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Carlton R. Young
Short Name: Carlton R. Young
Full Name: Young, Carlton R., 1926-
Birth Year: 1926 does not have biographical information about this person.

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ADIEU (Young)Carlton R. Young (Composer)412343 53211 23456
[Afio mai, Agag Sa e]Carlton R. Young (Transcriber)333453 23433 45665
[Ahho Dawkee, yahthahee omay]Carlton R. Young (Transcriber)155332 55321 11116
[All praise to you, eternal Father] (Young)Carlton R. Young (Composer)251155 56455
NEW BRITAINCarlton R. Young (Transcriber)151313 21655 13132
[Threefold Amen] (C. Young)Carlton R. Young (Composer)212345
[And can it be that I should gain] (Garbuzova)Carlton R. Young (Arranger)251354 34654 32123
ANGELS OF HEALINGCarlton R. Young (Composer)443236 64323 54347
ARFON (Major)Carlton R. Young (Harmonizer)351176 51234 32132
AU CLAIR DE LA LUNECarlton R. Young (Harmonizer)411123 21322 11112
[Au preah vo bey da nei yeung kyom]Carlton R. Young (Harmonizer)215745 34115 74534
[Bèjé mouin, sé you Roua d'amou]Carlton R. Young (Transcriber)651314 43113 54323
BARBARA (Young)Carlton R. Young (Composer)253332 15671 22366
Canticle of Moses and Miriam (Cantemus Domino)Carlton R. Young (Composer)2
[Be still and know that I am God] (Young)Carlton R. Young (Composer)215511 6543
[Be strong in the Lord]Carlton R. Young (Composer)251123
[Beautiful great One]Carlton R. Young (Transcriber)215554 44543 11133
BEGINNINGS (Young)Carlton R. Young (Composer)2051343 21325 13543
BREAD OF PEACECarlton R. Young (Composer)655543 33211 12342
BRYN CALFARIACarlton R. Young (Harmonizer)455123 33234 54322
BUNESSANCarlton R. Young (Harmonizer)513512 76565 12356
YE BANKS AND BRAESCarlton R. Young (Harmonizer)351121 23532 12321
[Cast me not away from your presence] (Young)Carlton R. Young (Composer)233436 5673
CHARLESTOWNCarlton R. Young (Harmonizer)1612325 32156 7165
[Christ has died, Christ is risen] (Young)Carlton R. Young (Composer)211233 42
COMPLAINERCarlton R. Young (Harmonizer)551135 65353 21351
CORONATION (Holden)Carlton R. Young (Composer)251133 21232 13212
CRUCIFER (Nicholson)Carlton R. Young (Composer (timpani))151545 34562 23516
DARWALLCarlton R. Young (Composer (descant))213153 17654 32231
DAWK’YAH TOWGYAHCarlton R. Young (Transcriber)611555 31661 11651
[Declare his works to the nations] (Young)Carlton R. Young (Composer)251155 5645
KUM BA YAHCarlton R. Young (Harmonizer)413555 66513 55543
[Det kan va en tant i Tanzania]Carlton R. Young (Arranger)356123 12321 56123
DETROIT (Bradshaw)Carlton R. Young (Adapter)113453 43171 13457
[e ne g h ji ga luh ya ge]Carlton R. Young (Transcriber)2
EASTER HYMN (Lyra Davidica)Carlton R. Young (Composer (timpani))113514 66534 51434
['Eiki ko e 'ofa 'a 'au]Carlton R. Young (Transcriber)256711 76531 12354
ENGELBERGCarlton R. Young (Composer (timpani))251325 67165 55432
[För livets skull ska sanningen bli synlig]Carlton R. Young (Arranger)255643 23466 55564
[For everyone born, a place at the table] (Harling)Carlton R. Young (Harmonizer)233217 71217 76332
FOUNDATION (American)Carlton R. Young (Harmonizer)256161 51131 35
GEBURTSTAGCarlton R. Young (Composer)251117 12511 71
GLORIA PATRI (YOUNG)Carlton Young (Composer)3
[God, grant us your wisdom]Carlton R. Young (Composer)212342 55
[GOD'S COVENANT]Carlton R. Young (Composer)2
