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Choose Ye Today

Author: Frances Jane (Fanny) Crosby, 1820-1915 Hymnal: CYBER #820 First Line: A blessing for you--will you take it? Lyrics: 1. A blessing for you—will you take it? Choose ye today; A word from the heart—will you speak it? Choose ye today: Will you believe, or your Savior neglect? Will you receive, or His mercy reject? Pause, ere you answer, oh, pause and reflect— Choose ye today. 2. A death to be feared—will you fear it? Choose ye today; A voice that invites—will you hear it? Choose ye today. Straight is the portal and narrow the way; Enter, poor soul, and be saved while you may; Think what may hang on a moment’s delay— Choose ye today. 3. The cross of your Lord—will you bear it? Choose ye today: There’s life in that cross—will you share it? Choose ye today: Soon will your time of probation be o’er, Then will the Spirit entreat you no more, Jesus no longer will stand at the door— Choose ye today. 4. The bondage of sin—will you break it? Choose ye today: The water of life—will you take it? Choose ye today. Come to the arms that are open for you, Hide in the wounds that by faith you may view; Death ere the morrow your steps may pursue— Choose ye today. Languages: English Tune Title: [A blessing for you--will you take it?]

A Boy Is Born In Bethlehem

Author: Henry I. D. Ryder Hymnal: CYBER #8373 Meter: Lyrics: 1 A Boy is born in Bethlehem, Joy bringing to Jerusalem. He lieth in a manger poor Whose kingdom shall for aye endure. 2 The ox and ass knew and adored The Infant that was Christ the Lord. The kings of Saba came to bring Gold, myrrh and incense to their king. 3 The offspring He of virgin bright, Made mother by high Heaven’s might. One after one the cot forlorn Entering, they hail their prince new born. 4 The serpent’s venom knew Him not, Though of our blood He chose His lot: Made like to us in human kin, Unlike us in respect of sin. 5 That like Him He might make us be, And with Himself and God agree. In this birth’s joy let all accord, And bless for ever Christ the Lord. Languages: English Tune Title: PUER NOBIS NASCITUR

A Brighter Dawn Is Breaking

Author: Percy Dearmer Hymnal: CYBER #629 Meter: Lyrics: 1. A brighter dawn is breaking, And earth with praise is waking; For Thou, O King, most highest, The power of death defiest. 2. And Thou hast come victorious, With risen body glorious, Who now forever livest, And life abundant givest. 3. O free the world from blindness, And fill the world with kindness, Give sinners resurrection, Bring striving to perfection. 4. In sickness give us healing, In doubt Thy clear revealing, That praise to Thee be given In earth as in Thy Heaven. Languages: English Tune Title: NUN LASST UNS GOTT DEM HERREN

My Bud in Heaven

Author: F. I. Darling Hymnal: CYBER #4394 Meter: D First Line: A bud the Gardener gave me Lyrics: 1. A bud the Gardener gave me, A fair and lovely child, He gave it for my keeping To cherish undefiled; It lay upon my bosom, It was my joy and pride, Perhaps it was an idol Which I must be denied. 2. For just as it was opening, In glory to the day, Down came the heavenly Gardener And took my bud away; Yet not in wrath He took it— A smile was on His face, And tenderly and kindly He bore it from its place. 3. Fear not, methought He whispered, Thy bud shall be restored; I take it but to plant it In the garden of My Lord; And bade me not to sorrow As those who hopeless weep, For He who gave hath taken And He who took can keep. 4. And night and morn together By the open gate of prayer, I’ll go unto my darling And sit beside him there; I know for me ’twill open Poor sinner though I be, For He who guards and keeps it Will keep my bud for me. Languages: English Tune Title: SINGAPORE

The King's Call

Author: Harriet E. Jones Hymnal: CYBER #721 Meter: D First Line: A call comes ringing from the throne Refrain First Line: Go forth, go forth with armor on Lyrics: 1 A call comes ringing from the throne, O Christian, do you hear? It comes to all our Savior’s own, Go, preach a Savior near. Refrain: Go forth, go forth, with armor on, And crimson flag unfurled; Obey the call, the kingly call, Go forth and win the world. 2 A Savior near, dear souls to save, Go tell it far and wide; It was for this His life He gave, The matchless Crucified. [Refrain] 3 Go forth a brave, united band, All girded for the fray; Stand firm until you take the land, And thus the call obey. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: KEW GARDENS

