Christian Friedrich Witt

Short Name: Christian Friedrich Witt
Full Name: Witt, Christian Friedrich, approximately 1660-1717
Birth Year (est.): 1660
Death Year: 1717

Christian F. Witt (b. Altenburg, Germany, d. 1660; d. Altenburg, 1716) was an editor and compiler of Psalmodia Sacra (1715); about 100 (of the 774) tunes in that collection are considered to be composed by him, including STUTTGART, which was set to the text "Sollt' es gleich." Witt was chamber organist and later Kapellmeister at the Gotha court. He composed vocal and instrumental music, including some sixty-five cantatas.

Bert Polman

Tunes by Christian Friedrich Witt (4)AsInstancessort descendingIncipit
[Great God, when I approach Thy throne] (Witt)Witt (Composer)253334 32114 44435
FREYBERGChristian Freiderich Witt (Composer)212321 54366 515
SCHM√úCKT DAS FEST MIT MAIENChristian Freidrich Witt (Composer)312315 36655 43234
STUTTGARTChristian F. Witt (Attributed)11055112 23155 64253

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