Mrs. C. C. Yarbrough

Short Name: Mrs. C. C. Yarbrough
Full Name: Yarbrough, C. C., Mrs. does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Mrs. C. C. Yarbrough (23)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Adown the valley low wherever I may goC. C. Yarbrough (Author)English4
Are you weary, heavy laden? Are you bending 'neath your burdensMrs. C. C. Yarbrough (Author)English2
By and by, when the morning comesMrs. C. C. Y. (Author)English2
Every one dreams a dream sometimesMrs. C. C. Yarbrough (Author)2
Give me that old time religionMrs. C. C. Yarbrough (Author)2
Holy, holy, holy, you gotta be holy if you walk with my LordMrs. C. C. Yarbrough (Author)English2
Home, home, home, sweet home, I've got a longingC. C. Yarbrough (Author)2
I gave my heart to Jesus a long, long time agoMrs. C. C. Y. (Author)English3
I see trouble, I see troubleMrs. C. C. Yarbrough (Author)English2
If I have caused someone to weep todayMrs. C. C. Yarbrough (Author)2
In this world I roam often wandering aloneC. C. Yarbrough (Author)2
Lonesome road, Lonesome roadMrs. C. C. Y. (Author)English2
Now the time has come and we're partingMrs. C. C. Yarbrough (Author)2
Over the rainbow up in the blueMrs. C. C. Yarbrough (Author)English2
Shine on me, in the morningMrs. C. C. Y. (Author)English3
Somehow tonight, I've a lonesome feelingMrs. C. C. Yarbrough (Author)2
Somewhere away back in the mountainsMrs. C. C. Y. (Author)English2
There must be someone who answers prayersC. C. Yarbrough (Author)English4
There's no disappointment in heaven, No sickness, no sorrow, no sighsMrs. C. C. Y. (Author)English2
Underneath the silver mapleMrs. C. C. Yarbrough (Author)English2
Walk with my Lord, if you walkC. C. Yarbrough (Author)2
We are constantly talking of heaven as homeMrs. C. C. Y. (Author)English2
Weary of roaming aroundMrs. C. C. Y. (Author)English3
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