Dieter Trautwein

Short Name: Dieter Trautwein
Full Name: Trautwein, Dieter, 1928-2002
Birth Year: 1928
Death Year: 2002 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Dieter Trautwein (23)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A Palavra do Senhor não lhe voltará vaziaDieter Trautwein (Translator (German))Portuguese1
Amen, siakudumisa! Dieter Trautwein (Translator (German))Xhosa2
Bendice, Señor, nuestro panDieter Trautwein (Translator (German))Spanish1
Bless and keep us, God, in your love unitedDieter Trautwein (Author)English2
Cantai ao Senhor um cântico novoDieter Trautwein (Translator (German))English1
Come and bless us, GodDieter Trautwein (Author)2
Der immer schon uns nahe warDieter Trautwein (Author)German2
¡El cielo canta alegría! ¡Aleluya!Dieter Trautwein (Translator (German))Spanish1
For the healing of the nationsDieter Trautwein (Translator (German))English1
¡Gloria a Dios, gloria a Dios, gloria en los cielos! (Glory to God, glory to God, glory in the highest)Dieter Trautwein (Translator (German))Spanish1
Jézus a jó pásztor, vele megyünkDieter Trautwein (Translator (German))Hungarian1
Koi au na sala na dina ("I am the Way, the Truth and the Life")Dieter Trautwein (Translator (English))English, Fijian1
Komm, Herr, segne unsDieter Trautwein (Author)German3
Let us break bread together on our kneesDieter Trautwein (Translator (German))English1
Nyame ne Sunsum, sian brao!Dieter Trautwein (Translator (German))English, French, German, Spanish1
Ososo ososo, pyonghwa eui imgumDieter Trautwein, 1928-2002 (Translator (German))Korean2
Panie, polącz nasDieter Trautwein (Author)Polish2
Que acompaña a nuestro puebloDieter Trautwein (Translator (German))Spanish1
There in God's garden stands the Tree of WisdomDieter Trautwein (Translator (into German))English1
Tua Palavra na vidaDieter Trautwein (Translator (German))Portuguese1
We believe, MaranathaDieter Trautwein (Translator (German))English1
We who bear the human name are like flowers of the fieldDieter Trautwein (Translator (into German))English1
Ya qudssa rruḥi l-llah (Erschein, du Heil'ger Geist)Dieter Trautwein (Author (German))Arabic, German2

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