As a Volunteer

Author: W. S. Brown Hymnal: CYBER #270 First Line: A call for loyal soldiers Refrain First Line: A volunteer for Jesus Lyrics: 1. A call for loyal soldiers Comes to one and all; Soldiers for the conflict, Will you heed the call? Will you answer quickly, With a ready cheer, Will you be enlisted As a volunteer? Refrain A volunteer for Jesus, A soldier true! Others have enlisted, Why not you? Jesus is the Captain, We will never fear, Will you be enlisted As a volunteer? 2. Yes, Jesus calls for soldiers Who are filled with pow’r, Soldiers who will serve Him Ev’ry day and hour; He will not forsake you, He is ever near; Will you be enlisted As a volunteer? [Refrain] 3. He calls you, for He loves you With a heart most kind, He whose heart was broken, Broken for mankind; Now, just now, He calls you, Calls in accents clear, Will you be enlisted As a volunteer? [Refrain] 4. And when the war is over, And the vict’ry won, When the true and faithful Gather one by one, He will crown with glory All who there appear; Will you be enlisted As a volunteer? [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: [A call for loyal soldiers]

The Loyal Call

Author: L. B. Kenyon Hymnal: CYBER #12690 First Line: A call to "loyal workers" Refrain First Line: Awake! "loyal worker" Lyrics: 1 A call to "loyal workers" Is sounding o’er the land; Awake! Arise! the time is short, The Lord, He is at hand! Take up the cross for Jesus, On Him fix heart and eyes, Then in His grace sufficient Press forward to the prize. Refrain: Awake! "loyal worker," To the work while you may; In God’s name to conquer, He’s calling today. 2 The prize is life eternal, With Jesus crucified; ’Twas on the cross in agony For us He bled and died; Then, workers, look to Jesus, For help to overcome, And then in that fair morning He’ll say to thee, "Well done." [Refrain] 3 Come, "workers," look around you, The Master calls today; Whate’er thy hand shall find to do, Haste, now the call obey! Bear nobly all for Jesus, And in His strength abide, Then blessed be the efforts To win for Him a bride. [Refrain] 4 O loyal be to Jesus, In word and thought and deed; Then grandly will the work go on, Where "workers" sow the seed; Thro’ Christ our blessed master, We vict’ry shall attain; Then in that morn so soon, We’ll reap the golden grain. [Refrain] Languages: English Tune Title: [A call to "loyal workers"]

A Charge to Keep I Have

Author: Charles Wesley Hymnal: CYBER #794 Meter: Lyrics: 1. A charge to keep I have, A God to glorify, A never-dying soul to save, And fit it for the sky. 2. To serve the present age, My calling to fulfill: O may it all my powers engage To do my master’s will! 3. Arm me with jealous care, As in Thy sight to live; And O Thy servant, Lord, prepare A strict account to give! 4. Help me to watch and pray, And on Thyself rely, Assured, if I my trust betray, I shall for ever die. Languages: English Tune Title: BOYLSTON

A Child For Us Is Born This Day

Author: Unknown Hymnal: CYBER #8388 Meter: Lyrics: 1 A child for us is born this day, The angels’ king is He; The Lord who over all has sway, Nursed here vouchsafes to be. 2 In manger where the asses fed The Child divine is laid; Whom they as Christ acknowledgèd, As King and Lord obeyed. 3 With joy the angels fillèd were, And with the Lord do sing; Glory to God above the sphere In tuneful notes does ring. 4 Then Herod, who with fear was seized, His envy great displays; With slaughtered babes must be appeased, Whose gore his fear allays. 5 Thou who wast born as on this day Of virgin Mary pure, Lead and conduct us in the way To joys which e’er endure. Languages: English Tune Title: THE WAITS' SONG

A Child Is Born In Bethlehem

Author: Richard F. Littledale Hymnal: CYBER #10692 Meter: Lyrics: 1 A Child is born in Bethlehem And joyful is Jerusalem. He lies within a lowly stall, The King who reigneth over all. 2 The ox and ass beheld that sight, And knew Him for the Lord of Might. The wise men hasten to their king, And gold, and myrrh, and incense bring. 3 Sprung from no mortal father, He Is born of pure virginity. Unwounded by the serpent’s tooth, He comes to us a man in sooth. 4 Like to the flesh man dwelleth in, But all unlike to man in sin. That He might bring our mortal race Back to the image of His face. 5 A Child is born in Bethlehem, And joyful is Jerusalem. Now upon this, His natal day, Bless we our infant Lord alway. Languages: English Tune Title: SHALEM


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