[God's glory will be your light]Carlton R. Young (Composer)2
GOPSALCarlton R. Young (Adapter (trumpet parts))156534 51432 21155
[Grant us salvation, Lord]Carlton R. Young (Composer)256157 25
GUDS KÄRLEKCarlton R. Young (Harmonizer)434543 22343 31232
[Harden not your hearts]Carlton R. Young (Composer)233333 5
HARLING (Harling)Carlton R. Young (Arranger)355643 23466 5564
HELELUYAN (Young)Carlton R. Young (Transcriber)355531 11611 34554
HERE I AM, LORDCarlton R. Young (Adapter)817154 55171 65123
HINUNTER IST DER SONNECarlton R. Young (Adapter (Melody))255134 54321 55313
HIROSHIMACarlton R. Young (Composer)3
[Holy, holy, holy, Lord] (C. Young)Carlton R. Young (Composer)211223 12123 45
HOLY MANNACarlton R. Young (Harmonizer)355611 22132 16556
HOUGHTON (Young)Carlton R. Young, 1926- (Composer)746546 66712 34321
HALLE HALLECarlton R. Young (Arranger)555345 53216 64566
[I am the vine; you are the branches] (Young)Carlton R. Young (Composer)232356 65451
EARTH PRAYERCarlton R. Young (Harmonizer)135346 57554 35325
[I sing of your promise, O Lord]Carlton R. Young (Composer)251114 325
IL EST NÉCarlton R. Young (Harmonizer)751131 51111 23432
[Jag tror på en Gud en enda]Carlton R. Young (Harmonizer)253212 44316 54255
[Jesus Christ, the Gladdening Light of the deathless Father's holy glory]Carlton R. Young (Composer)211713 21117 13217
JUBILATE DEO (Young)Carlton R. Young (Composer)256111 11112 11112
[Justice alone is the way of the Lord]Carlton R. Young (Composer)311155 56545
[Kom i sorgen, kom i gråten]Carlton R. Young (Harmonizer)216524 32175 12342
KOHOUTEKCarlton R. Young (Arranged)311134 55453 21113
[Kuo fekau 'a Sisu]Carlton R. Young (Transcriber)256112 11233 21211
[Kyrie eleison] (Guarani)Carlton R. Young (Arranger)2
LASST UNS ERFREUENCarlton R. Young (Composer (timpani))111231 34511 23134
LENOX (Edson)Carlton R. Young (Composer (descant))111156 55123 21135
[Let all who take refuge in you rejoice]Carlton R. Young (Composer)256545 55654 5
[Let justice roll down like waters]Carlton R. Young (Composer)251123 2175
LET US BREAK BREADCarlton R. Young (Arranger)556111 11322 11355
[Light rises in darkness]Carlton R. Young (Composer)412345 5
LINDNERCarlton R. Young (Composer)343216 44523 45671
LLANFAIRCarlton R. Young (Harmonizer)211335 43254 34321
[Lo, God is here, let us adore] (Boström)Carlton R. Young (Adapter)433422 23134 35333
I LIFT MY EYESCarlton R. Young (Harmonizer)113212 34322 34543
[Meko sapvke] Carlton R. Young (Transcriber)213543 43151 11135
[Mekosahpahlket maymahn ahpokeez]Carlton R. Young (Transcriber)155355 31116 51135
[Mitak kanima fehna ho]Carlton R. Young (Transcriber)313331 13555 32253
MORNING SONG (Dare)Carlton R. Young (Arranger)251234 32175 51234
[Na jijoho, jijoho ni tin]Carlton R. Young (Adapter)153451 71215 34517
[Naizdaan bee zezay]Carlton R. Young (Transcriber )255613 21161 11323
NAOMI (Nägeli)Carlton R. Young, 1926 - (Harmonizer)233354 32343 36654
NEW WORLD CAROLCarlton R. Young (Composer)2
[Now, O Lord, for what do I wait] (Young)Carlton R. Young (Composer)232165 356
[O' Creator, the Bright and Morning Star]Carlton R. Young (Transcriber)253523 36532 23232
LILIUOKALANICarlton R. Young (Transcriber)155432 11167 1255
[O Lord, O Lord, visit us with mercy]Carlton R. Young (Transcriber)257155 45313 31345
[O moi, Gospod]Carlton R. Young (Arranger)234355 55755 15557
