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Yesterday, with Exultation

Author: Adam of St. Victor; John M. Neale Hymnal: CYBER #7786 Meter: Lyrics: 1. Yesterday, with exultation, Joined the world in celebration, Of her promised Savior’s birth; Yesterday the angel nation Poured the strains of jubilation O’er the monarch born on earth. 2. But today o’er death victorious, By his faith and actions glorious, By his miracles renowned, See the deacon triumph gaining, ’Midst the faithless faith sustaining, First of holy martyrs found. 3. Onward, champion, falter never, Sure of sure reward forever, Holy Stephen, persevere; Perjured witnesses confounding, Satan’s synagogues astounding By thy doctrine true and clear. 4. Thine own witness is in Heaven, True and faithful, to thee given, Witness of thy blamelessness; By thy name a crown implying, Meet it is thou shouldst be dying For the crown of righteousness. 5. For the crown that fadeth never Bear the torturer’s brief endeavor; Victory waits to end the strife; Death shall be thy life’s beginning, And life’s losing be the winning Of the true and better life. 6. Filled with God’s most Holy Spirit, See the Heav’n thou shalt inherit, Stephen, gaze into the skies; There God’s glory steadfast viewing, Thence thy victor strength renewing, Pant for thy eternal prize. 7. See, as Jewish foes invade thee, See how Jesus stands to aid thee, Stands at God’s right hand on high: Tell how opened heaven is shown thee, Tell how Jesus waits to own thee, Tell it with thy latest cry. 8. As the dying martyr kneeleth, For his murderers he appealeth, For their madness grieving sore; Then in Christ he sleepeth sweetly, And with Christ he reigneth meetly, Martyr firstfruits, evermore. Languages: English Tune Title: HERI MUNDUS EXULTAVIT

Yesu, Bin Mariamu

Author: Edmund S. Palmer; Unknown Hymnal: CYBER #15525 Meter: Lyrics: 1 Yesu, Bin Mariamu, Bwana wa uzima, Umefika kwetu Humu Kanisani. 2 Kwanza tainama, Tukukuabudu, Mungu Mwanadamu Madhbahuni petu. 3 Kisha twasujudu Tukiwaombea Ndugu zetu pia, Wale wa kuzimu. 4 Hawo walukuwa, Kwanza kama sisi, Uliwachagua Wawe watu wako. 5 Hapa duniani Walikuungama, Nawe, Bwana wao, Usiwasahau. 6 Walisumbuliwa Sana na Shetani, Taabu zimekwisha, Wape kustarehe. 7 Kwenye vita kali Kweli walitiwa Majeraha mengi, Bwana, uwaponye. 8 Upungufu wote, Doa na nawaa, Dam yako, Yesu, Iwaondolee. Languages: Swahili Tune Title: WARUM SIND DIE THRÄNEN

Yesu Kwetu Ni Rafiki

Author: Joseph M. Scriven; Unknown Hymnal: CYBER #15527 Meter: D Lyrics: 1 Yesu kwetu ni Rafiki, Hwambiwa haja pia; Tukiomba kwa Babaye Maombi asikia; Lakini twajikosesha, Twajitweka vibaya; Kwamba tulimwomba Mungu Dua angesikia. 2 Una dhiki na maonjo? Una mashaka pia? Haifai kufa moyo, Dua atasikia. Hakuna mwingine mwema Wakutuhurumia; Atujua tu dhaifu; Maombi asikia. 3 Je, hunayo hata nguvu, Huwezi kwendelea, Ujapodharauliwa Ujaporushwa pia. Watu wangekudharau Wapendao dunia, Hukwambata mikononi, Dua atasikia. Languages: Swahili Tune Title: ERIE

