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The Work Must Go On

Author: Laurene Highfield Appears in 16 hymnals First Line: A glad message rings thro' the world today Refrain First Line: The good work must go on and on Lyrics: 1. A glad message rings thro’ the world today, It echoes thro’ the countries afar, That the rising Sun, with celestial ray, Scatters healing where’er men are. Refrain The good work must go on and on, Till the world for the Lord is won, Greater triumphs must be gained, Greater heights in love attained, Till the glorious day of God shall dawn. 2. There are many souls that were dark as night, All shadowed by the blackness of sin, That are glowing now with immortal light, Since the glory of God shone in. [Refrain] 3. There are hungry hearts that were starved for bread, But Jesus has supplied every need; For on Him, the Bread of Life, they have fed Till their spirits are glad indeed. [Refrain] 4. And the deaf shall hear, and the blind eyes see; The Word of God shall quicken and glow; Christ the King of earth and Heaven still shall be Till His glory each heart shall know. [Refrain] Used With Tune: [A glad message rings thro' the world today]

A Child For Us Is Born This Day

Author: Unknown Meter: Appears in 1 hymnal Lyrics: 1 A child for us is born this day, The angels’ king is He; The Lord who over all has sway, Nursed here vouchsafes to be. 2 In manger where the asses fed The Child divine is laid; Whom they as Christ acknowledgèd, As King and Lord obeyed. 3 With joy the angels fillèd were, And with the Lord do sing; Glory to God above the sphere In tuneful notes does ring. 4 Then Herod, who with fear was seized, His envy great displays; With slaughtered babes must be appeased, Whose gore his fear allays. 5 Thou who wast born as on this day Of virgin Mary pure, Lead and conduct us in the way To joys which e’er endure. Used With Tune: THE WAITS' SONG Text Sources: 15th Century or earlier

Give Thanks To God

Author: Ira Evans Hicks Appears in 2 hymnals First Line: Give thanks to God, for He is good Refrain First Line: It is better to trust in the Lord Lyrics: 1 Give thanks to God, for He is good, His mercy ever doth endure; Let all of Israel now say His mercy evermore is sure. Refrain: It is better to trust in the Lord, It is better to trust in the Lord, It is better to trust in the Lord, Than to put your confidence in man. 2 Let now the house of Aaron say His mercy ever doth endure; Let them that fear the Lord now say His mercy ever doth endure. [Refrain] 3 In my distress I called on God; Jehovah heard my earnest prayer; And since the Lord is on my side, What man can do I will not fear. [Refrain] Used With Tune: [Give thanks to God for He is good] Text Sources: The Revival No. 4 (Atlanta: Charlie D. Tillman, circa 1903)

The Loyal Call

Author: L. B. Kenyon Appears in 3 hymnals First Line: A call to "loyal workers" Refrain First Line: Awake! "loyal worker" Lyrics: 1 A call to "loyal workers" Is sounding o’er the land; Awake! Arise! the time is short, The Lord, He is at hand! Take up the cross for Jesus, On Him fix heart and eyes, Then in His grace sufficient Press forward to the prize. Refrain: Awake! "loyal worker," To the work while you may; In God’s name to conquer, He’s calling today. 2 The prize is life eternal, With Jesus crucified; ’Twas on the cross in agony For us He bled and died; Then, workers, look to Jesus, For help to overcome, And then in that fair morning He’ll say to thee, "Well done." [Refrain] 3 Come, "workers," look around you, The Master calls today; Whate’er thy hand shall find to do, Haste, now the call obey! Bear nobly all for Jesus, And in His strength abide, Then blessed be the efforts To win for Him a bride. [Refrain] 4 O loyal be to Jesus, In word and thought and deed; Then grandly will the work go on, Where "workers" sow the seed; Thro’ Christ our blessed master, We vict’ry shall attain; Then in that morn so soon, We’ll reap the golden grain. [Refrain] Used With Tune: [A call to "loyal workers"] Text Sources: The Golden Sheaf (Boston: Advent Christian Publication Society, 1902)

