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The Heavens Declare thy Glory

Author: Isaac Watts Meter: Appears in 593 hymnals First Line: The heav’ns declare Thy glory, Lord Lyrics: 1 The heav’ns declare Thy glory, Lord, In every star Thy wisdom shines; But when our eyes behold Thy Word, We read Thy name in fairer lines. 2 The rolling sun, the changing light, And nights and days, Thy power confess: But the blest volume Thou hast writ Reveals Thy justice and Thy grace. 3 Sun, moon, and stars convey Thy praise Round the whole earth, and never stand: So when Thy truth begun its race, It touched and glanced on every land. 4 Nor shall Thy spreading Gospel rest Till through the world Thy truth has run, Till Christ has all the nations blest That see the light, or feel the sun. 5 Great Sun of Righteousness, arise, Bless the dark world with heav’nly light; Thy Gospel makes the simple wise, Thy laws are pure, Thy judgments right. 6 Thy noblest wonders here we view In souls renewed and sins forgiv’n; Lord, cleanse my sins, my soul renew, And make Thy Word my guide to Heav’n. Used With Tune: UXBRIDGE Text Sources: The Psalms of David, 1719

While Thee I Seek, Protecting Power

Author: Helen M. Williams Meter: Appears in 684 hymnals Lyrics: 1. While Thee I seek, protecting Power, Be my vain wishes stilled; And may this consecrated hour With better hopes be filled. 2. Thy love the power of thought bestowed; To Thee my thoughts would soar: Thy mercy o’er my life has flowed; That mercy I adore. 3. In each event of life, how clear Thy ruling hand I see! Each blessing to my soul more dear, Because conferred by Thee. 4. In every joy that crowns my days, In every pain I bear, My heart shall find delight in praise, Or seek relief in prayer. 5. When gladness wings my favored hour, Thy love my thoughts shall fill; Resigned, when storms of sorrow lower, My soul shall meet Thy will. 6. My lifted eye, without a tear, The gathering storm shall see: My steadfast heart shall know no fear; That heart will rest on Thee. Used With Tune: SIMPSON Text Sources: Poems, 1786

Ah, What Can I Do?

Author: John Newton Meter: Appears in 1 hymnal First Line: Ah, what can I do, or where be secure? Lyrics: 1. Ah, what can I do, or where be secure? If justice pursue, what heart can endure? When God speaks in thunder and makes Himself known, The heart breaks asunder though hard as a stone. 2. With terror I read my sins’ heavy score, The numbers exceed the sands on the shore; Guilt makes me unable to stand or to flee, So Cain murdered Abel, and trembled like me. 3. Each sin, like his blood, with terrible cry, Calls loudly on God to strike from on high: Nor can my repentance, extorted by fear, Reverse the just sentence; ’tis just, though severe. 4. The case is too plain, I have my own choice; Again, and again I slighted His voice; His warnings neglected, His patience abused, His Gospel rejected, His mercy refused. 5. And must I then go, forever to dwell In torments and woe with devils in hell? Oh where is the Savior I scorned in times past? His word in my favor would save me at last. 6. Lord Jesus, on Thee I venture to call, Oh look upon me, the vilest of all! For whom didst Thou languish and bleed on the tree? Oh pity my anguish, and say, ’Twas for thee. 7. A case such as mine will honor Thy power; All hell will repine, all Heav’n will adore; If in condemnation strict justice takes place, It shines in salvation more glorious through grace. Used With Tune: OLD 104TH Text Sources: Olney Hymns (London: W. Oliver, 1779), number 6.

Bright Was the Guiding Star That Led

Author: Harriet Auber Meter: Appears in 154 hymnals Lyrics: 1. Bright was the guiding star that led, With mild, benignant ray, The Gentiles to the lowly shed, Where the Redeemer lay. 2. But lo! a brighter, clearer, light Now points to His abode; It shines, through sin and sorrow’s night, To guide us to our God. 3. Oh! haste to follow where it leads The gracious call obey; Be rugged wilds, or flowery meads, The Christian’s destined way. 4. Oh! gladly tread the narrow path, While light and grace are given; Who meekly follow Christ on earth Shall reign with Him in Heaven. Used With Tune: ST. ETHELDREDA Text Sources: Spirit of the Psalms, 1829

A Little Flock! So Calls He Thee

Author: Horatius Bonar Meter: Appears in 10 hymnals Lyrics: 1 A little flock! So calls He thee, Who bought thee with His blood; A little flock, disowned of men, But owned and loved of God. 2 A little flock! So calls He thee; Church of the first-born, hear! Be not ashamed to own the name; It is no name of fear. 3 A little flock! Yes, even so; A handful among men, Such is the purpose of thy God; So willeth He, Amen! 4 Not many rich or noble called, Not many great or wise; They whom God makes His kings and priests, Are poor in human eyes. 5 Church of the everlasting God, The Father’s gracious choice, Amid the voices of this earth, How feeble is thy voice! 6 Thy words amid the words of earth, How noiseless and how low! Amid the hurrying crowds of time, Thy steps how calm and slow! 7 But ’mid the wrinkled brows of earth, Thy brow how free from care; ’Mid the flushed cheeks of riot here, Thy cheek how pale and fair! 8 Amid the restless eyes of earth, How steadfast is thine eye, Fixed on the silent loveliness Of the far eastern sky. 9 A little flock! ’Tis well, ’tis well; Such be her lot and name; Thro’ ages past it has been so, And now ’tis still the same. 10 But the chief Shepherd comes at length; Her feeble days are o’er, No more a handful in the earth, A little flock no more. 11 No more a lily among thorns; Weary, and faint, and few, But countless as the stars of heaven, Or as the early dew. 12 Then entering the eternal halls, In robes of victory, That mighty multitude shall keep The joyous jubilee. 13 Unfading palms they bear aloft, Unfaltering songs they sing; Unending festival they keep, In presence of the King. Used With Tune: DUNDEE Text Sources: Hymns of Faith and Hope (London: James Nisbet, 1857)

Why Do We Mourn Departing Friends?