Yet God Is Good To Israel

Hymnal: CYBER #13676 Meter: Lyrics: 1 Yet God is good to Israel, To each pure-hearted one. With me, my steps had nearly slipped, My feet were almost gone. 2 For I was envious, and grudged The foolish ones to see, When I perceived the wicked men Enjoyed prosperity. 3 Because their strength continues firm; Their death from bands is free. They are not toiled like other men, Nor plagued, as others be. 4 Their pride doth therefore like a chain, Encompass them about; And, as a garment, violence Doth cover them throughout. 5 Their eyes stand out with fat, they have More than their hearts could wish. They are corrupt; their talk of wrong Both lewd and lofty is. 6 They set their mouth against the heav’ns In their blaspheming talk; And their reproaching tongue at large Throughout the earth doth walk. 7 His people, therefore, oftentimes Look back, and turn about; And in abundance unto them The waters are poured out. 8 And thus they say, "How can it be That God these things doth know?" Or, Can there in the Highest be Knowledge of things below? 9 Behold, how these, the wicked ones, Do prosper at their will In worldly things; how they increase In wealth and riches still! 10 I verily have sought in vain My heart to purify; And vainly also washed my hands In innocence have I. 11 For daily, and all day throughout, Great plagues I suffered have; Yea, every morning I anew Did chastisement receive. 12 If in this manner foolishly To speak I would intend, Thy children’s generation then Behold I should offend. 13 When I this thought to know, it was Too hard a thing for me; Till to God’s holy place I went, Then I their end did see. 14 Them set upon a slippery place Assuredly Thou hast; And suddenly didst Thou, O Lord, Them to destruction cast. 15 How in a moment suddenly To ruin brought are they! With fearful terrors utterly They are consumed away. 16 E’en like an empty dream when one From sleeping doth arise; So Thou, when Thou awakest, Lord, Their image shalt despise. 17 Thus grieved within me was my heart, And me my reins oppressed: So rude was I, and ignorant, And in Thy sight a beast. 18 Yet not withstanding this, O Lord, I ever am with Thee: Thou hast me held by my right hand, And still upholdest me. 19 With Thy good counsel while I live, Thou wilt me safely guide; And into glory afterward Receive me to abide. 20 O whom have I in heavens high But Thee, O Lord, alone? And in the earth whom I desire Besides Thee there is none. 21 My flesh and heart do faint and fail, But God my heart sustains; The strength and portion of my heart He evermore remains. 22 For, lo, they that are far from Thee Forever perish shall; And as for those who from Thee stray Thou hast destroyed them all. 23 But surely it is good for me That I draw near to God: In God I trust, that all Thy works I may declare abroad. Languages: English Tune Title: CRIMOND

Yet Once Again

Author: Albert Orsborn Hymnal: CYBER #7776 Meter: with refrain First Line: Yet once again, by God's abundant mercy Refrain First Line: Jesus shall conquer, lift up the strain! Lyrics: 1. Yet once again, by God’s abundant mercy, We join our song of thankfulness and praise; Ever the light of our Redeemer’s victory Shineth before us in the world’s dark ways. Refrain Jesus shall conquer, lift up the strain! Evil shall perish and righteousness shall reign. 2. O for the time of Christ’s completed mission! Throbs of its rapture reach us as we pray; Gleams of its glory bursting on our vision Send us to labor, urge us on our way. [Refrain] 3. Stretch out Thy hand, O God, and let the nations Feel through Thine host the thrill of life divine; Grant us, we pray, still greater revelations, Make of these days an everlasting sign. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: PILGRIMS

"Yet," Saith the Lord

Author: Isaac Watts Hymnal: CYBER #7777 Meter: First Line: "Yet," saith the Lord, “if David’s race Lyrics: 1. Yet, saith the Lord, “if David’s race, The children of My Son, Should break My laws, abuse My grace, And tempt Mine anger down; 2. “Their sins I’ll visit with the rod And make their folly smart; But I’ll not cease to be their God, Nor from My truth depart. 3. “My cov’nant I will ne’er revoke, But keep My grace in mind And what eternal love hath spoke Eternal truth shall bind. 4. “Once have I sworn (I need no more) And pledged My holiness, To seal the sacred promise sure To David and his race. 5. “The sun shall see his offspring rise And spread from sea to sea, Long as he travels round the skies To give the nations day. 6. Sure as the moon that rules the night His kingdom shall endure, Till the fixed laws of shade and light Shall be observed no more. Languages: English Tune Title: ST. STEPHEN

Judah Restored

Author: Maria G. Saffery Hymnal: CYBER #12811 Meter: D First Line: Yet say not, Judah’s hope is fled Lyrics: 1 Yet say not, Judah’s hope is fled, Her high and holy trust— That she hath laid her mourning head For ever in the dust. 2 Oh! say not that her sun went down, Quenched in her judgment night, In deepest darkness of its frown, To rise no more in light. 3 Say rather—for the Lord hath said, And she shall hear the sound— “O captive daughter! lift thine head In beauty from the ground. 4 "Arise, and take thy solemn vows; Thy regal robe prepare; And like Messiah’s bridal spouse, Thy crown of glory wear. 5 "Bid Kedar’s wilderness rejoice, The mountains round thee sing; Jerusalem, lift up thy voice Before the Lord, the King. 6 Jerusalem, and mayst thou yet Look up without despair? And turn to mournful Olivet, And hail thy Sovereign there? 7 Will He forgive the guilty stain That cursed thy weary land; His tear upon thy withering plain, His blood upon thy hand? 8 Yes—fear not, Judah, even now Thy name is on His heart; The everlasting hills may bow, The mountains may depart; 9 But Zion’s Lord shall ne’er forget The counsels of His will; And His eternal love is set On Zion’s daughter still. 10 Moriah heard Jehovah swear To Abraham and his seed! Moriah heard Messiah’s prayer For Abraham’s children plead. 11 And Judah’s ransomed tribes shall see The Mighty One again; And bow to Him the suppliant knee, And bless His gentle reign. 12 The watchful nations wait around To mark her gathering power; The lengthened shadows on the ground Presage the coming hour. 13 ’Tis bursting through her twilight doom Of mingled day and night; Her glory kindles in the gloom— At evening time ’tis light! 14 Sing, Gentile earth, for Judah sing, The Lord hath loosed her bands; Creation! shout for Zion’s King, And clap thy joyful hands! Languages: English Tune Title: FAITH