[O people, be glad and sing for joy]Carlton R. Young (Composer)356545 56545
[O praise the Lord, who delivers your soul from death]Carlton R. Young (Composer)256115 35653
[O taste and see that the Lord is good] (Young)Carlton R. Young (Composer)217565 53276
[O, the sad and troubled faces]Carlton R. Young (Adapt. and arr.)133323 34561 57432
[Oh uh pa-gish ke che ingo' ingo' dwok]Carlton R. Young (Transcriber)212335 56533 22345
OLD 113THCarlton R. Young (Composer (timpani))111231 34554 32134
ON EAGLE'S WINGSCarlton R. Young (Harmonizer)5
ORÉ PORIAJÚ VEREKÓCarlton R. Young (Harmonizer)234517 64327 65
ORIENTIS PARTIBUSCarlton R. Young (Harmonizer)412312 71556 34553
PORTOBELLOCarlton R. Young (Harmonizer)2
RAYMOND (Young)Carlton R. Young (Composer)234513 23451 32345
[Remember the wonderful works of the Lord]Carlton R. Young (Composer)213214 32543 6
RESTORATION (Southern Harmony)Carlton R. Young (Arranger)313171 33175 77171
THE RIGHT HAND OF GODCarlton (Sam) Raymond Young (b. 1926) (Arranger)451123 14445 31123
RIO DE LA PLATACarlton R. Young (Harmonizer)533354 43224 31113
ROBERT (Young)Carlton R. Young (Composer)253234 54345 16567
RODNEY (Young)Carlton R. Young (Composer)432123 57643 24765
SAGINACarlton R. Young (Composer (timpani))111235 46721 34275
ARGENTINE SANTOCarlton R. Young (Arranger)133322 11117 66511
[Sara shristika malik tapaimlain]Carlton R. Young (Harmonizer)234555 66656 53453
[Search me, O God, and know my heart] (Luther)Carlton R. Young (Adapter)514121 7671
[Sekim angelais visi]Carlton R. Young (Harmonizer)311732 17134 55453
[Sing a new song to the Lord, who restores the ends of the earth]Carlton R. Young (Composer)255565 45
SING LIFECarlton R. Young (Composer)255112 23155 43222
[Sing to the Lord all the earth] (Young)Carlton R. Young (Composer)211156 45
SINGAPURACarlton R. Young (Harmonizer)1
SLANECarlton R. Young (Harmonizer)1611216 56112 32222
SOMOS DEL SEÑORCarlton R. Young (Harmonizer)612322 21321 11232
STAR-CHILDCarlton R. Young (Composer)935525 12345 64514
STOOKEYCarlton R. Young (Composer)2
[Sveikas, Jėzau gimusis]Carlton R. Young (Harmonizer)215123 21151 23215
[Takwaiénh:a]Carlton R. Young (Transcriber)235311 35323 24655
[Teka nzilo teka]Carlton R. Young (Transcriber)465334 26533 42556
[Temesgean Eyesus]Carlton R. Young (Harmonizer)211123 32121 65111
THE CONVERTED THIEFCarlton R. Young (Adapter)135656 12261 23156
[The earth was filled with peace and light]Carlton R. Young (Composer)351122 33255 32553
[The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light] (Young)Carlton R. Young (Composer)2
[There are tables in our city]Carlton R. Young (Composer)255532 13255 12342
[To you, O God, I come now pleading]Carlton R. Young (Harmonizer)412133 33533 63335
[Viešpatie, tu atpirkai]Carlton R. Young (Harmonizer)212343 21556 65435
WAINWRIGHT (Young)Carlton R. Young (Composer)257113 21157 11321
WALLERCarlton R. Young (Composer)2
[We walk by faith and O how sweet] (Matsikenyiri)Carlton R. Young (Transcribed by)251651 32151 65132
[Our Father who art in heaven] (West Indian)Carlton R. Young (Arranger)417511 17511 11223
WESTCHASECarlton R. Young (Composer)1912362 23473 34511
WONDROUS LOVE (Southern Harmony)Carlton R. Young (Harmonizer)611724 54211 72576
W ZLOBIE LEZYCarlton R. Young (Arranger)155117 12234 54321

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