Come, O Lord, Like Morning Sunlight

Author: Milton S. Littlefield Meter: Appears in 18 hymnals Lyrics: 1 Come, O Lord, like morning sunlight, Making all life new and free; For the daily task and challenge May we rise renewed in Thee. Come, O Lord, like ocean flood-tides, Flowing inland from the sea; As the waters fill the shallows, May our souls be filled with Thee. 3 Come, O Lord, like mountain breezes, Freshening life in vale and lea; In the heat and stress of duty May our souls find strength in Thee. 4 Come, O Lord, like evening twilight, Bringing peace on land and sea; At the radiant close of labor May our souls find rest in Thee. Used With Tune: TRUST

Tell Me, My Saviour

Author: Charles S. Robinson Meter: Appears in 24 hymnals First Line: Tell me, my Savior! where Thou dost feed Thy flock Lyrics: 1 Tell me, my Savior! where Thou dost feed Thy flock, Resting beside the rock, cool in the shade. Why should I be as one turning aside alone, Left, when Thy sheep have gone, where I have strayed? 2 Seek me, my Savior! for I have lost the way. I will Thy voice obey; speak to me here! Help me to find the gate where all Thy chosen wait; Ere it shall be too late, oh, call me near! 4 Show me, my Savior! how I can grow like Thee; Make me Thy child to be, taught from above; Help me Thy smile to win; keep me safe folded in, Lest I should rove in sin, far from Thy love. Used With Tune: LYNDE Text Sources: Laudes Domini (New York: Century Company 1890)

Always and Ever

Author: Richard W. Adams Appears in 1 hymnal First Line: Always and ever, God reigns eternal Lyrics: 1. Always and ever, God reigns eternal, Ceaseless, unchanging, Ancient of Days. From choirs below and angels supernal Alpha-Omega hears endless praise. 2. In the beginning, ere the first star birth, There was the Father, Spirit and Son. Maker, Creator, Heaven and earth Sprang from His will—the plan was begun. 3. Down through the ages, secrets unlocking, To save a people fettered with sin, He sent the Word. He’s tenderly knocking: Open your heart and let Him come in. 4. Always and ever, you can be with Him In paradise, there no more to grieve. Praising forever, Savior and Sovereign Through endless ages—only believe! Dedicated to my parents, Jim & Betty Adams,on their 50th wedding anniversary, September 20, 1997.May they be together always and ever. Used With Tune: BUNESSAN

A Voice, A Heav'nly Voice I Hear!

Author: Johan O. Wallin; Samuel M. Hill; Ernst W. Olson Meter: Appears in 6 hymnals First Line: A voice, a heav’nly voice I hear! Lyrics: 1 A voice, a heav’nly voice I hear! Arise, O soul, come and draw near To hallow and revere The day the Lord thy God doth make, And of the bread of life partake. 2 I come, dear Jesus, at Thy word, A guest unworthy to Thy board, My Savior and my Lord. O clothe me with Thy righteousness, My soul with Thy salvation bless! 3 O Lord, who my Redeemer art, Come Thou and purify my heart. From Thee I’ll ne’er depart, But wheresoe’er Thou leadest me In constant faith I’ll follow Thee. Used With Tune: ST. JAMES' STOCKHOLM Text Sources: Translator v. 2 unknwon

Amid the Fears That Oppress Our Day

Author: Margaret Clarkson Appears in 4 hymnals Used With Tune: LANGHORNE

Come Over and Help Us

Author: A. F. Myers Appears in 4 hymnals First Line: A voice comes o'er the waters Refrain First Line: Come over and help us! Lyrics: 1. A voice comes o’er the waters, A voice both loud and clear, Come over here and help us, We’re bound in slavish fear! Our chains do now confine us In darkness and in doubt, No light to shine upon us, No hand to bring us out. Refrain Come over and help us! Come over and help us! Come over and help us! Come over and help us today. 2. Our idols cannot help us; We only deeper fall; And dimmer grows our vision, When on their names we call, We look and wait and wonder If someone o’er the sea Will hasten to relieve us, Will come and set us free. [Refrain] 3. We hear that o’er the waters A glorious light doth shine, A light sent down from heaven, Oh, send that light divine! We hear that one called Jesus Can save us from our sin; We want to hear his footsteps, We want to let Him in. [Refrain] Used With Tune: [A voice comes o'er the waters] Text Sources: The Seed Sower, a Collection of Songs for Sunday Schools and Gospel Meetings (Toledo, Ohio: The W. W. Whitney Co., 1897)


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