White as the Wings of a Dove

Author: L. F. Cole Hymnal: CYBER #7124 First Line: Yet shall ye be as a dove's shining wings Refrain First Line: Shine on us, Savior, oh, shed forth Thy love Lyrics: 1. Yet shall ye be as a dove’s shining wings, Covered with silver and gold; Gracious assurance the Word ever brings, Promise of beauty untold. Refrain Shine on us, Savior, oh, shed forth Thy love; Make us as white as the wings of a dove; Shine on us, Savior, oh, shed forth Thy love; Make us as white as the wings of a dove. 2. What tho’ our tent-homes are covered with dust, While thro’ life’s desert we move; Time cometh when they shall flutter, we trust, White as the wings of a dove. [Refrain] 3. What tho’ our garments like leprosy cling, Robes of self-righteousness wove; Praises to Jesus! for yet we may sing, Clad as the wings of a dove. [Refrain] 4. What tho’ we lie ’midst the filth of the earth, Or as a prodigal rove; We may come up from the Spirit’s new birth, Clean as the wings of a dove. [Refrain] 5. What tho’ for years we have wandered in sin, And ’gainst the Good Spirit strove; Thro’ Heaven’s portals we yet may go in, Pure as the wings of a dove. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: [Yet shall ye be as a dove's shining wings]

Yet There Is Room

Author: Horatius Bonar Hymnal: CYBER #13264 Meter: 10.10.10 First Line: "Yet there is room": the Lamb’s bright hall of song Lyrics: 1 "Yet there is room": the Lamb’s bright hall of song, With its fair glory, beckons thee along; Room, room, still room! O enter, enter now. 2 Day is declining, and the sun is low; The shadows lengthen, light makes haste to go; Room, room, still room! O enter, enter now. 3 The bridal hall is filling for the feast; Pass in, pass in, and be the Bridegroom’s guest; Room, room, still room! O enter, enter now. 4 It fills, it fills, that hall of jubilee! Make haste, make haste; ’tis not too full for thee; Room, room, still room! O enter, enter now. 5 Yet there is room: still open stands the gate, The gate of love; it is not yet too late: Room, room, still room! O enter, enter now. 6 O enter in; that banquet is for thee; That cup of everlasting joy is free; Room, room, still room! O enter, enter now. 7 All Heaven is there, all joy! Go in, go in; The angels beckon thee the prize to win: Room, room, still room! O enter, enter now. 8 Louder and sweeter sounds the loving call; Come, lingerer, come; enter that festal hall; Room, room, still room! O enter, enter now. 9 Ere night that gate may close, and seal thy doom; Then the last low, long cry, "No room, no room!" No room, no room! O woeful cry, "No room!" Languages: English Tune Title: CANTUS

Yield Not to Temptation

Author: Horatio R. Palmer Hymnal: CYBER #7795 First Line: Yield not to temptation, for yielding is sin Refrain First Line: Ask the Savior to help you Lyrics: 1. Yield not to temptation, for yielding is sin; Each victory will help you some other to win; Fight manfully onward, dark passions subdue, Look ever to Jesus, He’ll carry you through. Refrain Ask the Savior to help you, Comfort, strengthen and keep you; He is willing to aid you, He will carry you through. 2. Shun evil companions, bad language disdain, God’s name hold in reverence, nor take it in vain; Be thoughtful and earnest, kindhearted and true, Look ever to Jesus, He’ll carry you through. [Refrain] 3. To him that o’ercometh, God giveth a crown; Through faith we shall conquer, though often cast down; He who is our Savior our strength will renew; Look ever to Jesus, He’ll carry you through. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: [Yield not to temptation, for yielding is sin]


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