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Jehovah Hear Thee in Thy Grief

Author: Anonymous Hymnal: CYBER #3323 Meter: Scripture: Psalm 20 Lyrics: 1. Jehovah hear thee in thy grief, Our fathers’ God defend thee still, Send from His holy place relief, And strengthen thee from Zion’s hill. 2. Thy sacrifice may He regard, And all thine offerings bear in mind; Thy heart’s desire to thee accord, Fulfilling all thou has designed. 3. In Thy salvation we rejoice, And in God’s name our banners raise; Jehovah hearken to thy voice, Fulfill thy prayers through all thy days. 4. Salvation will the Lord command, And His anointed will defend; Yea, with the strength of His right hand From Heav’n He will an answer send. 5. In chariots some have confidence, On horses others will rely, But we acknowledge our defense Is God, Jehovah, Lord most high. 6. Now we arise and upright stand While they, subdued, and helpless, fall; Jehovah, save us by Thy hand; The King give answer when we call. Languages: English Tune Title: TALLIS' CANON

Amid the Thronging Worshippers

Author: Anonymous Hymnal: CYBER #154 Meter: D Scripture: Psalm 22 Lyrics: 1. Amid the thronging worshippers Jehovah will I bless, Before my brethren, gathered there, His name I will confess. Come, praise Him, ye that fear the Lord, Ye children of His grace, With reverence sound His glories forth And bow before His face. 2. The burden of the sorrowful The Lord will not despise; He has not turned from those that mourn, He hearkens to their cries. His goodness makes me join the throng Where saints His praise proclaim, And there will I fulfill my vows ’Mid those who fear His name. 3. He feeds with good the humble soul And satisfies the meek, And they shall live and praise the Lord Who for His mercy seek. The ends of all the earth take thought, The nations seek the Lord; They worship Him, the King of kings, In earth and Heav’n adored. Languages: English Tune Title: BOVINA

My God, My God, I Cry to Thee

Author: Anonymous Hymnal: CYBER #4229 Meter: Scripture: Psalm 22 Lyrics: 1. My God, my God, I cry to Thee; O why hast Thou forsaken me? Afar from me, Thou dost not heed, Though day and night for help I plead. 2. But Thou art holy in Thy ways, Enthroned upon Thy people’s praise; Our fathers put their trust in Thee, Believed, and Thou didst set them free. 3. They cried, and, trusting in Thy name, Were saved, and were not put to shame; But in the dust mine honor lies, While all reproach and all despise. 4. My words a cause for scorn they make, The lip they curl, the head they shake, And, mocking, bid me trust the Lord Till He salvation shall afford. 5. My trust on Thee I learned to rest When I was on my mother’s breast; From birth Thou art my God alone, Thy care my life has ever known. 6. O let Thy strength and presence cheer, For trouble and distress are near; Be Thou not far away from Me, I have no source of help but Thee. 7. Unnumbered foes would do me wrong, They press about me, fierce and strong, Like beasts of prey, their rage they vent, My courage fails, my strength is spent. 8. Down unto death Thou leadest me, Consumed by thirst and agony; With cruel hate and anger fierce My helpless hands and feet they pierce. 9. While on my wasted form they stare, The garments torn from me they share, My shame and sorrow heeding not, And for my robe they cast the lot. 10. O Lord, afar no longer stay; O Thou my helper, haste, I pray; From death and evil set me free; I live, for Thou didst answer me. 11. I live and will declare Thy fame Where brethren gather in Thy name; Where all Thy faithful people meet, I will Thy worthy praise repeat. Languages: English Tune Title: HEBRON

Ye Gates, Lift Your Heads

Hymnal: CYBER #7792 Meter: Scripture: Psalm 24 First Line: Ye gates, lift your heads, the glad summons obey Lyrics: 1. Ye gates, lift your heads, the glad summons obey, Ye doors everlasting, wide open the way. The king of all glory high honors await, The king of all glory shall enter in state. 2. What king of all glory is this that ye sing? The Lord, strong and mighty, the conquering king. Ye gates, lift your heads, and His summons obey, Ye doors everlasting, wide open the way. 3. The king of all glory high honors await, The king of all glory shall enter in state. What king of all glory is this that ye sing? Jehovah of hosts, He of glory is king. Languages: English Tune Title: LANSING

Jehovah Is My Light

Author: Anonymous Hymnal: CYBER #3335 Meter: Scripture: Psalm 27 Lyrics: 1. Jehovah is my light, And my salvation near; Who shall my soul affright, Or cause my heart to fear? While God my strength, my life sustains, Secure from fear my soul remains. 2. When evildoers came To make my life their prey, They stumbled in their shame And fell in sore dismay; Though hosts make war on every side, Still fearless I in God confide. 3. My one request has been, And still this prayer I raise, That I may dwell within God’s house through all my days, Jehovah’s beauty to admire, And in His temple to inquire. 4. When troubles round me swell, When fears and dangers throng, Securely I will dwell In His pavilion strong; Within the covert of His tent He hides me till the storm is spent. 5. Uplifted on a rock Above my foes around, Amid the battle shock My song shall still resound; Then joyful offerings I will bring Jehovah’s praise my heart shall sing. Languages: English Tune Title: MILLENNIUM

