Lois Horton Young

Short Name: Lois Horton Young
Full Name: Young, Lois Horton

Lois Horton Young is a resident of Baltimore, Maryland. She is active in the program of Christian Education in her local church, Milford Mill Evangelical United Brethren where he husband, Dr. Carl E. Young, is the pastor. Her special responsibility is as director of the church's kindergarten which has an enrollment of 300 children and a staff of 32. Mrs. Young is the author of twenty-three books and many articles written for religious periodicals. Her work has been published by Judson, Pilgrim, Otterbein, Friendship, and Abingdon Presses as well as by magazine publishers. She is the author of one of the Christian Education Hymns published by the Hymn Society. She is a member of the Curriculum Committee for the Graded Series of the National Council.

--Fifteen New Bible Hymns, 1966. Used by permission.

Texts by Lois Horton Young (11)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Christian men, arise and giveLois Horton Young (Author)English4
God cares about youLois Horton Young (Author)2
I like to hear the storiesLois Horton Young (Author)2
In our church we singLois Horton Young (Author)2
Jesus went about doing good (Young)Lois Horton Young (Author)2
Long ago in Nazareth Jesus was a little boyLois Horton Young (Author)2
O I am glad that I can beLois Horton Young (Author)2
Sometimes when all my familyLois Horton Young (Author)2
They come to me alert to lifeLois Horton Young (Author)3
Vienen a mí alertas y buscandoLois H. Young (Author)Spanish3
We give thanks to HimLois Horton Young (Author)2

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