Author: Isaac Watts Meter: Appears in 522 hymnals First Line: Why do we mourn departing friends Lyrics: 1. Why do we mourn departing friends, Or shake at death’s alarms? ’Tis but the voice that Jesus sends To call them to His arms. 2. Are we not tending upward, too, As fast as time can move? Nor would we wish the hours more slow To keep us from our love. 3. Why should we tremble to convey Their bodies to the tomb? There the dear flesh of Jesus lay, And left a long perfume. 4. The graves of all His saints He blessed, And softened every bed; Where should the dying members rest, But with the dying Head? 5. Thence He arose, ascending high, And showed our feet the way; Up to the Lord our flesh shall fly, At the great rising day. 6. Then let the last loud trumpet sound, And bid our kindred rise; Awake, ye nations under ground; Ye saints, ascend the skies. Used With Tune: DUNDEE Text Sources: Hymns and Spiritual Songs, 1707

Come, Humble Sinner

Author: Edmund Jones Meter: Appears in 703 hymnals First Line: Come, humble sinner, in whose breast Lyrics: 1. Come, humble sinner, in whose breast, A thousand thoughts revolve, Come, with your guilt and fear oppressed, And make this last resolve. 2. I’ll go to Jesus, though my sin Like mountains round me close; I know His courts, I’ll enter in, Whatever may oppose. 3. Prostrate I’ll lie before His throne, And there my guilt confess, I’ll tell Him, I’m a wretch undone, Without His sovereign grace. 4. I’ll to the gracious King approach, Whose scepter pardon gives; Perhaps he command my touch, And then the suppliant lives. 5. Perhaps He will admit my plea, Perhaps will hear my prayer; But, if I perish, I will pray, And perish only there. 6. I can but perish if I go; I am resolved to try; But if I stay away, I know I must forever die. 7. But, if I die with mercy sought, When I the King have tried, This were to die (delightful thought!) As sinner never died. Used With Tune: ABIDING GRACE Text Sources: Selection of Hymns from the Best Authors, by John Rippon, 1787

The Great Physician

Author: William Hunter; Richard Kempenfelt Appears in 700 hymnals First Line: The great Physician now is near Refrain First Line: Sweetest note in seraph song Lyrics: 1. The great Physician now is near, The sympathizing Jesus; He speaks the drooping heart to cheer, Oh! hear the voice of Jesus. Refrain Sweetest note in seraph song, Sweetest name on mortal tongue; Sweetest carol ever sung, Jesus, blessèd Jesus. 2. Your many sins are all forgiv’n, Oh! hear the voice of Jesus; Go on your way in peace to Heav’n, And wear a crown with Jesus. [Refrain] 3. All glory to the dying Lamb! I now believe in Jesus; I love the blessèd Savior’s name, I love the name of Jesus. [Refrain] 4. The children, too, both great and small, Who love the name of Jesus, May now accept the gracious call To work and live for Jesus. [Refrain] 5. Come, brethren, help me sing His praise, Oh, praise the name of Jesus; Oh, sisters, all your voices raise, Oh, bless the name of Jesus. [Refrain] 6. His name dispels my guilt and fear, No other name but Jesus; Oh! how my soul delights to hear The charming name of Jesus. [Refrain] 7. And when to that bright world above, We rise to see our Jesus, We’ll sing around the throne of love His name, the name of Jesus. [Refrain] Used With Tune: [The great Physician now is near] Text Sources: Songs of Devotion, 1859

Hark! What Mean Those Holy Voices?

Author: John Cawood Meter: Appears in 724 hymnals First Line: Hark! what mean those holy voices Lyrics: 1. Hark! what mean those holy voices, Sweetly sounding through the skies? Lo! the angelic host rejoices Heavenly hallelujahs rise. 2. Listen to the wondrous story, Which they chant in hymns of joy; “Glory in the highest, glory; Glory be to God most high! 3. “Peace on earth, good will from Heaven, Reaching far as man is found; Souls redeemed, and sins forgiven; Loud our golden harps shall sound. 4. “Christ is born, the great Anointed; Heaven and earth His praises sing: O receive whom God appointed, For your prophet, priest and king. 5. Hasten, mortals to adore Him; Learn His name and taste His joy; Till in Heav’n you sing before Him, Glory be to God most high! 6. Let us learn the wondrous story Of our great Redeemer’s birth; Spread the brightness of His glory Till it cover all the earth. Used With Tune: RATHBUN Text Sources: Selection of Psalms and Hymns for Public and Private Use, by Thomas Cotterill (London: 1819)

I'll Live for Him

Author: Ralph E. Hudson Appears in 527 hymnals First Line: My life, my love I give to Thee Refrain First Line: I'll live for Him who died for me Lyrics: 1. My life, my love I give to Thee, Thou Lamb of God who died for me; O may I ever faithful be, My Savior and my God! Refrain I’ll live for Him who died for me, How happy then my life shall be! I’ll live for Him who died for me, My Savior and my God! 2. I now believe Thou dost receive, For Thou hast died that I might live; And now henceforth I trust in Thee, My Savior and my God! [Refrain] 3. O Thou who died on Calvary, To save my soul and make me free, I’ll consecrate my life to Thee, My Savior and my God! [Refrain] Used With Tune: [My life, my love I give to Thee] Text Sources: Salvation Echoes (Alliance, Ohio: 1882)


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