O Lord, Give Ear unto My Voice

Hymnal: CYBER #5076 Meter: D Scripture: Psalm 27 Lyrics: 1. O Lord, give ear unto my voice, when I do cry to Thee; Upon me also mercy have, and do Thou answer me. When Thou didst say, Seek ye My face, then unto Thee reply Thus did my heart, above all things Thy face, Lord, seek will I. 2. Far from me hide not Thou Thy face; put not away from Thee Thy servant in Thy wrath: Thou hast a helper been to me. O God of my salvation, leave me not, nor forsake: Though me my parents both should leave, the Lord will me up take. 3. O Lord, instruct me in Thy way, to me a leader be In a plain path, because of those that hatred bear to me. Give me not to mine enemies’ will; for witnesses that lie Against me risen are, and such as breathe out cruelty. 4. I fainted had, unless that I believèd had to see The Lord’s own goodness in the land of them that living be. Wait on the Lord, and be thou strong, and He shall strength afford Unto thine heart; yea, do thou wait, I say, upon the Lord. Languages: English Tune Title: MILLSPAUGH

The Good Man's Steps Are Led Aright

Author: Anonymous Hymnal: CYBER #1970 Meter: Scripture: Psalm 37 Lyrics: 1. The good man’s steps are led aright, His way is pleasing in God’s sight, Established it shall stand; He shall not perish though he fall, The mighty Lord, who rules o’er all, Upholds him with His hand. 2. Though I am old who young have been, No saint have I forsaken seen, Nor yet his home in need; He ever leads in gracious ways, His life true charity displays, His sons are blest indeed. 3. Depart from evil, do thou well, And evermore securely dwell; Jehovah loves the right. His faithfulness His saints have proved, Forever they shall stand unmoved, But sinners God will smite. 4. The righteous, through His fav’ring hand, Shall yet inherit all the land And dwell therein for aye; He talks of wisdom and of right, In God’s pure law is his delight, His steps go not astray. 5. The wicked, watching for their prey, Desire the righteous man to slay, But God is on his side; He will not leave him in their hands Nor count him guilty when he stands In judgment to be tried. 6. Wait on the Lord and keep His way; He will exalt thee, nor delay To give the land to thee; And when the wicked are cut off, The wicked who against thee scoff, Their judgment thou shalt see. 7. The wicked in great power are seen, Like spreading tree with foliage green That grows in native ground. I looked again, they were no more; I sought the men so proud before, But they could not be found. 8. Mark thou the upright day by day, Behold the perfect in his way, His journey ends in peace. Destroyed at once shall rebels be; Cut off from all posterity, Their very name shall cease. 9. Salvation is from God alone, Whom as their covert saints have known When by sore troubles tried; The Lord, who helped in troubles past, Will save them to the very last, For they in Him abide. Languages: English Tune Title: PRESSLY

The Steps of Those Whom He Approves

Hymnal: CYBER #6378 Meter: Scripture: Psalm 37 Lyrics: 1. The steps of those whom He approves Are ordered by the Lord; And though they fall, held by His hand, They yet shall be restored. 2. I have not seen, though since my youth Full many years have fled, The saint forsaken, nor beheld His children begging bread. 3. The children of the merciful Find blessings kept in store; Depart from evil and do good, And live forevermore. 4. Wait on the Lord and keep His way, And then, by Him approved, Thy heritage shall still remain When sinners are removed. 5. Mark well the perfect, upright man, As still his years increase; Behold his life, and thou shalt see His journey end in peace. Languages: English Tune Title: DOWNS

Thy Tender Mercies, O My Lord

Hymnal: CYBER #6955 Meter: D Scripture: Psalm 40 Lyrics: 1. Thy tender mercies, O my Lord, Withhold not, I implore; But let Thy kindness and Thy truth Preserve me evermore. For countless ills have compassed me, My sinful deeds arise; Yea, they have overtaken me; I dare not raise my eyes. 2. My sins are more than I can count, My heart has failed for grief; Be pleased, O Lord, to rescue me, O haste to my relief. Be those who seek to hurt my soul Dismayed and put to flight, And they themselves be put to shame Who in my woe delight. 3. Let all who seek Thee now rejoice, Yea, glad in Thee abide, And, loving Thy salvation, say, The Lord be magnified. My lowly state and bitter need The Lord has not forgot; Thou art my Savior and my help, Come, Lord, and tarry not. Languages: English Tune Title: RUTH (Hartshorn)

As Pants the Hart for Streams

Author: Anonymous Hymnal: CYBER #210 Meter: Scripture: Psalm 42 First Line: As pants the hart for streams of living water Lyrics: 1. As pants the hart for streams of living water, So longs my soul, O living God, for Thee; I thirst for Thee, for Thee my heart is yearning; When shall I come Thy gracious face to see? 2. O Lord my God, overwhelmed in deep affliction, Far from Thy rest, to Thee I lift my soul; Deep calls to deep and storms of trouble thunder, While over my head the waves and billows roll. 3. Thou wilt command Thy servant’s consolation, Thy lovingkindness yet shall cheer my day, And in the night Thy song shall be my comfort; God of my life, to Thee I still will pray. 4. Why, O my soul, art thou cast down within me, Why art thou troubled and oppressed with grief? Hope thou in God, the God of thy salvation, Hope, and thy God will surely send relief. Languages: English Tune Title: CONSOLATION (MENDELSSOHN)


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