and Savior Used With Tune: [Jesus asked one day, "What do others say?"]

Others He Saved

Author: John C. Blissard, 1835-1904 Meter: 10.10 D Appears in 3 hymnals First Line: "Others He saved, Himself He could not save" Lyrics: 1 "Others He saved, Himself He could not save," So scoffed the priests, and upward rolled the wave Of blasphemy against the dying Lord, Until it broke upon the throne of God. 2 "Others He saved, Himself He did not save," So sighed the mourners round the Savior’s grave; Their grief embittered by the mystery Why He, who Lazarus raised, Himself need die. 3 "Others He saved, Himself He would not save," There rests the truth, His life for us He gave: O ruined heart! thy Savior had to choose, If He should die, or thou salvation lose. Used With Tune: CASTROVILLE

Now The Year Is Over

Author: Rebecca E. Lee Meter: Appears in 1 hymnal Lyrics: 1 Now the year is over, Time is drawing nigh For the new year’s dawning: Peaceful now am I. 2 Jesus, grant Thy children Zeal for every day And more joy in service: Guide us in Thy way! 3 Keep us pure and steadfast ’Til we come to Thee! And through tribulation, May we faithful be. 4 When the world is ended And You call us home, May You find us watching On this earth we roam. Used With Tune: MERRIAL

The Savior Lives, No More To Die

Author: Samuel Medley Meter: Appears in 56 hymnals Lyrics: 1 The Savior lives, no more to die; He lives, the Lord enthroned on high; He lives, triumphant o’er the grave; He lives eternally to save. 2 He lives, to still His servants’ fears; He lives, to wipe away their tears; He lives, their mansions to prepare; He lives, to bring them safely there. 3 Ye mourning souls, dry up your tears; Dismiss your gloomy doubts and fears; With cheerful hope your hearts revive, For Christ, the Lord, is yet alive. 4 His saints He loves and never leaves; The contrite sinner He receives; Abundant grace will He afford, Till all are present with the Lord. Used With Tune: ISRAEL

Prepare, Ye Saints, To Meet Your Lord

Author: John Needham Meter: Appears in 1 hymnal Lyrics: 1 Prepare, ye saints, to meet your Lord, Nor sleep nor slumber more; Bright be your lamps, your vessels filled To feed the wasting store. 2 He comes, He comes, may be the cry In midnight’s deepest gloom; Should then our lamps be void of oil, How sad must be our doom? 3 In vain, when ’tis too late, we seek A fresh supply to get; In vain, when once the door is shut, Our folly we regret. 4 Open, Lord, open, we may cry, But then can’t move His heart; I know you not, the Judge will say, Depart from Me, depart. 5 Lord, for Thy coming may I wait With loins well girt about; In heavenly virtues may I shine, Nor let my lamp go out. 6 Then will the Bridegroom me admit, And own me for His friend; My soul shall feast on heavenly love, Nor shall the banquet end. Used With Tune: DOWNS Text Sources: Hymns Devotional and Moral on Various Subjects (Bristol, England: S. Farley, 1768)

On The Victory Side

Author: Frances Jane (Fanny) Crosby Appears in 32 hymnals First Line: Our souls cry out, hallelujah! Refrain First Line: On the victory side, on the victory side Lyrics: 1 Our souls cry out, hallelujah! And our faith enraptured sings, While we throw to the breeze the standard Of the mighty King of kings. Refrain: On the victory side, on the victory side, In the ranks of the Lord are we; On the victory side we will boldly stand, Till the glory land we see. 2 Our souls cry out, hallelujah! For the Lord Himself comes near, And the shout of a royal army On the battlefield we hear. [Refrain] 3 Our souls cry out, hallelujah! For the tempter flies apace, And the chains he has forged are breaking, Thro’ the power of redeeming grace. [Refrain] 4 Our souls cry out, hallelujah! And our hearts beat high with praise, Unto Him, in whose name we’ll conquer, And our song of triumph raise. [Refrain] Used With Tune: [Our souls cry out, hallelujah!]

Do Not Pass Me By

Author: Minnie H. Stephens Appears in 8 hymnals First Line: Do not pass me by, dear Savior Refrain First Line: Jesus, Savior Lyrics: 1 Do not pass me by, dear Savior, Tho’ so full of sin I am; Tremblingly I seek Thy favor, Help me, O Thou bleeding Lamb! Refrain: Jesus, Savior, In my need to Thee I cry. Jesus, Savior, Bless me, do not pass me by. 2 I can only plead, dear Savior, Bringing now myself to Thee, All Thy promises so faithful, And the love Thou gavest me. [Refrain] 3 Lord, the sins of all my lifetime Now to Thee do I confess; Turning from the guilt that was mine, To Thy loving tenderness. [Refrain] 4 Do not pass me by, dear Savior, Purify me, Lord, I cry; O forgive me, keep me, save me, Help me, do not pass me by! [Refrain] 5 Now He is my Lord and Savior, For He did not pass me by; In His love so wondrous tender, He has heard my humble cry. [Refrain] Used With Tune: [Do not pass me by, dear Savior]


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